What is Longevita’s Hair Transplant Warranty?

What is Longevita’s Hair Transplant Warranty?

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Warranties ensure that people have peace of mind and are completely satisfied when they’re making a purchase. Of course, warranties stand for a lot if you’re paying a large sum of money to buy something. When you’re getting surgery performed that’ll change the way you look, a warranty can make you feel more certain and confident about your purchase. This is one reason why Longevita offers a lifetime hair transplant warranty. 

Getting hair transplant surgery is no small feat. You’ll go through a plethora of experiences without knowing how your next step would feel like. To avoid that from happening, Longevita’s team make sure that all the hair transplant patients get a clear picture of what to expect from the whole process. You’ll have a dedicated Patient Relations Specialist to help you. Moreover, we’ll be there to answer all your queries. 

Many people who suffer from permanent hair loss seek to regrow their hair back to its previous glory. Hair transplant surgery can cost you thousands of pounds, and we also need to factor in the time that someone has to take out from their day-to-day lives to get the surgery done. You’re bound to get upset if the surgery fails even after you do everything right. It is one reason why many patients look for some sort of insurance and ask for warranty certificates. 

What is Longevita’s Hair Transplant Warranty Certificate?

The hair transplant warranty that Longevita offers covers only the transplanted hair of the patient. We will prepare a written warranty certificate for you upon your request, with the signature of your surgeon. However, even if you don’t ask for a certificate, your surgery itself is insured against malpractice, so you don’t need to worry if you forget to ask for your hair transplant warranty certificate.

Hair transplant surgery makes use of your living tissue. It simply repositions the hair on your scalp from where it’s more to where it’s less. During the transplantation process, it is completely normal for a small percentage of hair roots to die. It can happen for every 1 out of 1000-1500 grafts. We cannot guarantee that 100% of your hair grafts will grow hair. A few of them won’t. However, you don’t have to worry about this affecting the density of your hair. Your other hair grafts will surely survive and grow hair if you take proper care of them. We’d also like to mention that your aftercare plays an important role in your recovery.

What Hair Transplant Warranties Do Other Clinics Offer?

When it comes to hair transplant warranties, things aren’t that simple and smooth. Not every clinic offers a lifetime hair transplant warranty because of different criteria. Let’s take a look at these: 

Partial Hair Transplant Warranty 

There’s a large number of clinics that offer partial hair transplant warranty to their patients in order to charge them more. Their warranty only covers 80% of the transplanted hairs, this means that a clinic will replace 80% of the original number of hair grafts for free and they will charge for the rest of it. To put it another way, this means that a clinic that offers a partial warranty will ask for a second surgery fee from their patients if the grafts don’t survive. 

It is also quite possible that a clinic’s hair transplant warranty is only valid for a couple of years after the surgery, meaning that if anything happens to the transplanted grafts after 2 years, the patient has to pay a full amount to correct their hair transplant results. 

No Hair Transplant Warranty

Some clinics simply do away with the idea of warranties for hair transplant surgeries. The way they justify it is that the failure of hair transplant is permanent. Once you waste the donor area hair, there is simply no going back. The death of those living tissues is permanent. So, in case something bad happens, a hair transplant warranty is simply wasteful to have.

More than anything, this kind of explanation sounds like an excuse by the clinics so that they don’t have to deal with patients whose hair transplants have failed. They make hair transplant warranties sound ridiculous so if they do something wrong, their patients don’t have a right to ask for corrective surgery.

Many people have more than one hair transplant surgery in their lifetime. This means that a person can have hair transplant surgery more than once. It isn’t right for a clinic to say that your donor area hair is permanently gone, so there’s nothing we can do. Of course, it could be the case, but if we go by the logic of clinics that offer no hair transplant warranties, no one would be able to have second hair transplant surgeries at all. 

Lifetime Warranty 

Then some clinics understand how worried and upset their patients might become if they can’t do anything with their failed hair transplant surgery. The idea that there’s nothing that can be done to fix the surgery is daunting. It alone might compel many people to not have the surgery because what’s the guarantee anyway. This is why we offer a lifetime warranty. This means that even after years and years have passed, if your transplanted hair starts falling, we will perform corrective surgery on you free of charge. 

What Does Longevita’s Hair Transplant Warranty Cover?

As long as you carefully follow the post-op aftercare instructions, you should start seeing your hair grow. However, if you notice poor hair growth even after following all the aftercare instructions, Longevita will take remedial action.

We will review your case and offer you revision surgery if necessary. You will have to bear the costs of the flight tickets, transfers, accommodation, and operation theatre, though. The surgery itself, medications, and hosting services will be given to you free of charge. 

You do not need to worry. We will do all we can to ensure that you achieve satisfactory results from the surgery. Our surgeons are experts in their field. We have hundreds of patient testimonials available for you to view online. Celebrities like Paigey Cakey and Simon Searles have gotten hair transplant surgery from us. 99% of our patients have ended up feeling happy and satisfied with their results. However, for those whose surgery hasn’t been successful, we offer a solution in the form of a hair transplant warranty. 

What Does Longevita’s Hair Transplant Warranty Not Cover?

Being resistant to the effects of the hormone responsible for causing hair loss in the first place – Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) – your transplanted hair won’t fall. However, it is possible for the patient to experience hormonal changes after their surgery. This may cause the transplanted hair to fall as well. Trauma to the transplanted area may also result in hair loss. Stress and illnesses such as cancer can also make you lose your transplanted hair. Since this type of hair loss doesn’t happen because of the surgical technique or because of the surgeon who performed the surgery, a hair transplant warranty won’t cover this type of hair loss. 

We closely follow the recovery process of our patients so that they can enjoy the results of their surgery and we can help, if needed, at the right time. Moreover, we have a free online aftercare system where you can ask any questions about the surgery. From there, you can also get an assessment of your recovery from professional hair transplant surgeons. We encourage you to keep us informed about your recovery by sending your pictures regularly so that we can monitor your progress and make sure that you see the full results.

What Should I Do If My Hair Starts Getting Thinner After the Surgery? 

Some patients’ hair loss still continues after their hair transplant surgery. Keep in mind that these hairs are the ones that are falling due to the effects of the DHT hormone. As we mentioned earlier, the transplanted hair is resistant to its effects, so it won’t fall. The hair that is falling is the non-transplanted hair. So, you don’t have to take it as a sign of failed surgery if you continue experiencing hair loss after the surgery takes place. 

Our surgeons examine our patients’ hair in Turkey before their surgery takes place and can tell if the hair loss will continue and if they’ll lose their own hair in the future. We even note this down on their file for future reference. If a patient loses their own hair, our warranty doesn’t cover this. However, we are happy to offer them a second session with a returning patient discount. Another session will increase their hair density.

Concluding Note 

Warranties have always been a source of comfort, convenience, and satisfaction when you’re making a big purchase. They assure that everything will be okay even if something goes wrong. Longevita wants you to know that with its lifetime hair transplant warranty, you have nothing to worry about. The revision surgery we offer for transplanted hair is free of charge. Make sure that you keep us updated with your recovery process by sending us your pictures on the support portal or by emailing us at [email protected]

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