Hair Transplant Cost In Turkey

Affordable prices and high-quality treatments have made Turkey the world capital of hair transplants.

Considering that it is a highly competitive market, you can get the best prices for hair transplants in Turkey performed by experienced surgeons in state-of-the-art facilities.

Compared to the UK alone, the cost of hair transplants in Turkey can be as much as 3-5 times lower. Here’s how the hair transplant cost in Turkey compares with that in the UK:

Hair Transplant TechniquePrice Range In the UKPrice Range In Turkey
FUE Hair Transplant£3,000-£8,000£1,600-£2,500
DHI Hair Transplant£4,500-£15,000£2,000-£3,000
Sapphire Hair Transplant£4,500-£15,000£2,000-£3,000
Unshaven Hair Transplant£3,500-£8,000£1,600-£2,500
FUT Hair Transplant£7,000-£9,000£1,300-£1,500

How Much Is A Hair Transplant In Turkey?

Here’s our hair transplant in Turkey’s price list  


£ 1650

Max Grafts Single Session in Istanbul

Medication, Shampoo, Lotion

2 Nights @ 5-Star Hotel

Private Airport Transfers (Roundtrip)

Translator/Interpreter Services

12-Month Aftercare Programme

Lifetime Warranty Certificate


£ 1900

Max Grafts Single Session in Istanbul

Medication, Shampoo, Lotion

2 Nights @ 5-Star Hotel

Private Airport Transfers (Roundtrip)

Translator/Interpreter Services

12-Month Aftercare Programme

Lifetime Warranty Certificate


£ 1900

Max Grafts Single Session in Istanbul

Medication, Shampoo, Lotion

2 Nights @ 5-Star Hotel

Private Airport Transfers (Roundtrip)

Translator/Interpreter Services

12-Month Aftercare Programme

Lifetime Warranty Certificate

How Much Does Hair Transplant Cost In Turkey?

Usually, a hair transplant costs somewhere between £1,600 and £2,000 ($2,000-$2,500) in Turkey. These prices are inclusive of the cost of anaesthesia, surgery, medication, hotel, transfers, and aftercare.

Due to clinics typically offering the maximum number of grafts, this price is usually the same, no matter how many grafts you get.

Female hair transplant Turkey cost is also the same as a male. That’s because the number of grafts is usually not a determining factor. 

This is, of course, much cheaper compared to prices in the US, UK, Europe and Canada because of the low cost of living and currency exchange.

Hair Transplant In Turkey Price For A Good Transplant

You can get a high-quality hair transplant in Turkey for an average price of £1,800. Usually, it involves the use of the FUE – follicular unit extraction – technique because it doesn’t leave visible scars.

This hair transplant cost Turkey is also inclusive of all the surgery-related costs, accommodation, and private transfers.

You might have to pay upwards of £10,000 in the UK or $15,000 in the US for the same high-end transplantation surgery. And this is just for the surgery, which is typically charged by the number of grafts.

Clinics there can also inflate the number of grafts to justify the high cost of the procedure. This is even when you don’t need that many grafts for good coverage. 

Hair Transplant Turkey Cost Calculator

A hair transplant cost calculator calculates the overall cost of the transplantation surgery based on how many grafts you need.

It can be a helpful tool if your clinic is charging you by the number of grafts. But for this, first, the number of grafts are calculated using a graft calculator.

It multiplies the number of grafts required (per cm2 – around 25-40 implants) with the total size of the balding area.

From there, you can find out whether you’ll need 1,000, 1,500, 2,500, or more grafts. And then, you can multiply the number of grafts by the cost per graft (quoted by the clinic).

Compared to other countries where a single hair graft can cost you around £3 or more, Turkey hair transplant cost per graft is likely to be less than £1. Still, it can be quite expensive, which is why we offer the maximum number of grafts to our patients.

Keep in mind, however, this calculator is not always reliable since variations can occur depending on the hair transplant technique and density desired.

Factors Affecting Hair Transplant Cost In Turkey

Turkey’s hair transplant cost depends on different factors. It can vary depending on:

  • Hair transplant technique
  • Number of grafts  
  • Experience of the surgeon 
  • Location of the clinic

Hair Transplant Technique

Different surgical techniques require the use of specialised tools to achieve specific surgical outcomes. Because of that, the hair transplant price in Turkey can vary. 

The traditional FUE is the cheapest of all because it uses forceps, a steel scalpel, and a punch tool to do the surgery. Others, however, use different blades or implantation devices.

For instance, the Sapphire technique uses special v-shaped Sapphire blades. DHI uses Choi pens with disposable needles. That’s why Sapphire and DHI hair transplant turkey costs are higher.

FUE Hair Transplant

The surgeon directly extracts follicular units from the donor area of the scalp and then implants them in the recipient area.

DHI Hair Transplant

It uses Choi Implanter Pen that simultaneously creates incisions and implants follicles in the recipient area.

Sapphire Hair Transplant

It uses the FUE technique, however, makes use of specialised Sapphire-tipped blades instead of steel.

Number of Grafts

In some clinics, the price of a hair transplant in Turkey depends on the number of grafts the patient needs. Hair grafts are follicular units that are harvested from the back and sides of the scalp and transplanted into bald spots on the scalp. 

The bigger the size of the bald spot on the scalp, the more grafts you’ll need for natural coverage. And if you’re being charged by the number of grafts, the Turkish hair transplant cost can run quite high.

Hairline Restoration

if you’re only getting your hairline restored, you’ll need about 2,500 grafts. And some clinics charge almost £1/graft. So, you’ll end up paying £2,500.

Top Area

It takes almost 1,000 to 1,500 grafts to restore hair in the top area of the scalp (zone 4). That means that the total cost of the procedure would be somewhere between £1,500.

Crown/Vertex Area

If you are losing hair in the crown area (zone 5-7), you’ll need around 2,500 grafts. In that case, a procedure would end up costing you £2,500.

Hairline, Top & Crown Areas

If the hair loss is taking place in zone 1-7, the surgeon needs 5,000-6,000 hair grafts from the donor area, which will cost £5,000-£6,000.

For patients needing more than 4,500 grafts, usually, 2 sessions are recommended.

So, you should also factor in the costs of hotel, transport, and flight tickets twice. Therefore, it’s better to look for a clinic that offers a maximum number of grafts.

Experience of the Surgeon

The more experienced your surgeon is, the better they’ll understand what you’re looking for and deliver your desired results. That’s why a surgeon’s experience will have an effect on the hair transplant Turkey cost

Sometimes, the cost of a hair transplant is also a good indication of how experienced your surgeon is. If it’s too low compared to the other clinics around it in the area, something’s probably not right.

Before buying though, it’s always a good idea to check the average hair transplant Turkey cost in 2023. In Istanbul, it’s £1,600-£1,800 on average.

Location of the Clinic 

Other than Istanbul, Izmir, Antalya and Bursa are other popular locations for hair transplants in Turkey. But the prices in all these locations are almost comparable. 

You might actually end up finding a lower cost of hair transplant in Istanbul because of the high competition between clinics (since that’s where a lot of them are).

Also, in locations other than Istanbul, you might also have some difficulty finding direct flights, which can be a bit of a hassle. 

For this reason, it’s a better idea to get your hair back in Istanbul instead of anywhere else. Keep in mind that Istanbul is a mega city in Turkey and is the hub for hair transplants.

Still, Istanbul hair transplant cost is much cheaper there than in megacities in other countries, like the UK.

Hair Transplants Prices In Turkey: A Cost Comparison For UK Patients

Hair transplants in Turkey cost an average of £1,800, whereas they cost around £6,000 or more in the UK. 

You should also keep in mind that most clinics in the UK charge based on how many grafts you require (each costing around £3-£5). 

Of course, that depends on how large your balding area is. So, the balder you are, the more expensive your restoration surgery will be in the UK. 

Prices can further vary depending on the number of sessions you require. 

Additionally, hair transplant costs in the UK are generally not inclusive of pre-op consultations, medications, and aftercare. So, you need to take that into account as well. 

Taking all these factors into account, a Turkish hair transplant is likely to be 3-5 times cheaper than one in the UK.

How Much Do Hair Transplants Cost In Turkey Compared To Other Countries?

Turkey’s hair transplant price is much lower than many other countries. In Turkey, you can get a hair transplant for a minimum price of £1,300 ($1,600) and a maximum price of £2,500 ($2500).

In lira, the number looks quite big i.e. ₺25,000 and ₺30,000, but once you convert it, it isn’t as scary.

Also, when you compare Istanbul’s hair transplant cost with that of the UK, the former’s almost 3-20 times cheaper. On the other hand, compared to the US, Turkey’s about 4-10 times cheaper.














25000 ₺

30000 ₺

Is It Safe To Have Hair Transplants In Turkey At A Low Cost?

Hair transplants in Turkey are generally low-cost without any compromises on the patient’s health and safety. There are laws and regulations governing medical tourism in Turkey, so you can have this surgery with peace of mind. 

Turkish Medical Association requires surgeons to be registered, and the Ministry of Health registers, regulates, and inspects treatment facilities. 

Additionally, because of the high demand for hair transplants in Turkey, the transplant specialists are highly experienced. Many surgeons use innovative techniques to give their patients the best possible results. Turkey is one of the most popular destinations for hair transplants worldwide because of its low cost and high quality. 

Even so, if a hair transplant costs much less than average in an area, it may be because of issues with the clinic’s license or the hair transplant specialist’s qualifications. 

Your treatment plan might also seem cheap because of hidden costs. So, you need to take these things into consideration before booking a treatment plan. At Longevita, we’ll give you the price quote for an all-inclusive treatment plan.

Why Is Hair Transplant Cost In Turkey So Low?

Whether you’re getting an FUE hair transplant or its more expensive variant, Sapphire FUE, the hair transplant prices in Turkey are far less than anywhere in the UK or Europe. Let’s understand why:

Differences In Cost Of Living

There’s an astounding difference between the cost of living in Istanbul and London.

Needless to say, London is far more expensive. In Istanbul, rents, transportation, and basic utility costs are much lower (more than 50% for most things). 

Hair transplantation in Turkey’s price is directly affected by it. That’s because the wages are lower.

And it’s not just the labour that’s cheaper, but also the other associated costs of healthcare, such as medicines and equipment. That’s mainly why hair transplants in Turkey cost less.

Currency Exchange Rate

You can buy much more for a pound in Turkey than in the UK. That’s another big reason why cheap hair transplants in Turkey are available. 

With the value of the Turkish lira falling, foreigners can get even more affordable treatments.

In 2022 alone, the value of the lira has declined almost twice compared to the beginning of 2021.

While this means bad news for the Turkish economy, for those seeking treatment here, it means even better prices.

Competitive Landscape

Istanbul is often called the hair transplant capital of the world.

No matter where you are, if you think about getting a hair transplant, Istanbul in Turkey will come up. It’s a hotspot for medical tourists, and the competition between clinics is fierce. 

And since there are so many hair transplant clinics in Istanbul, the cost can become a decisive factor for the patient.

For this reason, you can easily find some of the best prices for hair transplants in Istanbul.  

What Else Do You Get With A Turkey Hair Transplant?

In addition to the surgery itself, most clinics offer the following services to medical tourists.

  • Consultations
  • Transports
  • Hotel 
  • Translators
  • Blood tests 
  • Anaesthesia
  • Medications/Headbands 
  • Aftercare 
  • Warranties

Since there’s a huge variation in the prices of tickets from country to country, it’s not feasible to offer flight tickets. However, if you live in a nearby country, you can get tickets for quite cheap. For instance, between London and Istanbul, you can get a ticket for about £200-£300. 

But everything else that you’ll need from start to finish of your journey will be included in the initial cost of a hair transplant in Istanbul. Still, always make sure to check the final receipt.

Sometimes, clinics give extremely low-price quotes without clearly disclosing all the inclusions. And once the procedure is done, you’ll end up with another bill for all those hidden costs. 

While you’re in the clinic, if the treatment plan changes or you decide on an adjunct treatment like PRP, you can also get that included in your treatment plan. 

Is Turkish Hair Transplant Cost An Indicator Of Its Quality?

It’s always assumed that low cost means low quality. The truth is that the hair transplant in Istanbul cost may only seem low to you. In Turkey itself, ₺25,000 is most definitely not cheap. The low cost is due to the differences in economies between countries. It’s not an indicator of poor quality. 

The Turkish Ministry of Health regulates clinics and practitioners and even monitors facilities to make sure that they’re complying with the stated rules and regulations.

The doctors are also quite experienced, with many even training hair transplant surgeons coming from other countries. So, rest assured, it’s not due to poor quality that hair transplants in Turkey are cheap.

Affordable Hair Transplant Options In Turkey for UK Patients

If patients are not able to make lump sum payments, many companies, including ours, offer patients the option to set up a payment plan. 

This way, you can spread the cost of the surgery over about 6 months. But just keep in mind that the surgery itself will take place only after you’ve completed the payment. 


How much do 3,000 hair grafts cost in Turkey?

It generally costs between £2,500 and £3,500 to get 3,000 hair grafts in Turkey if you are being charged per graft. 1 graft costs between £0.80-1. However, if your treatment plan includes maximum grafts, you’ll pay about £1,600-1,800.

How much do 4,000 hair grafts cost in Turkey?

On average, you can get 4,000 hair grafts in Turkey for £3,200-4,000. But the overall cost would be almost twice as low with treatment plans that include the maximum number of grafts.

How much do 5,000 hair grafts cost in Turkey?

For 5,000 hair grafts, you can expect to pay anywhere between £4,000-5,000 in Turkey. Although it would be 2-3 times cheaper if you weren’t charged per graft.

How much does a good hair transplant cost in Turkey?

You can get a good quality hair transplant in Turkey from some of the best doctors in the field for £1,500-1,800.

What if I don't want additional service inclusions?

You can book your own hotel accommodation and arrange transportation yourself. You’re not obligated to book these services with us. Rest assured, we will exclude their cost, which is usually around £300.

Are hotel and transfer services customizable?

The hotel accommodation can be booked according to whether you’re coming alone, with a friend, or with your family. The price will vary depending on the size of the room, the number of beds and the amenities included.

There are two types of transfer services: airport transfers and intra-city travel. The total price of hair transplants in Turkey depends on what you choose to have.

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