How Diet Affects Hair Loss?

hair loss in diet

It’s almost everyday that a new diet takes the internet by a storm, promising people the figure of their dreams. While some diets can have health benefits and may even …

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Sylvester Stallone Hair Transplant

sylvester stallone hair transplant

It would be impossible to talk about legendary action stars without mentioning none other than Sylvester or “Sly” Stallone. One look at him, and two names come to mind: Rocky …

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George Groves Hair Transplant

george groves hair transplant

Although he’s been retired for more than four years now, the former super-middleweight world champion hasn’t been forgotten (yet). Known for his fantastic footwork and jabs inside the ring, since …

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Joel McHale Hair Transplant Journey

Joel Mchale hair transplant

Known for his biting sarcastic humour (with impeccable timing), Joel McHale’s someone you have to know about if you’re even slightly into comedy.  Sure, there are many who still think …

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