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Longevita ranked in top 100 companies in Britain based on its phenomenal growth rate in the last three years. The Sunday Times Virgin Atlantic Fast Track 100 league table listed Longevita on the 31st position in 2020. We are proud to be UK’s top choice for hair transplants and thankful to our patients, staff and vendors who made this possible.

Longevita is the only provider that offers hair transplants in London UK and Istanbul Turkey. We have medical teams in both countries therefore we offer face-to-face consultations, surgical and non-surgical procedures as well as aftercare in both countries.


Individual hair follicles (follicular units) from the back of the scalp are extracted and placed, unit by unit, in the balding areas.


Choi Implanter Pen is used for incisions and placement of grafts at the same time to achieve better precision and accuracy.


Sharper sapphire-tipped blades help open precise micro channels in the scalp yielding a denser look with minimum scarring and faster healing time.

Packages include all medical fees, accommodation, airport transfers and personal host

5 Star Hotel

Private VIP
Airport Transfers

English Speaking

uk registration

UK Registration

We are registered in the UK with the Companies House, complying with the rules and regulations of dealing with international patients.



The surgeons in our portfolio are insured against unlikely malpractice, offering protection and peace of mind for international patients.

apr finance

12 Month 0% APR Finance

Interest free 12 month instalment plans for plastic surgery, hair transplant and cosmetic dentistry. Flexible finance options for every budget.

best price guarantee

Best Price Guarantee

Our rates are subsidised by Turkish Government for promoting medical tourism, therefore we guarantee best prices for our hair transplant Turkey.

short notice availability

Short Notice Availability

The clinics are open during the weekends for hair transplant Turkey to accommodate last minute travel arrangements and require less time off your regular course of life.

quality treatments

Quality Treatments

We offer affordable private medical procedures by internationally certified surgeons at best in class hospitals in Turkey at a fraction of the cost in the UK.


E-consults available in the comfort of your own home.

At Longevita, for a hair transplant Turkey, we offer free e-consults with our patient consultants, to allow you to discuss your expectations and desired outcomes in person. Our hand-picked consultants can provide you with an accurate representation of what to expect from the individual procedure you are looking to discuss, allowing you to discuss any concerns, queries, expectations and desired outcomes.

Hair Transplant Turkey


  1. Submit your pictures for medical assessment
  1. Get a bespoke treatment plan and price quote
  1. Book a free no obligation consultation to learn more

Hair Transplant Turkey Procedure (General)

Procedure Time:

6-8 hours.


Local anaesthesia (Sedation option is also available).

Possible Side Effects:

Bleeding, infection, swelling of the scalp, bruising around the eyes, itching, numbness.

Recovery Time:

2 weeks. Patients look like they have just shaved their hair once they complete their 2 weeks.

Expected Results:

Once 6th month is completed, patients see 70% of the final result. Need to complete 1 year period to see as 100%. Crown area takes up to 18 months to show final results.

Preferred Method:

FUE. It is the newest technology. Minimum scarring and pain, gives natural results.

Chosen & Endorsed by Celebrities

paigey cakey hair transplant

PAIGEY CAKEY – “After researching for 6 to 12 months I chose Longevita for my hair implant surgery in Turkey. The price at Longevita is a quarter of what you’d find in the UK. There was a fast response via email and phone and everything was fully explained from day one. The service was very genuine and professional. All of the staff in the clinic were very friendly and happy, they made me feel comfortable.

The procedure was pain-free and the clinic was very clean. After the procedure, I was provided with all of the information I needed as part of the aftercare. There was a lot of communication in the first few weeks after the procedure. I am very happy with the outcome and I’m very happy with how my hair is growing. I feel very confident now!”

simon searles hair transplant

SIMON SEARLES – “My hair loss has been very slow in the last five years. I used to cover it with toppik and spray. Baldness started annoying me so I decided to do something about it. After slow gradual hair loss I decided to get hair transplant. I did not want to shave my head or cover the bald part of my hair every time I went out so decided to do hair transplant as a permanent and natural solution.

I chose Longevita because a friend of mine chose them and was very happy about them. He had very good results as well so I decided to use the same company. The process was quite simple, easy and quick. I communicated with them over Whats app, I put my deposit down and then chose a date for surgery. Everything then went on very smoothly.  Longevita looked after me very well.

Get a bespoke assessment for your hair transplant Turkey, discuss your quote and payment options.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I meet my hair transplant surgeon prior to the procedure?

Absolutely, you will have a face to face consultation with your surgeon prior to your surgery after you arrive for your hair transplant Turkey. You will have the opportunity to discuss your hair loss history and your expectations along with your preference of your hairline. Your surgeon will draw your hairline according to your facial measurements and mark different zones on your scalp to plan your treatment. He will not proceed before you agree on your hairline and treatment plan.

Who will be my surgeon and how can I verify their credentials?

Longevita has a selection of skilled, qualified and experienced hair transplant surgeons in their portfolio. Your case manager will present these surgeons, share their profiles with you and you’ll browse before and after images of previous cases. Your surgeon’s credentials such as their CV, diploma, registration to the Turkish Medical Association, insurance details would be on their profile. You may also speak to the previously treated patients of your surgeon to hear about their hair transplant Turkey experience from the first hand.

Which parts of the Hair Transplant will be done by a doctor and which by a non-doctor?

Hair transplant Turkey surgery takes around 6-8 hours and it is a team effort. Usually, teams of 3-4 medical professionals work on your scalp throughout the procedure and each practitioner has a speciality of their own. For example, the surgery starts with anaesthetics and this part is performed by the anaesthetics technician. Then the extraction of follicles is performed by the entire team. The following and perhaps most critical phase of the procedure is the incisions which is performed solely by the hair transplant surgeon. Finally the last stage, transplantation is performed by the hair transplant surgical assistants.

Is the clinic registered with a health care authority?

Longevita’s medical facilities in Turkey are registered and audited by the Ministry of Health. Longevita’s London clinic is registered with the Care Quality Commission (CQC).

What are the possible complications after Hair Transplant Turkey?

Bleeding, infection, allergic reaction to anaesthetics are possible complication but they can be dealt with by your surgeon.

How would the clinic deal with an emergency if serious complications were to arise during Hair Transplant Turkey?

Longevita’s medical facilities have emergency services and intensive care units. They are fully fledged hospitals where more advanced surgical procedures take place under general anaesthesia so hair transplant is a relatively less risky procedure compared to those.

Does the doctor, clinic, or hospital have insurance that covers Hair Transplant Turkey?

Yes, the responsible medical staff have professional indemnity insurance that covers any unlikely medical malpractice.

How long will I need to stay in Turkey before I’m well enough to travel back to the UK?

Two nights of stay for hair transplant Turkey is sufficient. Some patients who are short in time stay for only one night and return to the UK on the next morning of the procedure day however we advise you to stay the next day for a proper check-up and dressing change along with detailed post-operative training.

Who can I contact for advice once I’m back in the UK?

You may send an email to or schedule a video/audio conference with a member of our aftercare team for any medical assistance after your hair transplant Turkey.

Will follow-up checks be offered in the UK and who will do them?

You have the option to visit our London clinic if you would like to be examined in person by a medical professional or speak to a Longevita staff member face to face.

What happens if I’m unhappy with the treatment or there are complications after Hair Transplant Turkey?

95% of the complications are usually within the first few days of surgery and that is why we recommend you to have a check-up appointment with your surgeon before you depart. If you are still unhappy after speaking to a member of staff or a Longevita medical professional, then you may follow the complaints procedure on our website.

Who would pay for corrective treatment and associated costs for Hair Transplant Turkey?

If your surgeon agrees that your results are sub-optimal and you’d benefit from a follow on surgery, then your revision surgery would be free of any medical charges. You would still need to pay for your travel, accommodation, and transfer expenses as those are third-party arrangements unrelated to your original surgery.

Can you put me in touch with anyone else you have treated?

We have a large database of treated patients who provided their consents to be contacted by a prospective Longevita patient. You may ask for a few names from your case manager.

What language will the doctors, nurses, and other medical staff involved in my care use and what language will my medical notes be in?

Our medical staff speaks basic English however we provide a professional translator/interpreter to prevent miscommunication during your hair transplant Turkey medical appointments. Your translator will accompany you during all your medical appointments. We can also provide medical notes in English.

If a holiday package is included in the price are there any hidden costs associated with this?

Hair transplant Turkey packages include 2 nights of 5 star hotel accommodation, airport transfers and translation services. Flights are excluded. London UK prices are stand alone surgery prices only without any accommodation or transfers. Whatsapp