Travel Coordinators

Patients opting for a hair transplant at Longevita are provided with a seamless, stress-free experience from the moment they call.

As part of this experience, we offer help and guidance through our team of travel coordinators who are on hand to put together itineraries, offer flight information and even compile potential flight deals that best suit your hotel and clinic choice.

Once your deposit has been paid and your surgery booked, our team of in-house travel coordinators will work to fully personalise and optimise your itinerary to suit your requirements and requests as closely as possible.

This service all comes as part of your overall service cost and is a standard part of the Turkey hair transplant process here at Longevita.

In-House Coordination

We are dedicated to providing reliable services not only through the hands of our hair transplant surgeons but also within our admin and coordination teams.

For this reason, we keep each service in-house, ensuring that every itinerary that we offer is not only in line with the standard we strive to provide, but remains high quality across every stage of the process.

By keeping the travel coordination process in-house, you can rest assured that every small detail is covered.

From the time of pick-up at your chosen airport to the time of your appointments, every part of your itinerary will be designed and personalised across every part of the journey.

Your Flights

While flights aren’t included in the overall price of your treatment, we do offer full support for seeking the best flights for your trip.

We will compare leading airlines and their flights to key airports across Istanbul, depending on the clinic you will be utilising for your treatment.

We will take into account the times of the flights, the cost, the closest available airport to your home and the potential hotel you’re looking to stay at in Turkey.

From here, our travel coordinators will compile a selection of flight and hotel combinations, cutting out much of the search time for our clients.

We hold years of experience in providing hair transplants in Turkey to clients from across the globe and will utilise this experience to provide the best dates, prices and times for your travel.

Our travel coordinators will do the proverbial legwork, allowing you to focus on your day-to-day life in the run-up to your surgery.

Once you’ve chosen your desired combination, you simply let us know and we’ll book these on your behalf.

Your Itinerary

From the flights to Turkey to the return journey, the travel coordinators will be at the heart of every part of your itinerary, ensuring that each detail is meticulously planned and kept in line with the rest.

From the very beginning, your travel coordinator will book your accommodation, transfers, appointments and any other necessary details and ensure that you, your host and your private driver are aware of every step of the journey.

Your hair transplant journey will begin after your consultation. Following your arrival in Turkey, you will be met by one of our friendly greeters, who will be waiting in the arrivals lounge with your name clearly written on a board.

They will then guide you to your private transfer vehicle, in which you will be driven to your hotel.

You will then be driven to your first appointment at our clinic, where the surgeon will discuss the expectations, potential results and the procedure itself in more depth.

Your transport to this appointment will be organised by our coordinators, ensuring that you aren’t left seeking travel arrangements at the last minute.

The treatment itself will take place in our hospitals, where you will stay overnight following the procedure. You will be transferred back to your hotel the following day post-checkup, after which you are advised to stay in Turkey for up to a week.

For the final check-up and your return home, our travel coordinators will have once again organised everything in advance.

If you’d prefer to have an early flight, they will do their best to find an early flight on your final day, while doing the same if you’d prefer to fly home in the evening. While this isn’t always possible, we will offer a range of options far in advance of your travel.

Your travel coordinator will leave no detail unconfirmed, offering full support, advice and guidance in case they are unable to book something directly.

Your host may also be able to provide local travel advice if you’re looking to explore Istanbul throughout your trip.

Travel To Turkey Made Easy

The aim of our travel coordinators is to provide you with a stress-free process when booking a hair transplant at one of our clinics in Turkey.

Booking and organising flights can be a stressful process, but our qualified coordinators hold valuable relationships with local and global airlines and our hotels to ensure your flights, accommodation, transfers and treatment itinerary work seamlessly together.

Your travel coordinator will work closely with your surgeon, dedicated host, driver and the host to make travelling to Turkey a simple process.

For more information on our travel coordinators, or to book your treatment here at Longevita, you can contact a member of our team with ease. Either email us at [email protected] or call us on 020 3409 1947.

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