Hair Transplant In UK

Millions of men and women in the UK suffer from permanent hair loss. And for permanent restoration, many people seek a hair transplant in Istanbul, Turkey or a hair transplant in the UK.

The majority of people, however, do not know what to expect from this surgery and what to look for in a clinic and the provider.

Additionally, despite the high cost of this surgery in the UK, it’s still possible to get it more affordably without having to fly anywhere else.

Here you’ll find out everything that you need to know about getting an affordable yet quality hair transplant in the UK.

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Am I Suitable For Hair Transplant?

How Much Is A Hair Transplant in the UK?

In the UK, the average cost of a hair transplant is £6,500 (~$8,000). This varies depending on the number of grafts a patient needs

If the clinic’s charging by the number of grafts (you can use a graft calculator for a better estimate), keep in mind that a single hair graft can cost anywhere between £3-5 in the UK. 

However, this isn’t how the cost of the procedure is set by Longevita. 

Our prices only vary according to the surgical technique involved. The focus is on quality, not quantity, which is why your surgeon will use as many grafts as needed to give you the best results. 

Therefore, whether you’re getting a hair transplant for the face or body, the cost of the package will not change depending on the number of grafts you need. 

But if a clinic’s charging by the number of grafts, here’s a cost estimate for you: 

Cost Of Hair Grafts In The UK

Here’s a breakdown of the hair transplant price in the UK if you’re being charged per graft.

Cost of 500 Hair Grafts In The UK

With a single hair graft costing around £4 in the UK, only 500 grafts can take the total of the hair transplant to £2,000. 

And this price is likely to be exclusive of any medications, consultations, and follow-up appointments that you’ll need. 

But if you’re not being charged per graft, no matter how large the size of the balding area is, the total cost of the procedure would be around £3,000.

Cost of 1,000-2,500 Hair Grafts In The UK

At £4 a graft, a hair transplant requiring 1,000 grafts will cost you £4,000. And keep in mind that these many grafts can only cover the top of the scalp (not the hairline or crown). 

While a hair transplant requiring 2,500 grafts will cost you £10,000 in the UK. These many grafts only cover the front of the scalp. 

For this reason, again, you should look for a clinic that doesn’t vary prices according to the number of grafts.

Cost of 3,000-3,500 Hair Grafts In The UK

For 3,000 grafts, a hair transplant in the UK can cost you as much as £12,000. These many grafts might only be able to cover the crown area or the front of the scalp. 

And if you’re getting 3,500 grafts (for top and crown or top and front), the entire procedure can cost you as much as £14,000. You should also beware of clinics that inflate the number of grafts that you need in order to justify the total cost. 

Some may also charge by the number of “follicles” instead of grafts. Keep in mind that a single hair graft contains 1-4 follicles of hair (it’s difficult to predict their exact number). So, it’ll be easier to raise the price based on that alone.

Cost of 4,000-4,500 Hair Grafts In The UK

If you’re experiencing extensive hair loss, you’d need 4,000 hair grafts or even more.

With these many grafts, the surgeon may be able to cover the front, top, and crown but that can cost you as much as £16,000.

If you’re recommended a second treatment session or additional treatments like platelet-rich plasma (PRP) injections or SMP, it could cost you several thousand more pounds.

So, before deciding on a clinic, make sure to factor in all the costs that’ll be associated with the surgery.

Per graft, a hair transplant is quite expensive.

How To Get A Hair Transplant In The UK?

The process of getting a hair transplant in the UK involves four steps.

1. Enquiry & Initial Consultation 

If you’re interested in getting a hair transplant, first, you need to contact a professional. Webforms, chatbots, social media, email addresses and phone numbers can all be used to contact us.

Once you’ve reached out, a member of the team will ask you to send us photos of your scalp from different angles and in natural lighting. 

These photos will be shared with your surgeon, who will then prepare a customised treatment plan for you. This will include the price quote. 

You can also have a free, no-obligation consultation with us at this stage. In this, Longevita’s experts will answer any questions that you may have about this surgery. 

2. Final Consultation 

Upon deciding to proceed with the surgery, you will meet with your surgeon face-to-face for an in-depth consultation. This will take place 14 days before the procedure to ensure your surgeon understands what you need.

During this, you can further clarify any doubts you have, so make sure to prepare your questions in advance.

Also, in this consultation, your surgeon will assess the quality of your donor area – the hair on the back – to confirm your suitability for the procedure and the surgical technique required.

Following that, your new hairline will be drawn and once you approve it, the medical team will shave your hair and move on to the surgery.

3. Surgery 

The surgery begins with the administration of anaesthesia so you don’t feel pain. After that, hair follicles will be harvested from the back of the scalp, stored in saline, and implanted into the bald spots.

The entire procedure will be done by a team consisting of: 

  • Anaesthetist
  • Surgical assistants 
  • Head hair transplant surgeon 

You’ll be done in 6-8 hours (depending on the surgical technique and size of the balding area), after which you’ll leave the clinic with bandages on your donor area. 

You’ll also be prescribed medications to deal with the post-op side effects.

4. Aftercare 

Two days after the hair transplant, you’ll have to come back to the clinic for your follow-up appointment.

During this, your scalp’s health will be evaluated. Any problems you’re experiencing can also be discussed.

After that, the medical team will wash your head at the clinic for the first time.

In the end, the medical team will go over the aftercare instructions once more, so that you make sure to follow all of them for a successful recovery.

Following that, for 12 months after the procedure, the Aftercare team will ask for regular updates on your progress to make sure that everything’s okay.

Why Choose Longevita For Hair Transplant In The UK?

Other than getting the best price for value, there are many other advantages to choosing Longevita. 

CQC-Registered Clinic 

Longevita works with a UK clinic that’s registered with the Care Quality Commission – CQC – which monitors, inspects and regulates health (and social care) services in England. 

Registration with CQC is required by law for all providers of hair restoration surgery. It ensures that proper standards of care are being met to ensure patient safety. 

CQC also has a rating scale. Providers are legally required to display these ratings. So, make sure to take a look at these before making your decision. 

GMC-Registered Surgeon 

Longevita works with a registered General Medical Council (GMC) hair transplant surgeon in the UK.

The GMC is a public body that registers, licenses, and regulates doctors in the UK.

And for any legal practitioner, GMC registration and licence to practise are a must.

For your research, you should also confirm a doctor’s registration status by looking it up on GMC’s online medical register.

High Success Rate 

Longevita has a success rate of 98% when it comes to hair restoration.

In just over 10 years, we’ve served more than 15,000 patients. So, you can trust us to give you the best results.

For further assurance, we also give a lifetime warranty certificate to our patients.

Your hair transplant results will be permanent and should last you a lifetime.


If you don’t want to travel to another country to get your hair transplant, the hair transplant UK clinic will make things easier for you. 

The best part is that you’ll still have the best price guarantee by Longevita.

And you also have the option to spread the payments over a few months. 


The cost of a hair transplant in the UK is the reason why so many people choose to go to Turkey.

Although Turkey will always be cheaper than the UK, you can still get an affordable hair transplant in the UK by not getting charged per hair graft.  

If you have any more questions about this surgery, contact us and a member of our team will get back to you as soon as possible. 


Is Turkey better than the UK for hair transplants?

You can get good-quality hair transplants in both the UK and Turkey. However, Turkish surgeons have more experience because of the sheer volume of patients they receive every year. Also, Turkey’s the better choice if you want to save money because prices are 3-5 times lower there due to the cost of living and exchange rates. 

Who can legally perform a hair transplant in the UK?

To offer hair transplants legally in the UK, practitioners must be registered with the GMC, and the clinic must have CQC registration. You can check for both of these registrations on the respective sites of these organisations.

How much does a hair transplant cost in the UK?

If you’re being charged by the number of grafts, a hair transplant in the UK can cost you anywhere from £2,000 to £20,000 or even more. But if that’s not the case, you might be able to get it for around £3,000.

Can you get a hair transplant through the NHS?

The NHS does not cover hair transplants because they are considered cosmetic procedures. Exceptions may exist (for instance, if a patient is burned), but NHS’ limited resources make it difficult to get the surgery.

How to find a good hair transplant surgeon in the UK?

Make sure that your surgeon has GMC registration and a CQC medical facility. Other than that, check out their previous work and talk to the previous patients of the surgeon. It’s also important to ask questions about the surgeon’s complications and success rates. 

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