Should You Use Derma Roller for Hair Growth?

Originally used for treating acne scars, the way derma rollers or micro-needling works, its application has extended to treating hair loss. Derma roller for hair growth might seem like a fairly new treatment, but it has been around for quite many years.

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Are Silicones Bad For Hair? Find Out the Truth

are silicones bad for hair

Increasingly, hair care products are labelled “silicone-free,” which does not bode well for the ingredient. Its image had been further tainted by viral videos in which people are seen scraping off white gunk (presumed to be silicone) from their hair strands. But still, the question remains, are silicones bad for hair? 

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Bumped Head After Hair Transplant: Did You Harm The Grafts?

bumped head after hair transplant

Unfortunately, patients often report a bumped head after hair transplant. Since the transplanted grafts don’t firmly anchor to the scalp for some time after surgery, it is worrisome. You can end up displacing the grafts in such a way that they aren’t able to get sufficient oxygen and nutrients needed for growth. Their complete extrusion is another scenario. 

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