What Can Argan Oil For Hair Do For You?

Argan oil has been claimed as the quintessential panacea for a myriad of hair concerns, addressing anything and everything from breakage and frizz to hair loss. While the anecdotal evidence circulating on social media might be enough to convince one of its magical powers, the scientific evidence on it is lacking.

Still, that hasn’t stopped a lot of people from raving about its benefits, and the oil does contain certain ingredients that can be potentially beneficial for the hair. So, let’s take a closer look at how exactly argan oil for hair can help you.

Is Argan Oil Good For Hair?

According to a 2021 study published in Frontiers in Nutrition, argan oil is rich in the following:

  • Unsaturated fatty acids (oleic acid and linoleic acid are the major ones)
  • Polyphenols
  • Tocopherols (vitamin E)
  • Squalene
  • CoQ10 (Coenzyme Q10)
  • Xanthophyll
  • Sterols

Many of the nutrients found in argan oil are believed to be good for the hair. For instance, the fatty acids in the oil are considered beneficial for their moisturising and hydrating-ability. Polyphenols have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties which may further help keep the hair healthy.

Tocopherol is another known antioxidant which can help reduce oxidative stress and protect cells from free radical damage. Additionally, squalene is an ingredient found in argan oil that can boost the hydration levels of the hair (it also has antioxidant properties).

argan oil for hair

The above-mentioned study also notes that when argan oil is added to shampoo, it goes into the “hair axis and damaged hair follicles,” helping the hair look fuller and shinier. Another 2022 research published in the Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology also reported that argan oil reduced protein loss from hair. Therefore, argan oil may actually be beneficial for your hair.

What Does Argan Oil Do For Hair?

Some of the things that argan oil is believed to do for the hair are as follows:

  • Protect hair from sun damage – Since it contains antioxidants, it’s thought to help with free radical damage from the sun’s UV rays.
  • Keep hair soft – Because of its ability to moisturise, it can keep your hair soft and manageable.
  • Reduce hair frizz – It may not only make your hair less frizzy but also make it look shinier.
  • Help split ends – Other than helping in their management, it’s also said to help prevent them.
  • Reduce hygral fatigue – When swelling and unswelling of the hair due to too much moisture damages the hair, it’s called hygral fatigue and argan oil is considered beneficial for this as well.
  • Create a protective barrier – By forming a protective layer around your hair, argan oil may protect your hair against damage from styling (heating tools and even chemicals like dyes).
  • Prevent dryness – Another way in which argan oil may help keep your hair healthy is by keeping dryness at bay.

Argan oil is not only incorporated into hair products for the scalp but beard hair as well.

Does Argan Oil Stop Hair Thinning?

To our knowledge, there’s not sufficient scientific evidence to suggest that argan oil can stop your hair from thinning. If, for instance, you’re experiencing hair loss due to androgenetic alopecia, which results in miniaturisation or shrinking of hair follicles, there’s no research to show that argan oil can help.

woman holding serum bottle

So, if you have pattern hair loss, it’s best to consult a medical professional before you consider investing in a bottle of argan oil for your scalp. It might save you time and money in getting the right treatment.

Does Argan Oil Help Hair Grow?

Likewise, there is not enough research on argan oil’s ability to grow hair or even prevent hair loss from occurring. By keeping the hair healthy, it may help it continue to grow normally, but it’s hard to make a conclusive statement on this (as yet, at least).

How To Use Argan Oil For Hair?

There are a number of ways in which argan oil for hair is used:

  • Oil hair mask – Take a few drops of the oil (depending on the length of your hair) and spread it across the length of your hair shaft, including the root. Massage it in for a few minutes, and you can consider leaving it overnight, but make sure to cover your hair.
  • Leave-in conditioner – After you’ve washed your hair, you can take 1-2 drops of the oil and rub it on your hair for a soft and shiny feel.
serum bottle

There are other ways as well in which it’s used. For instance, some consider mixing a small amount of it with shampoo, while others may apply it before that and then wash it out. In any case, you should check the instructions on the packaging of the product to use it in the best possible way.

Can Argan Oil Be Bad For Hair?

While on the one hand, argan oil (or the so-called liquid gold) is considered quite good for the hair, some also have concerns about it clogging the scalp and worsening existing conditions like seborrheic dermatitis.

For instance, one study published in Skin Appendage Disorder reported that while oils can benefit the hair, they’re also associated with an exacerbation of seborrheic dermatitis on scalp application.

Moreover, argan oil may also cause an allergic reaction, which is why it’s best to talk to a medical professional before using it.

Is Coconut Oil Or Argan Oil Better For Hair?

Both argan and coconut oil contain nutrients that might be considered good for the hair. Coconut oil, for instance, contains fatty acids like lauric acid and oleic acid, which can help hydrate and moisturise the hair. It’s 90% saturated and 9% unsaturated fats, according to a study published in Ghana Medical Journal.

Argan oil, on the other hand, also contains fatty acids like oleic and linoleic acid in addition to other nutrients like vitamin E and polyphenols. Therefore, both can be beneficial for hair in their own way. Coconut oil is generally said to be thicker than argan oil, however, so it may be better suited for those who have dry hair. Argan oil is generally believed to be suitable for all hair types.


Argan oil for hair may be beneficial in that it can leave your tresses softer, shinier and hydrated. However, it might not work wonders for you if it comes to stopping hair thinning or hair loss. And since it’s not exactly cheap, it’s best to consult a board-certified medical professional.

There are other non-surgical hair loss treatments, such as laser therapy, PRP injections, etc. Make sure to thoroughly discuss your hair concerns with them so they can provide you with a suitable treatment plan.

Reviewed and approved by Trichologist Yaprak Yazan


Is argan oil good for frizzy hair?

Argan oil can help you in the taming of your frizz. This oil is considered good for all hair types.

How long does it take to see results from argan oil on hair?

It’s hard to say after how long you can see results from argan oil for hair because there’s not enough research on it. It’s, however, claimed that it may take weeks to months.

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