Hair Transplant In Turkey Reviews

Longevita has provided thousands of hair transplants in Turkey to patients who couldn’t be happier with their results. Through our reviews, you can get a glimpse of our patient’s experiences with us.

The reviews we receive help us understand our patient’s needs and expectations so we can provide them with the best possible service.

You can also get a sense of how we treat our patients from beginning to end by checking out our hair transplant Turkey reviews.

“Amazing,” “fantastic,” “exceptional,” and “lovely” are just a few words that our patients use to describe their experiences with us. Don’t take our word for it. See the hair transplant reviews by our satisfied patients for yourself.

Sharmarke Warsame

I came to Longevita three times for treatment. I had four medical procedures in total. I am happy that my face looks different now. I found out about them on YouTube. Staff was friendly. Longevita has been awesome. That is the reason why I kept coming back. I recommend it to a lot of friends.

James West

I lost my hair when I was in my late 30s. I never used non-surgical hair loss procedures. I used to shave my hair, however now that medicine has advanced, I decided to get a hair transplant in Turkey. I miss my hair and I hope I will get back my self-esteem when my new hair grows.

Alan Dawber

I am a barber and I chose Longevita to correct my hairline. I always had a quite high hairline. Looking at the mirror as a barber every day made me very conscious so I wanted to lower my hairline.

Joseph Hayes

“The whole thing from start to finish was great! The service from the Patient Coordinator, the doctor and the whole team was excellent. They drew my hairline and showed me where it would go, and then the procedure was seamless. I’m really happy with the whole result.”

Please note that our patients leave us independent reviews on Google and Trustpilot. To read more of Longevita’s hair transplant reviews, you can check out what our patients have to say there as well.

How Longevita Gets The Best Hair Transplant In Turkey Reviews

Our mission at Longevita is to ensure that every patient has a great experience from the moment they book their surgery to when they return home (and after too). Here’s how we get the best hair transplant reviews:

Have A Great Team

We have Travel Coordinators, Hosts, Patient Relations Specialists, and an Aftercare team to assist our patients. The specialist surgeons we work with have years of experience, which allows them to perform the surgeries with excellence. 

Get Patient Feedback

We get feedback from our patients after the surgery to ensure the highest standard of care. There is a modern infrastructure and the latest technology at the facility where the procedure takes place, so you can expect high-quality care. Our Turkey hair transplant reviews will tell you as much!

All-Inclusive Treatment Plans

Longevita also arranges hotels and transportation services. Since it’s important that you spend your time in hygienic spaces, especially after the surgery, finding out if the hotels and transfers are up to the mark is also very important. 

In our hair transplants in Turkey reviews, you’d hear our patients discuss this, too. Therefore, you’ll have peace of mind about the space that you’ll be occupying soon after your arrival and during your recovery. 


Our team is responsive and available to meet the needs of its patients days or months after the surgery. Whenever our patients leave us a review, we make sure to check it to look for ways in which we can improve ourselves.

We take all our patients’ feedback very seriously and act continuously to make any improvements or upgrades to our service.

Additionally, coming to Turkey, many people want to know if they’d be able to communicate with the staff members in English. Our Turkish hair transplant reviews will tell you that’s a non-issue. 

Best Price Guarantee  

Price is one of the main reasons why people look up the best hair transplant clinic in Turkey reviews. For the low price, they want to know if the quality of the surgery will be compromised in some way. Again, there’s nothing you need to worry about there.

From our FUE, Sapphire and DHI hair transplant reviews, you’ll see that no matter how advanced the surgical technique is, we offer great prices. And to sweeten the deal even more, we offer all our patients maximum grafts.

Once you’ve gone through the reviews, you can find out more about your particular case by booking a free consultation. Through that, you can get further assurance on the kind of results that you can expect from the surgery and whether or not the clinic lives up to its reputation or promises.

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