Hair Transplant Turkey Reviews

At Longevita, we ensure that we offer our patients the highest standards of customer service at all times. We are dedicated to ensuring that each and every patient achieves the results that they desire with help from our hair transplant procedures by Longevita in Turkey and in the UK. All of the expert surgeons are handpicked, based on experience, qualifications, specialisms and other strict criteria, in order to ensure that your procedures are carried out by the most reputable surgeons in the world.

With our free consultations prior to the procedure, you can be certain to obtain an accurate outlook of the results that are likely to be achieved, and how this matches up to your desired results. Experienced and reputable surgeons can offer some of the best hair transplant procedures in Turkey, at an affordable price. To find out more about the services that we provide, take a look at our patient’s hair transplant Turkey reviews and book in a consultation today.


Kimberly Meade
Kimberly Meade / London

I want to say I am very happy that I made the choice that made to do the procedure. It's only been eight months my hair is already

Rafal Kolakowski / Wembley

I came to Longevita clinic for hair transplant. From the start to finish everything was very professional. I received great service.

Dipesh patel
Dipesh Patel / London

Longevita was introduced to me by a friend and once booking my consultation I could easily see why. Not only were the staff highly

khalid ashraf hat
Khalid Ashraf / Leeds

I recently had a hair transplant with the lovely people at Longevita and the results are exactly what I wanted. I was well looked

Angar safi
Angar Safi / Coventry

I travelled to Turkey for a hair transplant with Longevita and was blown away by the facilities and the caring staff that were there

pascall mc keown hat
Pascal Mc Keown / Ireland

This is the second time I have used this service and I could not be happier with the results that I have received. I first came here

Darren thomas
Darren Thomas

Longevita has helped to make the hair transplant more affordable to those who need them and the staff are amazing.

jason hevingham hat
Jason Nevingham/Manchester

I first heard about Longevita from a friend who had previously had a hair transplant with them. Upon this recommendation,

Nauman maqsood hat
Nauman Maqsood/London

I came to Longevita upon recommendation and I could not be happier with the results. All the staff were incredibly friendly and

Mark o rourke
Mark Orourke/London

Incredibly happy with every aspect of my hair transplant procedure with Longevita. I am looking forward to seeing the end results

David Lautman
David Lautman/Brighton

The overall experience with Longevita has exceeded my expectations. The surgery was painless and undergone in a professional

Charlie sloan
Charlie Sloan/Nottingham

My hair has never looked healthier, the results look so natural and it was completely painless. Outstanding staff that are very

Amir cameron hat
Amir Cameron/London

I found Longevita when looking for a reliable hair transplant service. I was able to get a consultation with them very quickly in

Faisal quddus
Faisal Quddus/Coventry

Longevita could not have been more welcoming when I arrived. The team had a high level of professionalism and expertise

mazhar majeed hat
Mazhar Majeed/

I recently travelled to Turkey for my Longevita hair transplant and I am over the moon with the service that I have been

abdullah rashid mahommadzay
Abdullah Rashid Mohammadzay /

Longevita has provided me with an amazing experience with every visit. The process is seamless and the staff are more than happy

andrew knowles
Andrew Knowles

My experience with the Longevita hair transplant team has been top quality from start to finish. Not only do you have the very

kirk archer hat
Kirk Archer / Wigan

I have recently completed my third hair transplant with Longevita, and I have received amazing results following all three

abdal ali
Abdal Ali / Birmingham

At first I had some nerves surrounding the procedure, however, these were soon gone when reassured by the professional staff.

wayne somers
Wayne Somers/ Ireland

I recently underwent a hair transplant with Longevita and the care and attention that I received were outstanding. They cover

Donato vasta
Donato Vasta/ Italy

I am incredibly happy with the results of my FUE hair transplant and the staff were helpful throughout my time in Turkey.

kirby davies
Kirby Davies/ Wales

Longevita and the services that they provide cannot be matched. Not only were the staff outstanding and helpful, but the facilities for

akmal saleem
Akmal Saleem / Batley

I recently travelled to Turkey with Longevita to undergo and hair transplant and the results are better than anything that I could

Mohammed atif
Mohammed Atif/ Birmingham

The experience that I had with the Longevita branch in Izmir was outstanding. My hair transplant has helped to fill in my receding

vincent avery hat
Vincent Avery/ Birmingham

I recently contacted Longevita to perform a hair transplant in London. I was then forwarded onto an amazing team in Turkey

Leon hazlewood hat
Leon Hazlewood/ Leicester

I came to Turkey to have a hair transplant with Longevita. I had a large number of graphs done and the time flew by.

Faisal mehmood
Faisal Mehmood/ Dewsbury

I am over the moon with the results that I have seen following my Longevita hair transplant. My hairline looks so natural and

Mark collins
Mark Collins / Cardiff

Best experience I could have had. Very happy with the level of service and the results. Thanks, Longevita

umberto tedesco hat
Umberto Tedesco / Burnley

My experience with the team at Longevita has been brilliant from start to finish. The team made me feel welcome and well

navid tafaghodi hat
Navid Tafaghodi

I recently went to Longevita for a hair transplant and am very pleased with every aspect of the process from start to finish.

dean leary hat
Dean Leary / Manchester

My hair transplant with Longevita was a complete success, I could not be happier and am looking to seeing the end results once

scott ruscoe hat
Scott Ruscoe / Oswestry

My experience with Longevita has been very seamless, they allowed me to feel at ease throughout the process and answered any

Ajay bhundai hat
Ajay Bhundia / London

My experience with Longevita overall has been perfect from day one, I was guided through every aspect of the procedure and

john martin
John Martin / Glasgow

I went to Longevita for a hair transplant and I could not be more pleased with the end result. The procedure was painless and the

Salim Fergani / France

Everyone at Longevita is very nice. The clinic, hotel and transfers were very good. The hair transplant in Turkey went very well.

gavin richmond hat
Gavin Richmond / Leeds

Upon booking my consultation, I had nerves. However, these were soon calmed by the friendly staff talking me through every

Mohamed hassan hat
Mohamed Hassan / London

I could not be happier with the level of service I have received from the team at Longevita throughout my time with them.

muhammad altaf elahi hat
Muhammad Altaf Elahi / Islamabad,Pakistan

I heard about the outstanding service that Longevita provides from my uncle who had previously used the service. Upon this

Chris leahy HAT
Chris Leahy

I found out about the services provided by Longevita through a friend who had previously had the procedure done with

Alexander Wallace HAT
Alexander Wallace/Chester

I had been researching a hair transplant for a number of years before opting for Longevita. I was taken care of throughout the process

gavin campbell hat
Gavin Campbell/ Newtownards

I just travelled to Istanbul to undergo a hair transplant Longevita and the treatment has been absolutely fantastic, they take care

Anthony chapman
Anthony Chapman/ Hartlepool

From the accommodation to the facilities, every aspect of the hair transplant procedure was perfect. I could not be

Mohamed ali omar
Mohamed Ali Omar/ London

Longevita could not have been more helpful to me during my hair transplant process, the whole experience was organised seamlessly

farah warsama hat
Farah Warsama/ London

I discovered Longevita when looking online for hair transplant services. Upon reaching out to them I was met with a highly

Scott lamb
Scott Lamb / Manchester

I got in touch with Longevita over facebook after having researched the procedure for a number of years. The company not only

kirk trow
Kirk Trow / Lancashire

I could not be happier with the results of my FUE hair transplant. The experience was outstanding and the accommodation, as well

toufic kazan
Toufic Kazan/ Berkshire

My experience with Longevita has been perfect, I cannot falter anything that they have done. I am into my healing process now

Ben kaeilin
Ben Kaelin/ Edinburgh

Following on from the consultation in Edinburgh I was quick to receive the date for my surgery. The procedure was painless and

Amin islam hat
Amin Islam/ London

I heard about the hair transplant procedure with Longevita from friends who have had the procedure in the past. My consultation

Scott hauzet
Scott Hauzet

I underwent a large procedure with Longevita and I am extremely satisfied with the results. They provided me with constant

Ally fyfe
Ally Fyfe / Plymouth

Following my procedure with Longevita, I am very happy with the results that I have received. I had done a large amount of

How Long Will It Take To See Results After A Hair Transplant?

While our hair transplants in Turkey attract numerous reviews, it’s important to note that the results of your hair transplant won’t be instantaneous. While unshaven hair transplants offer the ability to transplant hairs for an instantly natural look, these pose a risk of being affected by shock loss – a condition that sees the transplanted hairs falling out as a result of the trauma to the scalp. This is a completely normal reaction and the hair will regrow a few months later.

In general, you’ll begin to see results from a standard FUE or FUT procedure within three to five months. As the hair growth cycle circulates, you will begin to see stubble growing from the transplanted follicles at around three months, after which it will continue to grow at the normal rate for your hair.

Most patients, including those who have left hair transplant reviews here on our site, will have seen the most noticeable results within 6-12 months following the procedure and at 12-18 months, you will be able to cut and style your hair as you wish.

Will The Results Of My Hair Transplant Last?

The results of traditional FUT and FUE methods are permanent, offering patients a long-term solution to hair loss concerns. The follicles are taken from donor areas on the scalp and transplanted into the target sections; this move ensures that not only is your scalp likely to accept the transplant due to the fact that they’re your own tissue, but also that they will remain in place permanently.

If any hairs do fall out following the procedure, this is completely normal. As mentioned before, shock loss is a side effect of hair loss that sees hairs falling from their follicles as a result of the trauma that occurs during the transplant procedure. However, it’s also important to remember that some cases of hair loss may progress after the transplant due to genetic conditions or deficiencies.

During your initial consultation, the specialist will assess whether now is the best time for your hair transplant procedure. We are dedicated to ensuring that our results live up to our client’s reviews, providing every patient with a dedicated service every time. For this reason, we will provide a personalised treatment plan that takes your hair loss journey into consideration prior to the procedure.

What Can I Expect From The Transplant?

Those seeking Longevita hair transplant reviews will be pleased to know that we strive to live up to the positive reputation with every treatment we provide. From an assigned travel coordinator prior to your travel, to a dedicated host throughout your visit to our clinics in Istanbul and Izmir, you’ll have help on hand at every moment to provide a seamless, relaxing experience from the moment you give us a call.

Our hair transplant in Turkey reviews offer a more realistic overview of what you can expect when visiting our clinics. From the experience within our clinics, to the results at one, three, six, nine and twelve months, we have reviews available to provide peace of mind regarding your hair transplant journey.

To find out more about the hair transplant techniques on offer and the results you could see in the following months, why not take a read of our reviews? Alternatively, you can get in touch with a member of our team on 020 3409 1947 and book your free consultation in the UK, today. Whatsapp