Dutasteride For Hair Loss

hair loss in man

Dutasteride is a medication that has become increasingly popular for the treatment of androgenetic alopecia or pattern baldness. It’s often compared with finasteride in terms of its effectiveness, and research …

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Hair Transplant After 2 Months

Hair transplant

Hair transplantation is a process, and you won’t see the results of the procedure immediately. While you would expect to see some hair growth from your hair transplant after 2 …

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Is Hair Prosthesis Healthy?

Hair wigs' image

Hair prosthesis is considered one of the treatment options for hair loss and is considered a medical device for different types of alopecia. Although prosthetic devices have been shown to …

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Does Hair Dye Cause Hair Loss?

Does Hair Dye Cause Hair Loss

Camouflage is one of the reasons many people dye their hair. However, with hair colouring, there’s also believed to be a risk of more hair loss, which renders the idea …

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Does Smoking Cause Hair Loss?

smoking hair

The connection between smoking and hair loss has been hotly debated for many years now. While there are many studies showing a positive relationship between the two, there’s also some …

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