Fred Sirieix Hair Transplant

First Dates’ Fred Sirieix has maintained a distinctive hairstyle throughout much of his career. After sporting the good old-fashioned buzzcut for some time, he changed his do’ to a neatly trimmed crew cut. So, many of his fans were unprepared when he finally grew his hair out long, leading to speculations about a hair transplant and even wigs.

However, it was only last year that Fred finally addressed and denied all these rumours about his hair, but they continue to persist. For this reason, we thought to take a closer look at Fred’s scalp and hair to look for any signs of this surgery, and the answer about Fred Sirieix’s hair transplant (alleged, of course) might surprise you.

Who Is Fred Sirieix?

Born on 27 January 1972, Fred Sirieix is a reality TV star who’s best known for starring as the maître d’hôtel in Channel 4’s First Dates. Moreover, his brief stint on I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here! where he landed as the third camper on the chopping block, brought him additional attention, though it drew quite a bit of ire from the public.

Fred sirieix
Image credit: fred_sirieix/Instagram

Other than that, Fred has notably also been part of other TV shows, including the BBC’s Million Pound Menu, where he was the show’s presenter, and CBBC’s Step Up to the Plate as the host. He also appeared on Strictly Come Dancing alongside star Dianne Buswell. Outside of TV, he’s also written a book called First Dates: The Art of Love.

Has Fred Sirieix Had A Hair Transplant?

In 2023, Fred explicitly stated that “people wrongly assumed” that he’d had a hair transplant, “going to Turkey to get new hair” and that his hair only looked different because he “just grew it” out.

His fans had first noticed a change in his hair on First Dates in 2022, some outright wondering what it was that the TV star had actually done to his hair (the assumption being that something was “done”).

However, it’s possible that the change seemed particularly dramatic due to Fred’s consistent potential preference for shorter hair throughout the majority of his career, as previously noted.

But a closer look at the outline of his hair shows that he wasn’t really experiencing any kind of hairline recession – which is one of the signs of the most common type of hair loss known as androgenetic alopecia or pattern baldness.

Fred Sirieix hair before and after
Fred Sirieix’s hair in 2021 vs 2022/Image credit: fred_sirieix/Instagram

It was more or less even with very distinct temple peaks, and even after he’d grown his hair out, they looked the same, so, it appears that all Fred did with his hair was really let it grow out.

Does Fred Sirieix Wear A Headpiece?

In addition to denying ever getting a hair transplant, in 2023, Fred also made it clear that he did not get a “toupee” to change his hair. So, it was again all the result of simple hair growth and a change in style.

Fred Sirieix hairstyle
Image credit: fred_sirieix/Instagram

In some places, Fred wore his hair with a side part, appearing so impeccably styled that it could have seemed almost like a wig to some. However, upon closer examination, it seems clear enough that his meticulously groomed styling is all done with his natural hair.


From his photos, Fred Sirieix’s hair transplant rumours don’t seem to hold much weight. It simply seems like a matter of different hairstyles. Seeing his long locks after a neatly-trimmed crop might’ve given some the idea that the actor had gone under the knife, but the overall outline of his hairline, as well the temples, don’t look any different.

However, if you’ve been experiencing hair loss or are thinking of getting this procedure, make sure to consult a board-certified medical professional about your needs and goals so they can make recommendations accordingly.

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