Jason Donovan’s Hair Transplant

The Australian singer Jason Donovan is known around the world for his soulful and nostalgic voice. Having sold over 3 million records, Jason ruled the 80’s music scene and also achieved quite a lot of success in the world of acting. Considering he’s been in front of the camera for decades, many people have noticed the changes he’s gone through, just one of which is his hair.

It’s no secret that Jason Donovan got a hair transplant as he has openly admitted. Early on in his career, he was often seen sporting some of the most iconic hairstyles of his time. At first, it was the classic floppy hair in the Neighbours but then there were also the days of Jason Donovan’s long hair with mullet. They’re all behind him now as he now has a much shorter and clean-cut crop. But would he have lost his hair had it not been for his hair transplant surgery? Let’s find out!

Who Is Jason Donovan?

Born on 1 June 1968 in Melbourne, Australia, Jason Donovan is a pop singer and soap/musical theatre/film actor. Well before he’d started his career in music, Jason had started acting while he was just 11 years old. However, he eventually found fame alongside Kylie Minogue as Scott Robinson in the soap opera Neighbours in 1986.

During his time in the show and afterwards, Jason released many hits, including Especially For You and Too Many Broken Hearts, which were received quite well in the UK. Jason left Neighbours in 1989, but then in 1991, he was able to combine both his acting and musical abilities as the lead for Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. The production was a major success with an 18-month sold-out running that led to the musical’s album and single, Any Dream Will Do, being chart-toppers in the UK.

Jason was also a part of other musicals, such as The Sweeney Todd, The Sound of Music, Priscilla, Grease, and Goldilocks. Meanwhile, he also tried his hand at reality TV in shows like Strictly Come Dancing and I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here.

Did Jason Donovan Lose His Hair?

Jason Donovan was experiencing hair loss, which might have been the result of androgenetic alopecia or pattern baldness. It’s the most common cause of hair loss in men and women, which results in progressive and permanent shedding of the hair.

Due to a combination of genetics and hormones, androgenetic alopecia shrinks or miniaturises the hair follicles, which makes them thinner and finer. As a result, you can experience extensive baldness in the front, top and crown areas of the scalp.

It should be noted that this type of hair loss can progress in a distinct pattern (which is why it’s so-called). The hairline recedes in an M-shape, where the temple points can move backwards. Additionally, the hair at the top can thin with simultaneous loss of hair loss in the crown or vertex of the scalp. And you can experience this kind of hair loss starting from your teenage years.

Jason Donovan hair loss
Jason Donovan’s hair loss/Image credit: The JPSJason Donovan – South Shields – 29 July 2007CC BY-SA 3.0

Notably, Jason Donovan’s hairline had also formed the classic M-shape associated with pattern baldness. As reported in the Daily Mirror in 2012, the actor himself said, “Yes, I started losing my hair when I was 23.”

Has Jason Donovan Had A Hair Transplant?

Jason Donovan admitted to getting a hair transplant in 2012 saying, “he’d done a Rooney” – referring to the widely reported hair transplant of Wayne Rooney. According to the Daily Mail, in 2012, the singer was “grilled” into admission by Piers Morgan. The outlet also reported that Jason had the hair transplant 4 years before that (which would be around 2008).

However, 2 years before that, in 2006, the Daily Mail also reported that “something is up with Jason Donovan’s hair.” They noted that a few months back, during his performance in The Sweeney Todd, Jason’s hair looked quite thin. However, fast-forward 7 months, and his hair had grown noticeably thicker.

In any case, Jason hasn’t shied away from publicly accepting his transplantation surgery. He also made it quite clear that the surgery was something that he had for just himself and didn’t feel “the need to publicise it.” Drawing comparisons to women getting breast implants, he said if they can have them, “why can’t men have hair implants?”

Jason Donovan Hair Transplant Before And After

Before the hair transplant, Jason’s hairline looked quite receded, and the hair on the top was also a bit fine-looking. Afterwards, it looked much denser.

Jason Donovan before and after hair transplant

Keep in mind that a hair transplant doesn’t cure pattern baldness. It’s a treatment in which healthy hair is taken from the back of the head and transplanted into the bald spots. While the transplanted hair is permanent, you can still lose non-transplanted hair. So, it’s possible that Jason might decide to get another hair transplant in the future.


Jason Donovan’s hair transplant is one among the many other celebrity hair transplants that have since become quite popularised. Many people choose to have this surgery because it’s not just about restoring the hairline, it’s also about getting their confidence back.

If you’re also looking for an affordable transplantation surgery, you can consider getting a hair transplant in Istanbul. Because of the exchange rate and low cost of living, the prices are generally quite low here, usually around £1,500 to £2,000. But before anything, if you’re losing your hair, make sure to consult a qualified and experienced medical professional for the underlying cause and an effective treatment plan.

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