18 Of The Best Celebrity Hair Transplants

Believe it or not, celebrity hair transplants are very much a real thing. It might seem unfathomable because we think of celebrities as these perfect creatures. But the truth is, they’re human, and just like us common folks, they are also prone to hair loss. 

And this goes for both male and female celebs. At times, it’s just their genetics, while at others, it’s those intense hairstyles that take a toll on their poor follicles. When (not really if) that happens, many turn to the good ol’ transplant surgery

Celebrities with hair transplants don’t always confirm that they’ve had the surgery. In some cases, it’s mere speculation, but there are others that are clearly visible. And then there are a few celebs who openly announce their surgical procedures.

Here, we’ve compiled a list of all those celebrities who had hair transplant surgeries (openly and not-so-secretly). 

Hair Transplant Male Celebrities

Celebrities, business magnates, athletes, and singers have all gotten hair transplants.

Looking at the celebrity hair transplants before and after photos side by side, you’d clearly see the differences in their hairlines and overall hair density.

In some of them, you can even see the newly transplanted hair grafts.

Elon Musk 

The tech giant Elon Musk may be an entrepreneur, but it wouldn’t be wrong to call him a celebrity.

And while he’s out there trying to conquer Mars and the social media space, not long ago, he was fighting a losing battle against his receding hairline

If you consider the Norwood Scale, he was easily on stage 4A (which is pretty advanced). His hairline had receded significantly, and he had also lost a good deal of hair on the top of his head.

Had he not gotten a restoration surgery, it would have extended all the way to the crown of the scalp

While he hasn’t really disclosed any details regarding the surgery, it’s believed that he first dabbled with minoxidil and finasteride but eventually decided to get surgery. Here’s how Elon’s hair looked in 2008:

And here’s what it looked like in 2014:

Elon Musk hair 2014

It’s quite likely that had a second surgery to improve the overall density of his hair. This is what it looked like in 2018:

Elon Musk's hair in 2022

Wayne Rooney 

Wayne Rooney’s hair transplant could definitely be considered the turning point for many celebrity hair transplants.

This was because he was so open and honest about it, sharing his experience with everyone in a tweet back in 2011. 

Rooney had been losing his hair for quite a while due to androgenetic alopecia. His hairline was receding, and the top and crown of his scalp had also thinned significantly. 

wayne rooney before and after hair transplant
Wayne Rooney’s hair before and after hair transplant

Finally, at the age of 25, the footballer had a hair transplant. But the more attention-grabbing part of it was that it cost him a whopping £30,000.

On average, a hair transplant in the UK is around £6,500, but the price tag truly makes it a celebrity hair transplant. 

Gordon Ramsay 

Gordon Ramsay’s persona isn’t just confined to the four walls of a kitchen; he’s a celebrity chef.

Sure he’s been part of many, many reality TV shows, but his way with words is truly unforgettable. And that has probably made him even more popular with his fans. 

But when the chef had his own hair nightmare, he didn’t wait to get it fixed. His hairline went from being very v-shaped to being very straight. 

gordon ramsay's hair
Gordon Ramsay’s hair before and after rumoured hair transplant

And it is suspected that he got this surgery twice: once in 2011 and then another one in 2014. Reportedly, one of his hair transplants also cost £30K. 

Steve Carrell 

Steve Carell’s hairline has also changed quite a bit since his Office days. The gelled-up scalp of Michael Scott was clearly visible in earlier seasons of the show. However, that changed as the seasons progressed.

Instead of moving backwards, his hairline stayed in place and even became denser.

Steve Carell's hair before and after

Some say that it was because of his hairstyle, while others say that it was because of hair fibres. But it’s quite likely that Steve Carell had a hair transplant.  

Elton John 

Although Elton John’s hair transplant wasn’t a success, it’s quite talked about. When he had the surgery for the first time (back in the 1970s), he was in a lot of pain.

He even bumped his head on the way out of the clinic, which can permanently damage the grafts.

That surgery wasn’t a success (probably due to negligence of aftercare instructions). And it’s believed that he had two other surgeries done. But after everything, he decided to wear wigs at the end. 

elton john's hair

Jimmy Carr 

After watching his hair “socially distance” from him Jimmy Carr also decided to get a hair transplant.

And he’s among those rare few celebs who did not go to great lengths to conceal their surgery.

Jimmy Carr hairline recession
Jimmy Carr’s hair in 2007

In fact, Jimmy Carr had expressed his intention to get a transplant even before he had it. But it was around 2020 that he finally did it. His “Elvis quiff” is definitely back now. 

James Nesbitt 

The Cold Feet actor had not just one, two, three, but five whole hair transplants. It’s even rumoured that had another one after that.

Unfortunately for the actor, his androgenetic alopecia had set in his early 20s. And that definitely doesn’t help when you’re hoping to get lead roles. 

While the actor tried vitamins for a while (they don’t work for permanent hair loss), James Nesbitt finally had a hair transplant. And needless to say, he looks really good. 

James Nesbitt's hair in 2013
Christopher William Adach from London, UK, James Nesbitt 2013CC BY-SA 2.0

Louis Walsh

It was back in 2011, at the age of 59 that this X Factor judge and music manager got a hair transplant surgery. It began with some friendly jabs from his co-judge Simon Cowell. 

But he eventually spent a whopping £30,000 on a hair transplant.

Being on TV can have its perks, but the constant public scrutiny can make anyone feel insecure or uncomfortable with themselves. So, if a hair transplant helps, why not?

David Beckham 

The English footballer, David Beckham, is also rumoured to have had a secret hair transplant. His earlier photos do show a recession of the hairline and overall thinning – signs of androgenetic alopecia.

david beckham's hair
David Beckham’s hair

But now, almost everyone is envious of his golden locks (along with that man bun). Considering genetic hair loss doesn’t reverse itself, he also probably had this restoration surgery. 

Nick Grigg 

Rugby union player Nick Grigg had two hair transplants – he flew to Turkey for the last one. Overall, his hair loss was quite extensive.

Nick Grigg's hair transplant

He needed 4,000 hair grafts for his first surgery. And in the second one, he got 2,500 more grafts to achieve the desired density.

To further improve the results, the midfielder also had PRP injections during the recovery period. 

Lewis Hamilton 

This Formula One champion’s hairline has also changed significantly over the years.

lewis hamilton's hair
Lewis Hamilton’s hair before and after his alleged hair transplant

According to Hamilton, hotel soaps were the culprit behind his hair loss. However, things got back to normal once he started practising good hair care.

That seems unlikely. From his photos, it looked like he had androgenetic alopecia.

The hairline had moved back, and the hair on top was also thinning (curly hair can hide it a bit better). Tight hairstyles could have made it worse. 

And genetic hair loss isn’t reversible, so he just couldn’t have grown his hair back. That’s why we believe Lewis Hamilton’s name should be up there in the hair transplant celebrities’ list. 

Jaime Laing 

When you get told on TV to get a hair transplant, that kind of thing sticks with you. And so, at the age of 29, Jaime Laing had his hair transplant

While it is rare to lose hair in the early 20s or as a teenager, Laing recounts that it started when he was just 19 or 20. 

His frontal hairline was receding, although not too drastically, so he decided to go with the surgery. 

Romeo Larmond 

British influencer/model Romeo Larmond aka Romeo the Plug also had a hairline transplant. His hairline was something that he was always insecure about.

Matthew Larmond before and after hair transplant
(R) Image Credit: Instagram/officialromeo27

Just like millions around the globe, his hair loss was also a result of androgenetic alopecia.

However, it started when he was in his late 20s. But after losing his hair for 3-4 years, he just went ahead with transplant surgery. In addition, he had a beard transplant. 

Simon Searles 

Best known for participating in the third season of Love Island, Simon Searles also had a hair transplant in Turkey. The reality TV star was also losing hair due to androgenetic alopecia.

While he tried hiding the receding corners of his hairline with hair fibres, he didn’t want to deal with the hassle anymore. And, so, he had a hair transplant. 

Hair Transplant Female Celebrities

Hair transplant of female celebrities includes those female celebrities who have had a restoration procedure following permanent hair loss (due to tight hairstyles, over-styling or genetics.

In general, there’s a taboo around female hair transplants. So, you won’t hear a lot about female celebrities who got hair transplant surgeries. Still, there are a few. So, let’s take a look at the before and after hair transplant female celebrities’ photos.

Paigey Cakey 

British rapper Paigey Cakey has been very open about getting a hair transplant. After years of wearing tight hairstyles, she experienced permanent hair loss due to traction alopecia.

Paigey Cakey before and after hair transplant
Paigey Cakey’s hair before and after transplantation surgery

Her hairline had receded significantly and for a while, she used mascara to hide the bald spots. However, eventually, she had a hair transplant to restore the lost hair. 

Rosie Williams 

Rosie Williams is another Love Island alum who had a hair transplant. While she had the surgery in 2020, she didn’t tell anyone about it until last year. 

The Love Island star said that she was losing chunks of hair and it was stress that caused it.

So, she eventually had a hair transplant to take care of her recessed hairline. Additionally, she had PRP injections to further improve the health of her hair.  

Chanelle Hayes 

Reality TV star, model and singer Chanelle Hayes is also among the bald female celebrities who had a hair transplant for pattern baldness.

Pattern baldness aka androgenetic alopecia is the most common cause of hair loss among both men and women. 

After undergoing a hair transplant for 8 hours (which is how long a hair transplant usually takes), she had grafts implanted along her receding hairline.  

Lisa Maffia 

British singer Lisa Maffia is another female celebrity who has been very open about getting a hair transplant. She, too, had lost hair at the front of her scalp due to over-styling. 

Traction alopecia led to permanent hair loss, which is why she also had this surgery for a permanent restoration.

Where Do Celebrities Get Hair Transplants? 

While celebs may choose to get a hair transplant in their home country (UK, US, etc.), many are increasingly choosing Turkey for hair restoration

And a big reason for that is you can get a high-quality hair transplant at a much more affordable price. That’s because the cost of living in Turkey is lower. 

More recently, the Grammy-winning singer Akon came to Turkey for a hair transplant.

Former midfielder and manager of Real Madrid, Zinedine Zidane, reportedly also came to Turkey to have hair on his head again. 

Longevita has also been the choice of celebrities, including Paigey Cakey, Nick Grigg, Simon Searles, and Romeo Larmond. 

Many also want to keep things hush-hush, which is another reason why they choose to come to Turkey. 

Is Hair Transplant 100 Percent Successful?

Longevita has a hair transplant success rate of 98%.

To ensure the best results for our patients, we only work with licensed surgeons who have a proven track record of success. Also, we perform regular audits to ensure patient satisfaction. 

Additionally, we understand how important doctor-patient communication is, especially when it comes to a cosmetic procedure like a hair transplant. 

You can expect an open and transparent relationship with your surgeon, during which they will take the time to understand your needs and preferences.

Based on the size of the donor area, the extent of baldness, and your general health, you will be informed what kind of coverage and density is possible.

Post-op care instructions will be given to you so that your recovery goes smoothly. Your surgeon will follow up regularly as well.

Last but not least, we only operate in registered clinics. In Turkey, the facility is registered with the Ministry of Health, and in the UK, it’s the Care Quality Commission.

That’s how we ensure the success of our patient’s hair transplants. 

Concluding Remarks

Celebrities who have had hair transplants include both males and females, although the surgery’s usually associated with the latter. Wayne Rooney, Elon Musk, Gordon Ramsay, Paigey Cakey, and Rosie Williams are just a few famous examples of it.

Almost every celebrity is under a lot of pressure to look good at all times. This is an unreasonable expectation, but any flaw in their appearance ends up being media fodder. 

This includes having bald spots, which is why celebrity hair transplants are so popular. While some celebs choose to talk about it, others like to keep things more private. 

Regardless, it’s their personal choice. And if something does make you feel better about yourself, why not do it? 

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