Jamie Laing’s Hair Transplant

When you’re the star of a reality TV show that revolves around hardcore partying and socializing, it’s a given that you want to look your best self. You may tell yourself that everything’s okay just the way it is, but if your own friend goes about making fun of your hair loss, that’s got to hurt.

Jamie Laing is famous for his long-term appearance in the reality TV show “Made in Chelsea.” The show gave him his big break, and he became “Jamie Laing” thanks to that show. It was during his time in the show that Jamie Laing hair transplant became a thing.

Although the star Jamie Laing has now quit the show feeling “too old” for it, he is now focusing on his vegan and gluten-free sweet shop “Candy Kittens.” However, that’s not why we’re here. We’re here to talk about Jamie Laing hair transplant journey.

The reason why it’s important to talk about celebrity hair transplants is that they help normalize these surgeries. There are still many people out there who look at hair transplants with disdain of sorts because it isn’t something that’s “natural”.

That’s wrong on so many levels. Also, if we’re here talking about celebrity hair transplants, it doesn’t mean that hair transplants are a luxury that only celebrities can afford. In actuality, hair transplant surgery is quite accessible if you get the surgery done in the right place.

Why Did Jamie Laing Get A Hair Transplant ?

In Made in Chelsea E4, Jamie’s pals Mark Francis and Sophie Hermann commented, “I would definitely start with the hair transplant now before you need a toupee.” Well, ouch. That was harsh, especially if you take into account the fact that the comment was made on a reality TV show.

Classic androgenetic alopecia
Androgenetic alopecia, also known as pattern baldness, is the most common cause of hair loss in men and women

His buddy Francis Boulle also told him that since his then-girlfriend Heloise Agostinelli was only just 19-years old when he was 29, he looked older compared to her because of his hair loss. It must be mortifying to hear that.

While it may be true that his friends were only trying to be honest for Jaime’s good, the delivery might have stricken right on his insecurities about his hair. That might have acted as motivation enough for him to get the surgery then and there. In the Made in Chelsea set in Croatia, he even told his 19-year old girlfriend that he got the hair surgery “for her.”

But it wasn’t then that the star had realized that he needed a hair transplant. In an episode of the “Private Parts” podcast, the reality-TV star said, “My hair issues started, I reckon, when I was about 19, 20…I started to recede, and that’s when you start to, sort of, lose that Jude Law look, but, unfortunately, I wasn’t as good looking as Jude Law, and I was probably a lot shorter…And I wasn’t an A-list Actor. So, I had a lot of things not going for me. For me, I’ve always been worried about my hair.”

So, back in 2018, when he was 29 years old, Jamie Laing’s hair transplant became a reality. How it came to be is an interesting story in itself so let’s talk about that.

Jamie Laing Hair Transplant Journey

On the Private Parts podcast, Jamie Laing said, “My friend decided to go for a hair transplant and I decided to go with him.” So, they went to Nottingham for their transformation. That there is something rather important. Tagging along with a friend while they go for a hair transplant takes a whole lot of courage.

jamie laing before hair transplant
Jamie Laing’s Hair Before Hair Transplant, 2017/Source: jamielaing via Instagram

Getting hair transplant surgery isn’t a spur-of-the-moment decision. It is something that many people take days to weeks to contemplate and then follow the research for a good clinic which can guarantee that it’ll not mess up your head forever. So, there’s a lot to consider.

Things might have been quite different for Jamie Laing because a) he’s a celebrity with a net worth of around $10 million according to CelebrityNetWorth, and, well, that’s it. There are so many celebrity stories revealing that they spend a ridiculous amount of money so much as tens of thousands of dollars on a hair transplant.

Jamie Laing hair transplant cost around £5,000, which sounds quite reasonable compared to some other celebs (*cough* Gordon Ramsay *cough*). Some celebs even have the advantage of getting their surgery for free. Jamie Laing insists, though, that he did pay for the surgery.

However, going with a friend might’ve had something to do with the lower cost of his hair transplant, as the star himself confessed on the Private Parts podcast. “I think we got a little bit of a discount. But we decided to go to the best place ever. We went to Nottingham because apparently, that is the place of hair transplants.”

jamie laing after hair transplant
Jamie Laing’s Hair After Hair Transplant, 2017/Source: jamielaing via Instagram

He could’ve gotten it for even cheaper still by getting this surgery in Turkey. Because of exchange rates and low cost of living, hair transplant cost in Turkey is around £1,700-£2,000.

Details of Jamie’s Hair Transplant

Jaime Laing’s hair transplant surgery went on for eight hours, which the McVitie’s heir wasn’t exactly thrilled about on hearing about it the first time. Being a star, you don’t have the luxury of spending a lot of time hidden from the eye of the camera.

When he asked how long the recovery would take, he was shocked to learn that it would take a whole year for only eight hours of surgery. This is normally the case.

However, depending on the patient, sometimes, it can take more than a year for complete recovery. So, things weren’t exactly going to stay hidden for Jaime Laing, and he never really tried hiding it either. He showed his scalp on Made in Chelsea for the world to see that he had gotten a hair transplant along his hairline, which was receding.

Surprisingly, when he went to the clinic, he was told that he didn’t really need a hair transplant. But he got one anyway. “…as I arrived in the clinic they went, ‘oh let me see’, and as I took my hat off they went, ‘well you don’t really need one’. And I went, ‘well we’re here now so we might as well do it’.”

On Which Zones Did Jamie Laing Hair Transplant Take Place?

You can find that out by comparing his before and after pictures. There are clear photos of him where he’s showing off his scalp freshly after the hair transplant. So, we can even see the area where he got the hair transplant. According to Longevita’s graft calculator, Jaime Laing hair transplant was done in zones 1-2. These areas are frontal areas of the scalp.

Before performing the hair transplant, the surgeon must take the facial features of the patient into consideration. This is so that the results look natural. Moreover, the angle and direction of hair follicles are also important. The hair follicles need to be placed carefully. This is to ensure that they look just like the rest of the hair and not apart from it.

How Many Grafts Did Jamie Laing Have?

When we calculate the number of hair follicles (grafts) he had, we see that he had approximately 1600 grafts. Of course, this number is an estimate, and he might have had fewer or more grafts depending on his case.

Hair transplant grafts
Hair transplant grafts of a patient

Which Hair Transplant Technique Did Jaime Laing Choose to Have?

One of the most popular hair transplant techniques these days is the FUE. Follicular Unit Extraction allows for relatively less prominent scarring with natural-looking results. We assume that Jamie Laing also had an FUE transplant, seeing that his results look quite natural and seamless.

The best part about hair transplant surgery is that it gives you permanent results. Many people don’t know what exactly happens in eight hours of hair surgery, so they’re unaware of the longevity of the results.

FUE hair transplant technique

The ex-contestant of Strictly Come Dancing was also shocked about the irreversibility of the procedure. “I can’t reverse it now. Also, do you want to know the best thing about all this? I didn’t realize this also, when you get the hair transplant at the front that hair never goes.”

“So if you start to recede bald, you’re left with just two bits at the front of your head like two horns. The good thing is it’s non-reversible. You can never ever, it’s not like a tattoo you can get it lasered off you can never change it”. So once you get a hair transplant, your hair’s there to stay.

Was Jaime Laing Hair Transplant A Success?

The Made in Chelsea star definitely had a successful procedure. The surgeon definitely has a huge role to play in that, but the aftercare process is as much important. You need to follow the aftercare instructions that we provide. And closely follow them to ensure the success of the surgery.

jamie laing before and after hair transplant
Source: jamielaing via Instagram

Wrapping It Up

Jamie Laing hair transplant has been confirmed. If you’re struggling with permanent hair loss, you shouldn’t hesitate to get a hair transplant. Of course, getting it is a personal choice. And it is wrong to tell someone publicly that they need it done! If you want to have hair as good as the Made in Chelsea star, book your hair transplant.

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