The Truth Behind Gordon Ramsay Hair Transplant 

Watched by millions around the globe, owner of more than 30 restaurants, and holder of 7 Michelin stars, not many are a stranger to the culinary icon that Gordon Ramsay is. The celebrity chef has a thriving TV career. And when his hair started to thin, the only surgical intervention seemed to offer a permanent solution. Here, we’ll take a look at Gordon Ramsay hair transplant journey. 

The man swears like a trooper, and his savage insults are at a whole another level. Just Google him up, and you’ll find images of his face scrunched up in disgust at some culinary disaster. Hell’s Kitchen, MasterChef, Kitchen Nightmares, and Hotel Hell are just a few of his famous TV programmes. Being a billion-dollar brand isn’t easy, though. You have to look a certain way. 

Not just that, but hair loss can also have negative consequences on the psychological well-being of a person. They may not feel like themselves, feel embarrassed about the way they look and try to hide. Fortunately, sufferers of androgenetic alopecia can permanently restore their hair through hair restoration surgery.

Has Gordon Ramsay Hair Transplant Been Confirmed?

Suspicions were rife after the star chef’s new hairstyle got caught on the camera as he was stepping out of Victoria Beckham’s 40th birthday party in London back in 2014. With his hair brushed on his forehead, the chef supported an undercut.

Gordon Ramsay before and after alleged hair transplant
Gordon Ramsay’s hair in 2010 vs 2017

For all those familiar with the Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) technique, it seemed as if Gordon Ramsay had gotten his donor area shaved for the surgery. Since the donor area is usually on the back or side of the head, the back undercut raised some brows. 

FUE hair transplant technique

However, that wasn’t the first time Gordon Ramsay had people talking about his hair transplant. Back in 2011, he got snapped, leaving a hair transplant clinic in Beverley Hills with his head bandaged. Well, everyone put two and two together after that. That raises the question, do people need to undergo more than one hair transplant surgery in their lifetime?

They might, but that’s not usually the case. As the male pattern baldness progresses, you might continue to lose your hair and experience thinning. You might eventually end up with bald patches despite having hair transplant surgery. In that case, you might consider having another surgery. 

What Kind of Hair Loss Pattern Did Gordon Ramsay Have? 

Now that we’ve established that Gordon Ramsay did have a hair transplant, not once but twice, let’s do some further digging.

gordon ramsay

The celebrity chef’s hairstyle in 2014 had two things to say: 1) the shaven back of the head meant that he had surgery, and 2) the fringe on the forehead meant that the trouble lay in the hairline.

It’s speculated that Gordon Ramsay hair transplant took place along the hairline. He may have been trying to hide the signs of the surgery by draping his hair on his forehead. 

Your hairline can recede drastically if you’re suffering from male pattern baldness. However, it might not just be that. It seems as if Gordon Ramsay might also have been experiencing low hair density on the top of his head.

We cannot say this for sure, though, because of the length of his hair. Since there were long enough, they could have hidden any bald patches underneath. We know that he has fine hair and fine hair looks less dense than thick hair.

What Kind of Gordon Ramsay Hair Transplant Took Place? 

Commonly, people get either FUT or FUE hair transplants. The former referred to as the strip method, takes a strip of hair from the patient’s head. This gets taken to the balding area. In FUE, on the other hand, hair follicles get removed individually as units. Follicular Unit Extraction temporarily leaves tiny red “dots” in the donor region from where grafts get harvested. Some pictures also show these on Gordon Ramsay’s scalp. 

gordon ramsay 2
Gordon Ramsay’s hair in 2017

From that, we can conclude that he had an FUE hair transplant and not FUT. Other than minimal scarring, it also gives natural-looking results. Thus, ensuring satisfactory end results for the patients. Clearly, Gordon Ramsay hair transplant has been a success.

Other than that, he was also photographed with a swollen face around that time. This is another indication of the surgery. Swelling is a common consequence of this surgery. You don’t have to worry about it. It eventually goes away.

With Gordon Ramsay, you’ll also notice that he has regained his youthful looks after getting a hair transplant. Hair loss can give you an old appearance. It can make you “age faster.” By getting your hair back, you regain your inner confidence, which you then also exude in your outward appearance.

Did Gordon Ramsay Do the Right Thing by Getting Hair Transplant? 

Gordon Ramsay wanted to undergo surgery, “While his hair may not have been obviously receding, it had become an issue for him,” as reported in the NZ Herald.

He wouldn’t have wanted the attention diverted elsewhere anyway. On social media, people literally upload images and videos of their foods for Gordon Ramsay to roast. Now, that says something. He does have an image to maintain.

However, as far as the question should or should he not have had the surgery, the answer is that it is entirely up to him. Being a celebrity comes with enormous pressures. It might be easy enough for people to comment on the appearances of different celebs, but words can leave an impact.

It’s strange how we so easily go about pointing out the flaws in the faces of other people and when some do get plastic surgeries, they go about critiquing that too. There’s no winning with some people. This is why you should do what makes you feel happier and more comfortable with yourself. 

Even temporary hair loss can induce immense worry and anxiety. However, then, regrowth is still a possibility. Those who have permanent hair loss can’t see any way out of their situation except for surgery or medications. 

How Much Did Gordon Ramsay Hair Transplant Cost? 

Are you ready to have your jaw dropped? Gordon Ramsay hair transplant cost a whopping £30,000. That’s not a typo. It is actually thirty thousand pounds. Hearing that, you might have given up on the idea of getting hair transplant surgery altogether.

After all, it is simply too expensive. The median household income in the UK is around £30,000. Now, paying this much amount does not mean that you’ll get excellent results from the surgery. This is certainly not the case. The price that Gordon Ramsay reportedly paid for his surgery is absurdly high. Compared to that, the hair transplant cost in Turkey is just £1,700 and that too for very high quality.

We did mention before that Gordon Ramsay most likely had two surgeries to increase his hair density. He might’ve felt unsatisfied with the results of his first surgery hence the second surgery. Or it might just be that he kept losing his hair after the hair transplant making him require another surgery.

Whatever may have been the case, this sounds extremely pricey if you’re paying £30,000 for just one surgery. In some cases, patients need to undergo more than hair restoration surgeries. They just can’t spare £60,000 for this.

Did Gordon Ramsay Have Any Other Surgical Procedures? 

Procedures, yes, but not exactly surgical. Reportedly, Gordon Ramsay had teeth whitening and Botox on the recommendation of Simon Cowell, who’s pretty well-known for dabbling with plastic surgery. Gordon Ramsay isn’t the only one to whom he has advised plastic surgery, though.

gordon ramsay 1
Gordon Ramsay’s hair in 2011

Maintaining good looks may just be a part of being a celebrity. Stars realize that and do many different things to maintain their youthful appearance. Choosing the right surgeon is key. You’ll find many celeb plastic surgery disasters on the internet. So, do your research. 

Concluding Note 

So, we’ve established that Gordon Ramsay did have a hair transplant surgery, FUE at that. However, he did pay an absurd amount for it, a whopping £30,000.

Reviewed and Approved by Dr. Cagla Yuksel.

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