Lewis Hamilton Hair Transplant

The current titleholder of the F1 World Drivers’ Champion, Lewis Hamilton, is no stranger to putting on a masterclass on the race tracks. Clinching the 94th victory of his career, the F1 Mercedes racer, recently won his seventh Formula One world championship title at the Turkish Grand Prix.

He lives in the limelight. Everything he does is talked about, sometimes even those things that he doesn’t explicitly talk about. We’re talking about Lewis Hamilton’s hair transplant, of course! The British ace’s dramatic hairline transformation is not all about good shampoos and hair conditioners.

The record of Lewis Hamilton’s world championship titles ties with Michael Schumacher himself regarded as one of the greatest drivers of all time. He was only eight years old when he entered the world of racing. And he became the first Black driver to win the 2008 Formula One Drivers’ title. So, now that we have our history; let’s look at the present. 

Some celebrities are quite open about their hair transplant surgeries while others choose not to talk about it. Lewis Hamilton’s hair transplant might belong to the latter category. There’s no doubt that the Formula One racer is a style icon. He’s not the one to shy away from some experimentation with his hairstyles. We’ve seen him with close-cut, cornrows, and a scruffy look. 

But it was only some time ago that the world took notice of Lewis Hamilton’s receding hairline. Now, he usually flaunts his gorgeous Afro hair on his social media. Moreover, we, usually, see him wearing neatly plaited braids without even the slightest hint of hair loss. It can make one wonder what actually happened. Can you really stop losing your hair if you switch to good quality hair products like Lewis Hamilton says he did? Let’s explore it all together.

Did Lewis Hamilton Get A Hair Transplant?

Lewis Hamilton’s hair transplant is very much a real thing, at least according to experts. There has been a significant change in his hairline. Moreover, the density of his hair has also improved.

Still, there has been no confirmation by the sports star of a possible hair transplant surgery. It’s his choice, of course. Some celebrities share their hair transplant journeys. This may also inspire others to get a hair transplant and not suffer anymore, emotionally and physically, because of their hair loss

lewis hamilton hairtransplant
Lewis Hamilton’s hair in 2022

Lewis Hamilton, in an Instagram video, said that the reason behind his good hair days is none other than good care. So, he hasn’t said anything about having a hair transplant surgery to grow his hair back. Although the thing is that the way his hair has grown is not really possible if only good shampoos or conditioners are used. As thinning and/or hair loss continue to take place, there’s really no chance of reversing the process. 

Drugs like minoxidil and finasteride can help, but they have to be used daily and are simply too much of a hassle to deal with on a day-to-day basis if you’re a really busy person. Anyway, it hasn’t been confirmed. So, we’ll just say that there’s a very high possibility that he had a hair transplant. He may have his personal reasons for not going public about the “Lewis Hamilton hair transplant.”

How Can You See the Proof of Lewis Hamilton Hair Transplant Yourself?

If you take a look at his old pictures and compare them with his current ones, you’ll clearly see the receding hairline. His decision to keep his hair short also seems tactical. Thinning hair is hard to grow, so Lewis was doing the best he could.

lewis hamilton's hair before alleged hair transplant
Lewis Hamilton’s hair in 2011

After some time, we see him with better hair. This transformation is not possible with hair loss products. If you look at his photos now, he has a more definite, full hairline, which indicates a hair transplant. 

Lewis Hamiltons hair after alleged hair transplant
Lewis Hamiltons’s hair in 2020

Why Was Lewis Hamilton Losing His Hair? 

There are so many things that can cause you to lose your hair. Lewis Hamilton’s hair transplant was talked about as much as his hair loss. He might have been aware of the scrutiny. So many times, Lewis Hamilton was spotted wearing snapbacks.

lewis hamilton wearing a hat

And while they did their part to promote the Mercedes, they also helped the racer hide his hair. More often than not, he was seen wearing caps. This raised the suspicion of others that he wasn’t just trying to hide his helmet hair either.

To begin with, wearing a helmet could be one reason why he was losing his hair. A connection between hair loss and helmet-wearing has not been conclusively proven. However, there’s one way that it can contribute to hair loss. Seeing that he is a professional sportsman, who has to wear a helmet often if proper hygiene isn’t maintained, his scalp health will deteriorate.

What this means is that sweat and dirt accumulate on the scalp from prolonged helmet-wearing. This creates the perfect conditions for bacteria and fungi to start growing. Itchiness, scalp infections, and hair loss follow.

The worst part is that not only does it affect the growth of existing hair but also that of new hair causing overall thinning. Other reasons for his hair loss could be the stresses from his professional life or genetic male pattern baldnessThese can explain the Lewis Hamilton hair transplant.

What Does Lewis Hamilton Say About His Hair Loss? 

In a video on Instagram, the F1 racer said, “If in hotels, would use their bad products but never shampooed and conditioned, my hair started to deteriorate and thin out.” So, according to Lewis Hamilton, the reason why he lost his hair was that he used to wash his hair with hotel bath soaps. Worse yet, he used to wash his hair three times a day! This would, of course, make his hair super dry, which would also cause hair loss. 

Lewis Hamilton hair before and after
Lewis Hamilton’s hair in 2013 vs 2022

It’s true that hotel shampoos and conditioners are barely nourishing. They might make your hair smell great, though. That’s only a secondary concern. Shampoos and conditioners are supposed to provide some nutrients to your hair and clean your scalp. But they rarely, if ever, have the power to grow back hair in regions that have undergone permanent hair loss. No matter how expensive or high-end the hair products you buy are, they most likely won’t help you. 

However, he is very right in saying that many hair products can be really bad for you, and you have to do your research when you’re going to go out there and look for them. For that, make sure to read the ingredients on the back of the shampoo and conditioner bottles.

The more aware you are, the better it will be for you. He said, “Being educated about it was really something that I’d been missing my whole life. So parents, be sure to help your kids know how to take care of their hair.” Anyway, Lewis has taken help from a specialist to improve the condition of his hair. 

What Type is Lewis Hamilton Hair Transplant? 

Lewis Hamilton has Afro hair, which would make him more suitable for an Afro hair transplant. The tricky thing about this hair transplant surgery is that it is not the same as other traditional hair transplant techniques.

Afro hair transplant falls under the category of FUE hair transplants. In this regard, hair follicles are taken from the backside of the head and transplanted in bald regions. 

FUE hair transplant technique

If the surgeon isn’t experienced or skilled enough, the results are going to be very bad. This kind of hair transplant needs special care from the surgeon. The roots are also curly in Afro hair, which requires a unique technique for successful removal. All we can say is that Lewis Hamilton found himself a great surgeon for the procedure as his hair looks phenomenal. 

Clearly, he had done his research before getting hair transplant surgery. It’s not just about spending a large sum of money. You can do just that and still end up with bad results. This is why you need to take proper care in the research phase. Only that way will you find yourself a good surgeon. 

Concluding Remarks 

Lewis Hamilton is a sensation. He is one of the most famous sportsmen because of his extraordinary skills. It’s because he’s always under so much spotlight that his receding hairline got so much notice. It may be that the sports star realised that or felt uncomfortable with the idea of losing his hair.

Anyway, the F1 seven-time champion has said that it was due to hotel bath soaps that he was losing his hair, and it’s through taking care of himself that he has grown them back while taking help from a specialist. But if we take a look at his old photos, Lewis Hamilton’s hair transplant looks as clear as day.

Reviewed and Approved by Dr. Cagla Yuksel.

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