The Secret Behind Wayne Rooney Hair Transplant

Hair is undoubtedly one of the most noticeable features in a man, especially if you are a public figure, such as an actor, influencer, or football player. Looks are imperative for your career in any field. Attractive faces always draw more people. In today’s world, plastic surgeries and hair transplants are becoming increasingly common.

A lot of celebrities undergo cosmetic surgeries to maintain their physical appearance. One famous example is Wayne Rooney hair transplant. However, it is a false conception that mainly women undergo these cosmetic procedures. Men equally require them, and it is high time that we normalize plastic surgeries and hair transplants for men.

Wayne Rooney confidently spoke about his hair insecurities in mainstream media and opted for a hair transplant after suffering from severe hair fall amidst his career’s peak. But what is it successful? How did it go? If you want to know more about his famous hair transplant, keep reading!

Who is Wayne Rooney?

wayne rooney 3
Wayne Rooney, 2012

Wayne Mark Rooney is an English football manager and former player, currently serving Championship club Derby County F.C. Without a doubt, he is one of his generation’s best players. And he was the leading goalscorer for both England National Team and Manchester United. 

Rooney started his career with the Everton youth team. He then moved to Machester United in 2004. He soon became their top goalscorer with 253 goals in all competitions and 183 Premier League goals. 

Rooney made his international debut for England in 2003 and became their youngest goalscorer of all time. He won many prestigious awards throughout his career, including the England Player of The Year award four times and the Premier League Player of the Month award five times. 

Wayne Rooney’s Receding Hairline

wayne rooney 2
Wayne Rooney, 2009

He was a renowned football player. Thousands of people worldwide, especially football enthusiasts, loved and watched Wayne Rooney closely. His receding hairline was a topic of conversation amongst many during his matches. 

Wayne Roney’s hair loss symptoms started becoming visible with his every match, back in the days of Premier League, 2011. The footballer’s hair started thinning out, and bald patches began to appear. It was soon visible that he is suffering from androgenic alopecia.

Androgenic alopecia is a genetic hair loss condition. Its main character is a receding hairline in men in the frontal area and around temples in the late teenage years. If one does not get it treated properly, there are chances of going bald by 40 or 50.

It was in 2011, at the age of 25, when Rooney had his first hair transplant procedure. He confirmed it to his followers by tweeting about it. He mentioned that he is quite satisfied and happy with his hair transplant results.

In 2013, he had another surgery to increase his hair density and have a full set of hair again. It is quite normal to have more than one surgery if the bald area is rather big. His surgeon suggested that he would have better results if he has two separate surgeries. Wayne Rooney hair transplant allegedly cost £30K in total.

Behind The Scenes of Wayne Rooney Hair Transplant Journey

Wayne Rooney had an FUE hair transplant surgery. The Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) technique was very suitable for his hair loss pattern. FUE Hair transplant technique allows the surgeons to extract up to 4500-5000 grafts during one session of hair transplant surgery.

It is a very straightforward process. As the first step, the surgeon extracts the hair from the backside of the patient’s head. Then the hair is transplanted into the front, where the baldness is. The surgeon extracts the grafts individually with this technique. Another step of this surgery is to open little cuts on the bald part to insert the grafts.

In Wayne Rooney hair transplant, the bald areas were mainly his hairline, along with the top part of his head where he had less density. The first part was, surely, to decide on his new hairline and the areas where the new hair will be implanted. It’s rumoured that Wayne Rooney had 1300 grafts on his first hair transplant session to cover his baldness.

During the Wayne Rooney hair transplant surgery, the surgeon injected local anaesthesia into his head to numb the pain. They extracted his healthy grafts from the donor area and transplanted them back to his bald patches. His surgeon also made little cuts on his skin during the surgery to insert the extracted hair. However, Rooney hadn’t felt any pain due to the local anaesthesia.

In addition to his hair transplant surgery, Rooney’s surgeon also recommended he use some hair restoration pills. They would support his recovery and stop his own hair from falling.

The Aftermath of Hair Transplant for Football Players

wayne rooney 4
Wayne Rooney, 2016

With any cosmetic surgery, comes its implications. Surely, Wayne Rooney had to follow the aftercare instructions after his hair transplant surgery. Following these post-operative warnings ensures a speedy recovery and good results. 

The nurse explained to Rooney all the necessary precautions he will have to take. The first seven days after the surgery are highly critical and need intense care for the grafts’ settlement. Rooney had to wash his head with the given shampoo and lotion to keep it clean.

He was not allowed to cover his head for some time, and he had to take his medications to prevent hair transplant infection. In addition to this, Rooney had to avoid all kinds of physical activity for 3 months, which certainly meant he could not take part in any football practices or matches. 

There is a risk of infections in such medical procedures. Therefore patients have to follow specific steps after the surgery. For footballers, going under a hair transplant surgery means no football for a minimum of three to five months as they can not afford to hit a ball with their head. Hence, Rooney also had to take a break from football.

However, experts say that Wayne Rooney hair transplant completely changed his life. He had a new head full of hair, and the confidence this gave him was incomparable. He could finally picture himself on the ground, playing like a boss without worrying about his hair or shying away from the camera.

Was Wayne Rooney Hair Transplant Successful?

wayne rooney
Wayne Rooney, 2019

As one of the most famous hair transplant recipients, people were eager to know if this surgery worked for Wayne Rooney. In 2011, he shared a tweet about his hair transplant for the first time. He said that he is very happy with the results. Then in 2013, he underwent another surgery to solve his problem of hair loss permanently. He was always inquired about his hair problem by the media and fans. It’s no doubt that he was feeling self-conscious about his hair.

However, while training for Derby County, the media spotted Wayne Rooney sporting a bushy beard and thin hairline recently. Experts claim that he has been using hair sprays and fibres to restore his hairline and cover up the bald patches despite spending as much as £30k on his hair transplant procedures. His baldness was very visible in the daylight.

Some claim that Rooney’s hair problem has not yet been solved, and there are chances that he may require a third transplant. Some people might be suitable for a third hair transplant, depending on how many grafts were taken during the first two procedures. The extracted hair grows on another part of the head so, naturally, the donor site becomes less dense. If the density on the backside of the patient’s head became low, they might not be suitable for another hair transplant surgery.

Hair transplant success depends on many factors. Hairloss pattern, hair type, age, immune system and chronic diseases play an important role in a successful hair transplant. Wayne Rooney’s hair is pretty thin, so this might be a reason for him to still look bald after 2 hair transplant sessions. He is also clearly losing his own hair over time, which is causing his hair to lose its density.

Concluding Remarks

Rooney may have to live with what hair is left on his head. Hair loss is genetic, and one can’t do much about it. No one can determine precisely how successful was Wayne Rooney hair transplant surgeries except himself. Surely, cosmetic surgeries turn the clock back and can provide amazing results for some. But, there are only limited things to do if you are continuously losing your hair due to your genetics.

Cosmetic surgery and hair transplants are not easy things to perform. Not every clinic or doctor is equipped to achieve good results, even if they claim to. You can not randomly go to a clinic and get your procedure done without any proper research.

A poorly performed medical procedure can have severe traumatic and harmful effects on a patient. The operated body part can even get permanently damaged in a worst-case scenario. Hence, it is essential to select a trusted and experienced surgeon for your private medical procedure. 

Reviewed and Approved by Trichologist Yaprak Yazan

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