Can Climate Change Cause Hair Loss?

can climate change cause hair loss

Climate change is visibly changing our world. From unprecedented global warming to severe storms, droughts, and increasing health risks, it affects everyone and everything. But does that include the hair …

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Rice Water for Hair Growth: All You Need to Know

It’s hard not to come across a beauty trend if you’re spending your time on social media. Even though some are bizarrely new, others kind of get a reboot. Rice water for hair growth belongs to the latter category. It’s been around for more than a thousand years.

The history of this concoction dates back to the Heian Period (794-1185) of Japan, where the ladies of the court grew long, beautiful hair using rice water, according to a study published in the International Journal of Cosmetic Science. It was called the Yu-Su-Ru – the water obtained from washing the rice.  

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Andros Townsend Hair Transplant: Did It Actually Happen?

When your net worth is in millions, and you are the face of multi-billion dollar industries, you’re bound to get a little self-conscious about your appearance. Not to forget that your zoomed-in camera shots are being plastered on TV screens around the globe, where people notice even the smallest things. That’s what prompts many stars to get procedures done. Andros Townsend hair transplant may have taken place for that very reason. 

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How To Clean Your Hair Brushes

how to clean your hair brushes

When was the last time you took a long, hard look at your hairbrush and realised that it has some hygiene issues? For some people, the answer may be never. However, how about you get up and really look at the bottom of the bristles of your hairbrush. Because that’s where the real problem lies. The innocent-looking grey lint in a snug circular hold is what constitutes a “dirty brush.” And it’s not just the ick factor that prompts people to Google “how to clean your hair brushes,” this linty gunk is actually harmful to your scalp health. Let’s find out how.

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World’s Best Hair: Steve Carell Hair Transplant

It’s hard not to swoon at the sight of the silver fox that Steve Carell has become. Thinking back, it probably had something to do with that good peanut butter massage that Michael got from Dwight. Or, as memers say, he was such a good boss that his hair just grew back out of respect for him. Which one was it? We’ll never really know. But let’s deep dive into another conspiracy theory about his hair: Steve Carell hair transplant.

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The Not-So-Secret Shaqiri Hair Transplant

One tweet by a football journalist and Xherdan Shaqiri’s hair was making headlines after he’d said his goodbyes to the Reds. It was the Shaqiri hair transplant that also captured the attention of the Kopites back in 2019 (when the world was still covid-free). The timing was certainly off. That’s because right around that time, the Liverpool club had ruled him out due to a calf injury. Coincidence? We think not! And we can’t keep quiet about it.

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Exploring the History of Hair Transplant

history of hair transplant

The history of hair is littered with the accounts of balding legends from Socrates, and Julius Cesar to Charles Darwin, Winston Churchill and Elon Musk. The point is being rich and famous doesn’t mean that you cannot go bald.

And so, the quest for the ultimate cure started long before. You may thank the heavens for not having applied bird faeces on your scalp to “cure” baldness. Then there were the infamous snake oil charlatans. So, knowing the hair transplant history will make you appreciate it a little more.

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