Did Tom Brady Get A Hair Transplant?

Tom Brady’s got a lot going for him – he’s the GOAT quarterback, has a billion-dollar brand, won a record 7 Super Bowl titles, and, of course, his hair. Much like Beckham, Tom’s hair is the stuff of dreams. But because of that very reason, some people suspect foul play.

While much of the recent spotlight’s been on Tom’s face looking quite different, his hair hasn’t exactly flown under the radar either. But these rumours aren’t anything new. Since 2010 and before, there have been reports of Tom Brady hair transplant. However, the truth might surprise you.

Who Is Tom Brady?

Tom Brady is only the most celebrated quarterback of all time. Those who’ve watched him play would think he’d be an obvious pick for the team, but Tom’s story is one of the greatest underdog stories in sports.

Tom Brady

Starting out with the Michigan Wolverines, there was a lot that Tom was lacking. While speed hasn’t really been his thing anyway, in his 2,000 NFL Combine, he ran the 40-yard dash in 5.28 seconds – which is extremely slow.

A few other biggies on the report were “not athletic” and “weak arm.” There’s a rather (in)famous picture of him from that time where Brady looks rather unassuming.

No wonder Brady was the Patriots’ 199th pick in the 6th round – overall, he was the 7th quarterback. But even after that, he didn’t get to jump right into action as he spent a lot of the time being benched.

Drew Bledsoe’s injury in 2001 finally gave him an in against the Jets (and professional football, in general). From then on, the Brady magic started, starting with his Super Bowl XXXVI win against the Rams in 2002. Tom was also named the Super Bowl MVP that year.

Other victories followed in 2004, 2005, 2015, 2017, 2019 and finally 2021 – a championship record held by no other player. There are many other records to his name – most games won, career touchdown passes, career passing attempts, playoff wins, etc., as reported by ESPN. He retired from the sport in February 2023 at the age of 45.

How Many Hair Transplants Has Tom Brady Had?

From the looks of it, Tom Brady hasn’t had any kind of hair transplant surgery. In 2010, National Enquirer had reported Brady visiting a hair transplant clinic, but he hadn’t shown any signs of hair loss before that. If anything, he just grew it out longer.

Tom Bradys hair in 2010
Tom Brady’s long hair in 2010

Over the years, his hairline has looked much the same without showing any signs of thinning or recession. Sure, in pictures, where his hair is all slick with sweat, his scalp shows through a little, but that’s got nothing to do with him balding.

Tom Brady's hair before and after
Tom Brady’s hair in 2018 vs 2023

Although pattern baldness affects a lot of men (and women), not every man loses hair because of it. If this were the case with Brady, his temple peaks would’ve noticeably receded, and the frontal and crown areas of the scalp would’ve also thinned out. But there’s simply no evidence of a hair transplant of Tom Brady happening.

Tom Brady’s Hair Before And After

While Tom’s hairstyles have certainly evolved for the better over the years, his hairline looks much the same and so does the density of his hair. Here’s a look at his before and after photo.

Tom Brady's hair before and after
Tom Brady’s hair in 2005 vs 2017. While his hair’s a bit shorter on the right, the curves of his hairline and temple peaks are much the same.

Why Does Tom Brady’s Hairline Look Different?

In some places, Tom Brady’s hairline looks quite straight, even though, naturally, it has an “M” shape with curves at the temples. This could simply be due to the length of the hair.

While he’s sported a buzzcut at times, at others, he’s also grown his hair out long enough to have a ponytail. But when it’s grown out long, he kind of styles his hair in a way that the sides are covered, and that makes it even with the front of the hairline.


So, did Tom Brady have a hair transplant? Seems nothing more than a rumour. While his hairstyles had a bit of a bumpy start, they definitely got better (with a few exceptions) over the year. But they’re unlikely to have been the result of a hair transplant.

There is a natural density and thickness to Tom’s hair. His forehead is a bit wide, so at certain angles, it may look like his hairline is marching back, but that doesn’t seem to be happening on a closer look.

Still, there’s a list of other celebrity hair transplants that you can draw inspiration from if you’re thinking of getting this surgery yourself. Of course, make sure to talk to a medical professional about it first for a proper diagnosis of your hair loss.

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