Ranbir Kapoor Hair Transplant

Having cemented himself as one of the greats of Bollywood, Ranbir Kapoor is a force to be reckoned with at the box office. Some even believe him to be the successor to the throne of the Bollywood King – currently held by none other than Shah Rukh Khan. But we digress because it’s not Ranbir’s star power but, in fact, his hair that we want to talk about here.

In a similar fashion to his career, his hair, which, in some instances, has been rumoured to not even be his own, has gone through many ups and downs. It’s been widely rumoured that Ranbir Kapoor has worn wigs and even put on hair fibres before and after alleged hair transplantation surgeries. A closer look at Ranbir’s hairline has often left people questioning what’s happening with it. So, let’s find out how much truth there is to Ranbir Kapoor’s hair transplant rumours.

Who Is Ranbir Kapoor?

Born on 28 September 1982, Ranbir Kapoor is an Indian actor who belongs to one of the illustrious legacy families of Bollywood – The Kapoors. He’s the son of Rishi Kapoor and Neetu Singh – both very well-known and established actors – and the grandson of Raj Kapoor, a man often considered synonymous with Hindi cinema itself. While that has often tagged him as one of the “nepo babies” of the industry, his sheer talent has only helped him continue in the footsteps of his ancestors.

Ranbir made his debut alongside Sonam Kapoor – the daughter of Anil Kapoor – in the film Saawariya in 2007, and while the film was considered a “flop,” Ranbir himself was quite successful in making an impression on the industry. His subsequent film, Bachna Ae Haseeno, was able to generate far more buzz and even had him in the running for many awards.

That got things up and running for him until, eventually, Rajneeti came along next, boosting Ranbir to immense fame. Of course, it was further helped by his performances in Rockstar, which won him his first Filmfare Award for Best Actor, and Barfi, helping him bag his second Filmfare. While there have been moments of lull in his career, his recent role in the movie Animal has arguably catapulted him to a superstar status in the industry.

What Did Ranbir Kapoor Do To His Hair?

There have been many speculations about Ranbir Kapoor’s hairpiece and/or the use of hair fibres (like Toppik) to hide the recession of his hairline. At the same time, it’s also been rumoured that he’s had a transplantation surgery. Let’s take a closer look at both these allegations.

Does Ranbir Kapoor Wear A Wig?

At times, the density of Ranbir Kapoor’s frontal hairline has varied in a way that might make it seem like he’s either wearing a wig or throwing on some fibres. Here’s a look at Ranbir’s hairline from 2009. In the photo on the right, the density of his hair at the top and the overall straightness of his hairline almost make it look like he’s wearing a wig.

Even in some of his films, his hairline looks unnaturally drawn and straight, which has only further fuelled rumours of Ranbir Kapoor’s “fake” hair. And they’re not just a thing of the past. In 2022, Koimoi reported certain comments made about the actor’s very dishevelled-looking hair at an airport, which many believed was the result of a wig.

Ranbir Kapoor's hair in 2010
Ranbir Kapoor’s long hair in 2010/Image credit: Bollywood HungamaKatrina and Ranbir at the Raajneeti press conferenceCC BY 3.0

Does Ranbir Kapoor Have A Hair Transplant?

Some allege that Ranbir Kapoor had a hair transplant before he joined Bollywood, although there are others who believe that he had a hair transplant sometime during his film career.

What should be noted is that the overall shape of Ranbir’s hairline has remained more or less the same (at least since his debut). The only thing that has fluctuated is the overall density. So, it might be possible that he had a hair transplant before he officially became a part of Bollywood.

Since the results of a hair transplant are permanent, the hairline would’ve remained intact. But assuming Ranbir Kapoor’s hair loss is a result of pattern baldness or androgenetic alopecia, it could’ve progressed, resulting in the loss of non-transplanted hair. That, in turn, would’ve reduced the overall density of his hair.

An especially noticeable example was at a Tag Huer event in 2017 when both the outline of Ranbir’s hairline and scalp could be seen due to the overall thinning. Under certain lighting conditions, it might look especially bad, but then, in the same year, his hair looked much the same otherwise.

Ranbir Kapoors hair in 2017
Ranbir Kapoor’s hair in 2017/Image credit: Bollywood HungamaRanbir Kapoor promoting Jagga JasoosCC BY 3.0

It’s possible he had a second hair transplant in the following years as his hair looks dense enough now. In any case, Ranbir himself hasn’t said anything about it.

Ranbir Kapoors hair in 2023
Ranbir Kapoor’s hair in 2023/Image credit: Bollywood Hungama, Ranbir Kapoor at the special screening of his film Animal (cropped)CC BY 3.0

Ranbir Kapoor Hair Transplant Before And After

Here’s a look at Ranbir Kapoor’s hair over the years. Notice how the overall shape of his hairline has remained much the same, but the density (the number of hairs he has) has changed.


Considering how there are hardly, if any, pictures of Ranbir Kapoor before a hair transplant (alleged, of course), it’s hard to say when or if the actor even had the surgery.

It’s possible that he had a procedure before stepping into the limelight (his certainly isn’t the first of many other celebrity hair transplants). Since then, he has been spotted with thinning hair, however, it then changes quite quickly, which might possibly be because of a hair piece or hair fibres.

In any case, if you’re considering a hair transplant in Turkey (or anywhere else), make sure to consult an experienced and qualified medical professional to get a diagnosis for the underlying cause of hair loss. They will then prepare a suitable treatment plan for you accordingly.

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