Stuart Broad’s Hair Transplant

If you had to put a face of the English pace attack, Stuart Broad inevitably stands shoulder to shoulder with, or perhaps just a step behind, James Anderson – at least on paper. But, arguably, there’s no holding a candle to Broad’s mind games and fiery rippers in the Ashes.

As his balls would swing their way to the stumps, spectators couldn’t help but also marvel at his luscious locks held tightly behind a headband – those very locks which are rumoured to be the result of not just one but two hair transplants.

Looking at his photos, there’s no denying that had there not been some kind of an “intervention,” Stuart Broad’s hair would’ve gone on a much different trajectory. So, are Stuart Broad’s hair transplant rumours true? Let’s find out!

Who Is Stuart Broad?

Born on 24 June 1986 in Nottingham, Stuart Christopher John Broad is a now-retired English pacer who played for all three formats of the games, namely ODI, T20 and Test. In particular, however, it was Test cricket where Stuart’s created many records. In the 167 matches he played for the team, Broad took 604 wickets, making him the second-highest wicket-taker (the first being James Anderson) in the history of English Test cricket.

Stuart Broad

His record in ODIs and T20s was relatively much less remarkable, but he more than made up for it with how he revelled in the Ashes, where he holds the record of being the third-highest wicket-taker (153) of both Australia and England for the time he played from 2009 to 2023.

Broad also captained a few T20 and ODIs, however, eventually when there were talks of him being named the captain of the Test squad in 2022, he didn’t express as much desire for the title. He continued playing as a fast bowler and then announced his (shock) retirement from all formats after the fifth test of the Ashes series in 2023.

Did Stuart Broad Have A Hair Transplant?

Stuart Broad is alleged to have had two hair transplants: one in 2014 and then another one in 2020. Both times, Broad was seen sporting a freshly shaven buzzcut, which was then tied to a hair transplant.

Back in 2013, when he was around 27 years old, Stuart Broad had quite an uneven hairline and it was also receding a bit at the edges.

In 2014, however, some eagle-eyed fans noticed that Broad’s hairline had become much straighter and in interviews, when his close-ups could be seen, one could almost notice the freshly transplanted grafts on the front of his scalp.

Stuart Broad hair before and after
Stuart Broad’s hairline in 2013 vs 2014/Image credit (R) – Brian Minkoff-London PixelsStuart broad, Cropped by Longevita, CC BY-SA 3.0

In 2020, Broad’s hair again caught the attention of the media. In December 2020, he had a buzzcut, with even a fellow pacer, Jofra Archer, commenting “what a lid” on Broad’s new thatch. We can’t say if that was some sort of a veiled reference to Broad’s second (alleged) hair transplant.

But on the buzzcut, there were many on social media who believed a hair transplant was in the works. Some even said that he was trying to hide it with his headband although Broad himself said that he had it on to keep the sweat away from his face.

Stuart Broads hair 2022
Stuart Broad’s hair looks notably dense in 2022

By that time, it didn’t look like Broad was experiencing extensive hair loss. However, he might have had a second hair transplant to improve the overall density of his hair. Because keep in mind that a hair transplant doesn’t cure baldness. You can still lose your non-transplanted hair with the progression of the alopecia.

Why Did Stuart Broad Lose His Hair?

Stuart Broad’s hair loss could possibly have been due to androgenetic alopecia or pattern baldness. It is the most common kind of hair loss, affecting both men and women.

Classic androgenetic alopecia

This condition is a result of both genetics and hormones. Dihydrotestosterone, which is a byproduct of testosterone, miniaturises the follicles of the hair, eventually leading to baldness.

Hair miniaturization from DHT

It progresses in a distinct pattern, which is why it’s referred to as patterned hair loss. You might notice an “M-shaped” recession of the hairline and thinning of the hair at the front. Moreover, you can also experience hair loss in the crown area of the scalp.

But keep in mind there can be many other causes of hair loss, so make sure to consult a board-certified doctor for an accurate diagnosis and treatment plan.

Stuart Broad Before And After Hair Transplant

Here’s a closer look at Stuart Broad’s hair over the years. While his hairline didn’t have a distinct outline before, it eventually became much straighter.

Stuart Broad before and after alleged hair transplants
Stuart Broad’s short hair in 2013 vs Stuart Broad’s long hair in 2022

When Did Stuart Broad Have A Hair Transplant?

It’s believed that Stuart Broad’s hair treatment was done in 2014 and then again in 2020. It’s not unusual for people to undergo two hair transplants. While the transplant itself gives permanent results, the “untransplanted” hair can still fall off due to the progression of the existing androgenetic alopecia.

Hair follicles

Since it can make the hair look less dense, a person can consider getting another transplantation surgery, provided they have enough hair in the “donor area” at the back of their head. Stuart Broad’s hair loss wasn’t too extensive to begin with (he might’ve needed around 2,500-3,000 grafts total), so it might not have been too overwhelming for his donor area.


So, has Stuart Broad had a hair transplant? A closer look at his photos does make it look like the bowler had surgery. He himself hasn’t said anything about it, so, of course, it’s all just speculation.

In the UK, this surgery can cost around £6,000 on average (and the prices can also go as high as £30,000). Celebrity hair transplantation clinics can charge a premium per graft, so the surgery can be exorbitantly expensive. For a more affordable alternative, you can consider a hair transplant in Turkey, where the surgery is priced at £1,500 to £2,000, on average.

But before anything, if you’re losing your hair, make sure to consult a qualified medical professional. They’ll prepare a suitable and effective treatment plan for you based on your needs.

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