The Regrowth Stages After A Hair Transplant

The Regrowth Stages After A Hair Transplant

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For those with permanent hair loss, a hair transplant can be a valuable way to not only promote hair growth once more but give you back some well-deserved confidence. Both men and women can suffer hair loss, but thankfully improvements in transplantation methods have made the entire process not only simpler but more accessible.

FUE – or Follicular Unit Extraction – offers patients a follicle-by-follicle extraction and implantation system that crafts a natural look as their hair begins to grow again and here, we’re taking a look at exactly what you’ll see during the re-growth stages of a hair transplant.

The First Telogen

You may be surprised to know that the first stage of growth after a hair transplant is actually for the hairs to shed. When transplanting a follicle, the surgeon will be moving short hairs from one part of your scalp to the balding or thinning section. The shedding is usually due to the stress that each follicle will go under when extracted and re-placed, but also makes way for new, healthy hair growth. This stage typically lasts up to two weeks dependant on your personal speed of hair growth. However, you may experience the Telogen stage for up to four months in some cases before the hair begins to grow properly.


Anagen, more commonly known as the growth stage, is when you’ll begin to see the new hairs beginning to grow and is also the point at which your surgeon can more effectively determine whether further grafts may be needed. As the follicles leave the Telogen stage, they’ll begin to produce hair and grow at a rate typical for average hair growth. Everyone’s hair grows at different rates, but the average level of growth can be up to half an inch or so per month. This stage will last anything from 2-6 years which differs from hair to hair.


Catagen is the point where hair will essentially stop growing. The follicles reach a standstill, becoming effectively dormant for some time but you’re unlikely to experience any hair loss in this stage. However, it only actually lasts for around 2 weeks or so before it moves onto the final stage.

The Second Telogen

Unlike the first Telogen phase, the second will last around 3-4 months depending on your hair follicles and how quickly they work. This is a period in which you will experience some shedding, but don’t worry – it’s not going to be noticeable! Instead, you’ll find that only a small amount of your hair will ever be at this stage, with the others all either growing or in the Catagen stage at any time. This will then lead to the Exogen phase of hair growth, which is defined as an extension of the telogen phase. This is where old hair will shed and new hair will simultaneously begin to grow, therefore triggering the next Anagen phase in the cycle.

Hair transplants can provide confidence to those currently experiencing advanced levels of permanent hair loss and techniques such as FUE even require minimal downtime. While you won’t see results immediately, the 18 months after your procedure will begin to show just how your hair will look while it grows.

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