The Best Hair Loss Treatment For Men

The Best Hair Loss Treatment For Men

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It is inevitable for most of the men to face hair loss at certain periods of their lives. It is a disappointing, even a frustrating experience for many of them. That is why men start looking for lasting solutions to their hair loss sooner or later. So, what is the best hair loss treatment for men?

When it comes to hair loss treatment for men, they are bombarded with many options. However, the options that actually work are so few. As a matter of fact, there are only three real options that fight hair loss. Two of the options are the ones called Rogaine, which is a topical rogaine and Propecia, which includes finasteride. These are the only medications approved by the FDA to be used for the treatment of hair loss. The downside of both Rogaine and Propecia is that they may work to slow hair loss to some degree, but they do not facilitate new hair growth for a great majority of people. In order for their effectiveness to go on, treatment with Propecia and Rogaine need to be continued; otherwise, results may not be maintained. It should also be mentioned that neither of them is proven to restore hair on the frontal areas of the head. Moreover, such drugs used to slow balding process have some, in many cases serious, side effects. Decrease in sex drive and erectile dysfunction are the most common side effects experienced by those using Propecia. As with Rogaine, itching and redness are widely experienced.

Hair loss can permanently be treated only with a hair transplant procedure in Turkey. Therefore, it can be said that a hair transplant is the best hair loss treatment for men. Unlike Propecia and Rogaine which can only slow or stop hair loss, hair transplant procedure can restore hair that was long gone. Moreover, with the advanced techniques, hair transplant procedures now produce such natural results that one will look as if he has never lost his hair. Request a free call now. Whatsapp