What if My Treatment Plan Changes on Surgery Day?

What if My Treatment Plan Changes on Surgery Day?

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A treatment plan can be established at an initial consultation and will outline what is achievable with a hair transplant package. It will also give the patient an idea of what they will look like after their hair transplant, which is why when things don’t go quite to plan, patients start to worry. It is really quite common for the treatment plan to change slightly on the day of the surgery and this is no real cause for concern.

All hair transplant treatments depend on the degree of hair loss as well as the hair type. This is evaluated at an initial consultation, however, if it is the case that a patient cannot attend an in-person consultation and opt to speak to the medical team over the phone, we will request that images are sent of the front, back, top and sides of the head. This will enable us to determine the degree of hair loss and put a treatment plan in place, which will then impact the price and availability of hair transplant packages. This includes FUE hair transplant as well as FUT hair transplant.

Our guide looks at why hair transplants change on the day of surgery and what you can do to keep everything on track. We do want to stress that changes to treatment plans are always in the best interest of the patient. Here at Longevita, we strive to ensure that any changes to the hair transplant package will not impact the results of a procedure.

Misleading Initial Consultations

As has already been discussed above, if you opt for a consultation over the phone, it is common to provide photographs of the area of the transplant. If this is the scalp, this will allow the medical team to assess the donor area as well as the bald area that requires coverage. We understand that patients would all like a full head of hair, but we always inform patients of what is realistically achievable according to their donor area. It may be the case that the hair in the donor area is not dense enough to provide complete coverage. For these reasons, a treatment plan might change on the day of surgery because the photographs were misleading. These can make the hair look denser or thinner than it actually is. As a result, the treatment plan may be adjusted to suit the number of grafts required for the surgery. Similarly, it is common for those experiencing male pattern baldness for the hairline to be reconstructed. If the images provided do not accurately represent the existing hairline, the new hairline might differ from the original plan.

Longevita hair transplant packages are calculated using a maximum graft requirement, this means if the treatment plan changes, no additional cost is passed onto the patient. To avoid disappointment, we do recommend that patients attend an initial consultation in person, wherever possible.

To avoid errors with images, we recommend taking photographs with the following conditions:

  • Good, natural lighting
  • Get another person to take the pictures wherever possible
  • Use the best quality camera possible
  • Take them against a plain background
  • Photograph unstyled hair

Hormonal and Medical Changes

Hormonal hair loss is quite common. However, dramatic fluctuations in hormones could cause hair loss to accelerate and thus alter the treatment plan on the day of the surgery. Similarly, some medications can also cause hair loss. We know this can be extremely upsetting but if the patient booked the hair transplant prior to taking the medication, hair loss could have worsened.

In these situations, we may need to change the hair transplant package to suit the accelerated loss to cover a larger area. Changes to the scheduled treatment plan in these situations are always geared towards providing the best, most cost-effective solution as possible.

Delaying Your Surgery

Hair loss is a gradual process, but this does mean that more hair is shed every day. To avoid changes to the treatment plan, we recommend booking the surgery as soon as possible. We do not rush people to the operating theatre and understand that a hair transplant is a big commitment to patients and encourage them to make sure they are confident and happy with their decision. However, hair loss is a fight against time and for the best results, it is recommended that patients schedule their hair transplant Turkey as soon as possible.

For more information or to book an initial consultation, contact Longevita today. Our hair transplant packages include tailored treatment plans that can include a combination of treatments, such as PRP injections with Unshaven Hair Transplant.

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