How To Fix Uneven Hairline

How To Fix Uneven Hairline

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An uneven hairline can be the source of ridicule and upset for many people. It is really quite normal for men to experience a receding hairline any time after puberty has come to an end. The hunt for an uneven hairline solution can be extremely costly, as many look to natural remedies that cannot combat their hair loss.

To save money and time and to ensure you only invest in effective uneven hairline solutions, it is imperative you understand what has caused your receding hairline to begin with:

Genetic Receding Hairline

A natural hair growth cycle goes through a ‘death’ and ‘re-growth’ stage. Some families are more prone to a receding hairline as these hairs simply do not re-grow. This is because the hair follicles are hyper-sensitive. As hair type is a hereditary gene, this can be passed on through the generations and causes a pattern of natural hair loss, often known as male pattern baldness.

Traction Alopecia

Traction alopecia is where hair falls out from repeated movement or strain, causing a receding hairline. The most common causes are repeated brushing, excessively tight hair styles and tight headgear. Traction alopecia commonly contributes to afro hair loss as dreadlocks and braids put a lot of strain on the hair. Overtime, the tension and strain in the hairline can cause irreversible damage which can make it impossible to fix receding hairline without a hairline transplant.

Improper Hair Transplants

Failed hair transplants can leave the hairline looking worse than before surgery. It is imperative to book with a reputable clinic that employs experienced surgeons. Longevita surgeons can provide uneven hairline solutions and fix receding hairline as naturally as possible. For more information, book a consultation, today!

Hormonal Changes

Over the course of a lifetime, hormone levels in our bodies change. An influx of testosterone (a type known as DHT) can cause hair loss. The male body does naturally produce this hormone and it is found in skin and hair follicles.

Women can experience hair loss from the hormone DHEA. Alternatively, as the female body goes through hormonal influxes and changes, such as giving birth and menopause. This chemical change can cause long hair to fall out and women to experience a receding hairline.

Why We Recommend You Fix Your Receding Hairline First:

At Longevita, we encourage our patients to address the front hairline before any other hair transplant surgery. This can be achieved through a simple hairline transplant. The front hairline is where the hair begins at the top of the forehead; Natural shapes occur to form the hairline. This is the most common area to have a receding hairline both from genetics and traction alopecia.

This is the area that affects the appearance of the face the most because the hairline naturally frames the face and defines a face shape. This means that when individuals lose hair in this area, it affects their overall appearance and has the greatest impact on their confidence and identity.

Longevita creates a natural front hairline that suits the characteristics and features of the individual’s face. With years of experience, our surgeons work with our patients to understand their desired look and what can be achieved from hairline transplant surgery.

Hairline Transplant

A hairline transplant is a permanent way to fix a receding hairline. FUE hair transplant is the recommended method for this procedure as it is scar-free. Of course, this is most important for the front of the face which cannot be covered by long hairs.

The hairline transplant process includes the patient being ‘measured’ for a new hairline. Surgeons use special medical instruments to draw a new hairline according to the patient’s face shape. This will be agreed on with the patient, too. Longevita surgeons take care to avoid muscles, too.

To fix receding hairline and provide proper uneven hairline solutions to our patients, our experienced surgeons will implant the hairs to resemble natural hair growth. It is imperative to get the angle correct for natural re-growth. Additionally, the surgeon will take care to match the density of the transplant grafts to the existing hair.

A Permanent Uneven Hairline Solution

Patients who do not have a fully receding hairline can still suffer from uneven hair growth. This can form unusual shapes on the forehead or a dramatic ‘widow’s peak’ look. A hairline transplant is a permanent uneven hairline solution and achieves fantastic results for those with thick, healthy hair everywhere else on their head. A permanent uneven hairline solution can also save patients money on unreliable remedies, too!

Hairline transplants are non-invasive, and no shaving is required. Unshaven hairline transplants allow patients to tackle the sensitive issue of hair loss discreetly and without drawing attention to their surgery. After the 6-month re-growth period, fantastic results can be achieved with a new hairline and restored confidence.

To fix a receding hairline, enquire with Longevita today and book a consultation with one of our surgical experts! Whatsapp