Answers to Your Top 10 Questions About the Hair Transplant

Answers to Your Top 10 Questions About the Hair Transplant

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With the ongoing popularity of hair transplants, there are more people practising as hair transplant professionals. Also, more and more people are having issues that require a hair transplant. With this, many people have concerns about hair transplants and questions regarding that.

People wonder where is the best place to get a hair transplant done safely. Most people also want to know things like whether a quality hair transplant is necessarily more expensive and if aftercare is important. This article will help to answer all those questions.

Which Country Should I Choose to Get My Hair Transplant? 

Quite a number of places in the world offer hair transplant procedures. Places such as India, Europe, and Turkey offer hair transplant procedures. However, in recent times, Turkey has gained well-deserved popularity as the best place to get surgeries and procedures like hair transplants. Not only because its surgeons are highly trained and qualified professionals and you can expect to get top quality services, but because hair transplant cost in Turkey is fair as the country offers some of the most affordable surgery options in the world as well an awesome opportunity to vacation. Getting your hair transplant in Turkey is definitely the best option.

Is the More Expensive Better? 

No, expensive prices do not necessarily guarantee quality services. Some people may have that impression, but it is a false one. Patients need to look out for top-notch services and lifetime insurance, not expensive prices, which are just marketing strategies. 

Which Hair Transplantation Technique Should I Choose?

Normally, FUE is always a recommended option. This is because this option offers natural results, and it is also scarless. However, the best time to decide which hair transplant technique is during the consultation when your surgeon can review options with you. At Longevita, we offer free consultation options to help you make the right choice.

Will I Need a Second Session? 

You may or may not need a second session. This is something else that will be decided during a consultation. It is also important that you know that even though many clinics may tell you they can offer 7000 grafts; you can only have a maximum of 4500 grafts in one session. Anyone saying they can offer 7000 grafts is really just marketing. 

Is it Safe to Pay Before Leaving my Home Country

Paying before you leave your home country is always a better option than paying cash. This is because you will not have to claim any bills if you pay cash. Normally, only bad quality clinics accept cash payment because they do not want to be issued by-laws.

Which Clinics Should I Trust? 

Before choosing a clinic, you should go online to read about them as well as read reviews. Clinics with good reviews are usually the ones that you should trust. Also, check out the before and after pictures of the clinic’s clients as this is a good pointer to the clinic’s expertise. In addition, it is important that they are UK-registered.  We are a London registered company.

Does the Aftercare Matter? 

Yes, it does. Aftercare is important to ensure that you get the best results and that the risk of infection is reduced. At Longevita, we provide free aftercare for 12 months after you have had your hair transplant.

Am I A Suitable Candidate to Get A Hair Transplant?

If you are aged 18 or above, then yes, you are suitable to get a hair transplant. You also need to have a donor area that is strong enough. 

Do I Really Need to Have PRP After the Hair Transplant? 

Platelet-Rich Plasma treatment is a therapy that can also be used to treat hair loss. However, it is just a supplementary therapy that can be done as soon as you have returned to your home country. It is recommended, however, that you undergo this therapy right after your hair transplant procedure.

Do I Need an Accompany During My Operation? 

No, you don’t. The procedure lasts for just about 6-8 hours. We will provide you with a dedicated host and transfer to a high-quality hotel. Just one day after the hair transplant procedure, you will be able to fly.


At Longevita, we offer free consultations with our patients, giving you a chance to discuss your concerns as well as your expectations. We have professional consultants to provide accurate representations of what you can expect from the procedure. You can book your call with us now. Whatsapp