Is It Possible to Reverse a Hair Transplant In Turkey?

Is It Possible to Reverse a Hair Transplant In Turkey?

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On average there are around 100,000 hairs on our heads. According to the American Academy of Dermatologists, losing 50 to 100 strands of hair in a day is quite normal. This number isn’t distressing because soon hair growth replenishes what was lost and we barely notice any bald patches or thinning areas on the head. The problem arises when the hair loss becomes excessive all of a sudden or over time. It is common in such instances to look for treatment options such as getting a hair transplant in Turkey. 

There are different types of hair transplant procedures,  and the cause of hair loss is what determines which treatment should be chosen. The most common reason cited for hair loss among men is male pattern baldness. There is also female pattern baldness, but it is much less aggressive. Other than this, having surgery, suffering from physical illnesses, stress-inducing events, and hormonal fluctuations too can contribute to it. Taking this into consideration, getting a hair transplant in Turkey may seem the right choice, but we understand that many people have qualms about it.

Longevita Strives For the Best

At Longevita, we understand the concerns that many patients have about getting a hair transplant surgery in Turkey, which is why we offer consultations so that you can be as informed about what treatment will work best for you and what to expect from it. Sometimes it so happens that no matter what, the amount of hair in the donor area isn’t enough to cover the bald patches.

Our highly-qualified specialists make sure to consider all the available options and choose the one that’ll suit your needs the best. They’ll make sure that you undergo your procedure seamlessly by employing the latest technology. Our support won’t only be available before and during the surgery but also after it. The efforts of our aftercare team ensure that your recovery process is monitored for 12 months after the surgery. 

Don’t Worry, the Surgery Will Work 

Before thinking about the worst possible end results of transplant surgery, many people are concerned that it might not work at all. Sometimes the surgery may lead to shock loss, hair loss around the head, but it isn’t a cause for concern because it is a temporary condition.

The procedure works because grafts are taken from the areas of the head that have a greater volume of hair such as the sides or the back. They are more resistant to hair loss. These are then inserted or transplanted into the areas that are balding to ensure successful results. So, you should be completely at ease. Although minor complications may occur, you will eventually see your hair grow after the recovery period.

What If You End Up Being Unhappy with the Transplant? 

Even before the surgery, once the patient decides to get a hair transplant in Turkey, we offer consultation sessions with our surgeons so that the patient is able to see how many grafts will be transplanted to the specific, desired areas. All these measures are made for the very purpose of ensuring complete satisfaction so that you don’t have to worry about the outcome. In the rare case that our patients are not satisfied with their results or something has arisen that has affected the regrowth cycle, Longevita offer free recision sessions. 

If you are currently suffering from a bad hair transplant, then you can get in touch with us to get a free treatment plan and learn your options to revise it. This will ensure that you end up looking the way that makes you happy. At Longevita, our ultimate goal is to ensure the best possible results through our medical treatments.

Thinking Whether the Surgery Can Be Reversed? 

We understand that deciding to get a hair transplant in Turkey for the first time can be scary. It’s natural to get anxious and think of only the bad scenarios and everything that could go wrong. One thing that many people end up thinking is whether they’ll be able to reverse the surgery in case they are not happy with the results. The answer is no. We cannot reverse the transplant, but we can work with the patient to fix the problems. 

It usually happens that patients get worried soon after the surgery when they don’t see a noticeable change or immediate results, which is why it is advised to wait to see the final results. We will ensure complete support throughout the process, even when you have a hair transplant in Turkey and return to the UK. 

For someone who achieved desirable results with their transplant surgery but desires to be bald again, it’s not possible to place the grafts back to the donor area, but there are other options. Patients in this situation could consider technologies such as laser removal treatment for permanent removal. Whatsapp