7 Incredible Benefits of Hair Transplant

Many people dream of having thick, luscious hair. However, it doesn’t come true for everyone. Male pattern baldness alone has a prevalence rate of 50%.

While according to a study published in the Clinical Interventions in Aging, almost 50% will lose their hair throughout their lifetime, most commonly due to female pattern baldness. 

This kind of permanent hair loss makes many people look towards surgery, and they ponder over the benefits of hair transplant.

It’s understandable to feel anxious about undergoing this surgery. However, knowing what it can do for you will help you in making your final decision. 

What Are the Benefits of Hair Transplant?

These are as follows:

It Will Restore Your Confidence 

There’s a close relationship between the physical and the mental. How you feel about yourself on the outside will impact the way you feel about yourself.

And that feeling can alter your behaviour. If you feel like you don’t look good enough and expect others to believe the same about you, you’re going to feel very self-conscious about your appearance. 

It may come in the way of your normal functioning as you look for ways to hide or, in this case, your scalp. Since your hair is symbolic of your youth and, more or less, becomes a part of your identity, if you lose it, you’re going to feel more than just sad.

Research shows that it can cause anxiety and depression. In women, it can affect their work and family life. It can affect their self-esteem and body image too. 

Therefore, if possible, finding a way out of it can help ensure a good quality of life. This is what a hair transplant does for many people.

According to a large study published in the Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology, 9 months after a hair transplant, patients’ self-esteem improved. In addition, they felt more satisfied with their own appearance.

In many of the hair transplant reviews, you’ll also hear patients talk about the same thing.

You’ll Have Permanent Hair For a Lifetime 

Among the other benefits of hair transplants, this one stands out the most. Many people struggle with the idea of having lost their hair forever.

However, a hair transplant provides a way to restore (or rather, redistribute) it. Hair unaffected by male sex hormones is implanted in the balding regions, and it stays there permanently

This is much better than having to wear other hair systems like wigs, weaves, or toupees. With these, the maintenance cost, including the price of the actual wig, can be thousands of pounds.

And even after all that, it’s unlikely that it’ll look just like your natural hair. Many people who wear them fear that they’ll move around or fall. 

One study published in BMJ Open found that wig wearers feel anxious and uncomfortable and avoid social situations and exercise to avoid being noticed.

Wigs are certainly not seen as the ultimate solution for many people with alopecia. That won’t be a problem if you get a hair transplant. 

One of the other benefits of hair transplant is that you don’t have to spend more money buying medications like minoxidil and finasteride. You have to take these every day (and some multiple times a day).

Over time, the cost of these medications may exceed that of a hair transplant. Some people also use Toppik hair fibres. However, it has its own set of problems. 

You’ll Have A Fast Recovery & No Visible Scarring 

When you hear the word surgery, you’re likely to imagine the stitches and scars that accompany it.

Fortunately, that’s not the case with an FUE hair transplant (FUT can leave a linear scar). Many people feel hesitant to undergo surgery because they think that they’d have to take a few weeks off work. 

It’s certainly not the case. Those who had FUE can go back to work the day after the surgery. You’ll see the results in a year, but you’ll be able to do things normally weeks after the surgery (months if you’re a sportsperson). 

Not just that, but you can also keep things under the radar because a hair transplant does not leave any visible scars.

The surgery doesn’t require stitches, so once you start growing your hair back, it’s not that anyone would know that you had the surgery. You won’t have constant reminders of it either.  

You Can Groom Your Hair Any Way You Want 

This is another one of the benefits of hair transplant. Once your hair grows back, you can style it however you want.

Sure, you can style your hair using wigs, but you usually have to buy whole new wigs for that, and that’s not cheap. So, a lot of the time, you have to make do with what you have. 

A hair transplant does away with all such limitations. You can cut or colour your hair to look the way you want.

You’ll have to “maintain” your hair just like you would your natural hair with shampooing and conditioning. It’ll all be up to you. 

You’ll Look Younger 

One survey conducted by JAMA Facial Plastic Surgery found that those who had hair transplants were perceived as looking younger, attractive, approachable, and successful by other people. 122 adults were shown before/after images of 13 men, of which 7 had had a hair transplant. 

The survey shows the impact that having hair can have on a person’s appearance and how they’re perceived by others (even themselves).

Many people who lose their hair look years older than they actually are, especially if they’re young. Therefore, another one of the benefits of a hair transplant is that you’ll end up looking more like your original self, as well as feeling like it. 

You’ll Have Natural-Looking Results

Rather than having to worry about the artificialness of wigs, you can consider getting a hair transplant for natural-looking results.

The surgery will use your own hair present on the back and the sides of your head. It’s not possible to successfully transplant hair from another person’s head, anyway. 

Since the surgery will simply reposition the follicles from one part of the head to another, you’ll just end up with your own hair at the end.

It’ll grow just as naturally, and there’s nothing “artificial” about any aspect of the surgery. This is especially so as the techniques have continued to evolve. 

There was once a time when hair plugs were used instead of grafts, but that’s not so anymore. If you had hair plugs in Turkey, the results would be like the plugs you see on a doll’s head. Of course, we don’t offer this surgery. 

You can regrow your hair naturally with transplant surgery. There’s no way to tell apart the donor hair from the recipient area hair once you see the final results.

You’ll Have No More Uneven Growth

Of course, one of the more obvious benefits of hair transplant is that you won’t have to deal with baldness anymore. However, it can also do more for you.

There are many people who have an uneven hairline due to genetics, health condition, or some other reason.

Even if they’re not losing their hair, their hairline can make it seem so. So with a hairline transplant, you won’t have to worry about this anymore.

It can cover up any bald spots that may have formed near the temple regions due to traction alopecia. 

It’s not just the hairline. It’s possible that you have uneven growth in some areas of the scalp because of physical trauma or a condition like trichotillomania. In this case, too, a hair transplant can make your hair grow more evenly. 

Concluding Remarks 

If you’ve been thinking about getting some treatment for your hair loss, it’s a good idea to consult with your dermatologist. There are FDA-approved medications, but because of their side effects, they’re not suitable for everyone.

In addition, with them, you’ll see results only for as long as you’re using them. Or they might not work at all, which also happens. 

One of the benefits of hair transplant is that you don’t have to worry about this anymore. The transplanted hair will take root in a matter of weeks, and it will stay there for the rest of your life. It’ll grow naturally (because it is your natural hair). 

You can groom it any way you want. There’s no spending time or money on the hassle of maintaining it like you have to do with wigs. In addition to these things, you should also know that most people only need this one surgery, and they grow their hair without having any visible scarring. It fades with time. 

Last but not least, one of the biggest benefits of a hair transplant is that it will restore your confidence. You may avoid social situations if you don’t feel good about your appearance, which can negatively affect your career and personal life.

It can be especially more difficult for women (who can also get hair transplants). With this surgery, you can also “turn back the look” and improve your overall well-being. 

Reviewed and Approved by Trichologist Yaprak Yazan

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