Are Matt Goss Hair Transplant Rumours True?

The intense gaze, chiselled jawline, and charming swagger of Matt Goss made him the heartthrob of the 80s. He was the lead singer of the pop band Bros before it disbanded in 1992. 

Matt, along with his brother Luke, was at the height of his popularity even as he asked: “When will I, will I be famous?” Well, his hairline certainly doesn’t have to worry about that because it’s been making headlines for quite some time. 

Some say it’s a hairpiece (and not a good one), but there are others who think Matt Goss’ hair transplant is the real reason why his hair looks different.

The singer himself hasn’t said anything about it, but we had some thoughts on what might be happening with Matt’s hairline. 

Who Is Matt Goss?

Matthew Weston Goss is an English singer and songwriter who was born in London on 29 September 1968 (he’s 54 years at the time of this writing).

Actually, it would be more accurate to say that he was born alongside his twin brother, Luke Damon Goss (or just Luke Goss).

Matt Goss

And when they were just 12 years old, the brothers decided to form a band. However, it was until 1986 (when they were about 18) that they formed their momentous band “Bros” along with their friend Craig Logan. 

From the start, they were a hit. Their debut album – Push – went platinum (meaning it sold 1 million copies or more) four times! 

They went on to release many hit singles like “When Will I Be Famous,” “Drop The Boy,” and “I Owe You Nothing.” However, unfortunately, the “Brosmania” didn’t last for a long time after the brothers’ public fallout in 1992. 

But even though the band didn’t exist anymore, Matt continued to have a solo career, releasing many hit singles. In 2018, a documentary film on Matt and his brother was also released, which went on to win a BAFTA. 

He released another album of his in 2021 titled “The Beautiful Unknown.” More recently, however, he was a contestant on Strictly Come Dancing (he was eventually eliminated). 

Is Matt Goss Bald? 

Matt Goss has never actually been bald. His twin brother, on the other hand, is completely bald. 

Both brothers had quite a thick mane in the 80s, but Luke probably shaved off his entire head after experiencing hair loss

Matt Goss hair transplant
Matt Goss with his brother in 2019

From the looks of it, both brothers have what’s known as “androgenetic alopecia.” It’s a hereditary hair loss that usually affects the hairlines, temples and top of the scalp (all the way to the crown). 

This type of hair loss progresses slowly, forming a specific “M” shaped pattern until there’s no hair left on the top. 

Now, even back when he was young and his hairline was intact, one could see patches or thinned areas along Matt’s hairline.

While his brother chose to shave his head, Matt kept his hair as is, even though his hairline (and temples), in particular, continued to recede. 

In 2016, when he appeared on the show Loose Women, Matt even said that Victoria Beckham advised him to shave his hair off. But, of course, he didn’t choose to do that. 

But when he did do instead, he never really clarified either. 

Does Matt Goss Wear A Wig? 

After his appearance on Loose Women in 2016, many people commented on Matt’s hairline saying that it looked like he was wearing a wig.

Matt Goss hair before and after
Matt Goss’ hair in 2009 vs 2014

While his temples did look the same, his frontal hair looked exceptionally (and almost unnaturally) coiffed. There was a noticeable widow’s peak, but there was no other sign of thinning there. 

It probably wasn’t entirely a wig, but it might be possible that he was wearing a toupee. It’s a partial wig, so it can be helpful in hiding bald spots in specific areas. It might have just been the thing that Matt used. 

Has Matt Goss Had A Hair Transplant? 

Because Matt Goss’ hairline was so clearly receding, his fans were too quick to notice how different his hair looked in his 2021 appearance on Sunday Brunch.

His hairstyle was different, but most of all, the curve of his hairline had changed. Instead of a prominent widow’s peak, it looked much straighter.  Even the temples looked much less receded. 

That’s what may have led many people to believe that Matt had finally decided to bite the bullet and get a hair transplant.

FUE hair transplant technique

The almost Elvis-like quiff had given way to a close-cropped trim and then a ginger buzz cut in Strictly Come Dancing’s 2022 launch show.

How Many Hair Grafts Did Matt Goss Need?

Considering that Matt’s hair loss was mostly confined to the front of his scalp, he might have just needed 1,600 hair grafts or so. 

Hair grafts

We can’t exactly say if this is the case because we don’t if Matt was actually wearing a hairpiece. And if he was, we can’t say how much of his hair was covered by the wig. So, he may have needed even more. 

Depending on the zones of hair loss, it’s possible to get an estimate of the number of grafts you need by using a graft calculator

How Much Did Matt Goss’ Hair Transplant Cost?  

In the UK, the average cost of a hair transplant is £4,000. However, many celebrities go to high-end clinics where the costs can run as high as £30,000. Matt Goss’ hair transplant might have also cost somewhere in between. 

Now, high cost doesn’t always guarantee high quality. Celebrity stuff usually tends to come at a premium price, and clinics in certain areas also tend to charge more. 

Still, it’s important that you do your research when looking for a clinic. If you’re looking for a more affordable option, you can also consider getting a Turkey hair transplant. For the same quality, you can get this surgery for around £2,000.


Seeing how Matt Goss’ hairline has changed, especially in 2021, it does seem like he had a hair transplant. Although, the singer himself hasn’t admitted to getting this surgery or wearing a hairpiece. 

Being a celebrity (or even a commoner!), you want to look your very best, so there’s certainly no shame in getting this surgery. However, it’s still a very personal choice, and not everyone feels comfortable talking about it. 

For quite some time, Matt was seen wearing fedora hats. And it might have been to hide his hair loss. But he seems much more comfortable in his skin now, and that is all that matters. 

If you’re also looking to get a hair transplant, make sure to get in touch with a qualified and experienced professional for the best results.

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