Has Jamie Oliver Had A Hair Transplant?

You don’t have to be a Brit to know who Jamie Oliver is. Gracing the silver screen for well over 20 years, Jamie’s a household name at this point. While he’s caught media attention for all sorts of reasons, more recently he made headlines for looking very un-Jamie-like, and that too mainly because of his hair.

But it didn’t have anything to do with the fact that he was balding or thinning. Regardless, some people have speculated about Jamie Oliver hair transplant. In this blog, you’ll find out whether that’s the case and what’s actually going on with Jamie’s new curls.

Who Is Jamie Oliver?

Born on 27th May 1975 in Clavering, Essex, James Trevor Oliver is one of the most well-known British chefs, who’s written over 30 cookbooks and starred in about 40 TV shows and movies. Having found his love for cooking at his parents’ gastro pub, “The Cricketers,” from an early age, Jamie went places to pursue his passion for cooking.

While working his first job at The Neal Street Restaurant in Covent Garden, Jamie was mentored by none other than Carluccio himself – who’s considered the “Godfather” of Italian food. However, his move to The River Cafe is what eventually led him to become a culinary icon himself.

Jamie Oliver's hair transplant rumours

A documentary about the restaurant itself featuring Jamie briefly making pasta caught the BBC’s attention. And that became the turning point of his career, as he was later offered his own TV show The Naked Chef on BBC Two.

After 3 seasons, the show was cancelled, but Jamie went on to knock out other hits like Oliver’s Twist, Jamie At Home, and Jamie’s 30-minute meals, along with other documentaries, specials and TV movies. Besides being a celebrity chef, he’s also been a food campaigner (although to a mixed response – many have still not forgotten the Turkey Twizzlers).

He’s also the owner of several restaurants, reportedly 70 across 23 countries, and, of course, he continues to do small TV series. He’s got another one coming for Channel 4 about seasonal dishes.

How Many Hair Transplants Did Jamie Oliver Have?

Jamie Oliver doesn’t appear to have had any hair transplants as his hairline has remained much the same over the years. Throughout his entire career, he hasn’t, at any point, shown signs of thinning or balding. Here’s how Jamie’s hair looked in 2008:

And here’s what it looked like in 2014 and 2019:

Jamie Olivers hair in 2014
Scandic Hotels, Jamie Oliver cookingCC BY 3.0

His hairline is generally high up on his forehead, but it has remained in place. Although Jamie’s father was bald, that doesn’t necessarily mean he would also go bald. The genetics of male pattern baldness are not so simple as they can be influenced by both the mother’s and father’s side of the family.

Jamie’s about to hit 50 (he’s 48 at the time of writing), and according to the American Academy of Dermatology, by the age of 50, more than 50% of white men experience signs of androgenetic alopecia or pattern baldness.

Ageing itself can also cause a type of hair loss known as involutional alopecia. Although looking at Jamie, it hardly looks like he’s experiencing any such issues.

If anything, Jamie might actually be having fun with his hair because he seemed to have had a perm in the Valentine’s photo of him with his wife Jools.

Jamie Oliver’s Hair Before And After

Jamie’s hair before and after is much the same (expect for the perm). It’s unlikely he had a hair transplant.

Jamie Oliver in 2014
Jamie Oliver’s hair in 2014/Image credit: Karl Gabor, Jamie Oliver (cropped)CC BY 3.0
Jamie Olivers perm
Jamie Oliver’s hair in 2023/Image credit: joolsoliver/Instagram


While Jamie’s recent curls generated quite a buzz, Jamie Oliver’s hair transplantation doesn’t seem to be on the cards. The chef hasn’t shown any signs of pattern baldness, and his hairline’s still going quite strong, so he might not need the surgery in the first place. Although there are many others who’ve joined the celebrity hair transplant list.

In the UK, a hair transplant can cost you about £6,000 (with prices going as high as £30,000). However, if this is not in your budget, you can also choose to have a hair transplant in Turkey, where the average price is about £1,500; it’s because of the exchange rate and the low cost of living in the country.

However, if you’re experiencing hair loss, make sure to get in touch with a board-certified professional. You need to get a diagnosis before your doctor can prepare a suitable treatment plan for you.

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