Jon Hamm’s Hair Transplant

Charismatic, suave, and, of course, dapper, Jon Hamm is undeniably handsome. While that’s the first thing that many people notice about him, he also lacks no talent when it comes to his acting skills. From bagging Golden Globes and Emmys for quite a few years, it was hard to look away from this anti-hero with his slicked-back hair.

That hair, though, who wouldn’t want it, right? If you look at him, you’d hardly think that Jon’s ever had a bad hair day and yet it has happened. And it was a little more than “bad,” considering Jon was losing an entire chunk of hair from the top of his head. That wasn’t a one-time thing.

Over the years, the Top Gun actor’s been snapped multiple times sporting a noticeably large bald spot. Curiously enough, it would soon be gone, and he would soon be back with that Don Draper look (because Hamm obviously doesn’t age).

But what exactly is he doing there? Is it a wig, fibres, finasteride, or even a good hair transplant? Let’s find out about “Jon Hamm’s hair transplant,” alleged, obviously.

Who Is Jon Hamm?

Jon Hamm

Jonathan Daniel Hamm, born on 10th March 1971, is an American actor who’s famously known for his role as Donald Draper in the period drama Mad Men (it ran from 2007 to 2015).

But before he became the well-known and rather duplicitous on-screen “ad-man,” there wasn’t exactly a lot going on for his career. After finishing his BA in English and even doing a short stint as a teacher, he finally left his job to pursue a career in acting. And like many other actors, it all didn’t come easy to him.

He waited tables (which has almost become a rite of passage in Hollywood), crashed on friends’ sofas, and did a bunch of odd jobs until 5 years later, he landed the role of Burt Ridley on NBC’s Providence. He did other gigs, some big, some small, but nothing compared to the job he landed in 2007 as Don Draper in the Mad Men.

He’s done several films since, like The Town, Baby Driver, Majorie Prime, No Sudden Move, and Top Gun: Maverick – although some argue that Jon hasn’t been able to achieve the same level of success as he did in his Don Draper days due to a lack of versatility.

Did Jon Hamm Get A Hair Transplant?

Looking at his photos, it doesn’t seem like Jon Hamm has had a hair transplant. Instead, what seems more probable is that he may be wearing a wig to hide his bald spots.

Jon Hamm 2

His “baldness” came as a shocking surprise to many of his fans after his popular show ended back in 2015. Because before that, there’s hardly, if any, indication that the actor was losing his hair in the first place – Jon’s sweeping combovers never hinted at alopecia.

But in 2016, he was seen sporting a noticeably large bald spot. At the time, however, it was assumed that the bald spot was a part of his look in his upcoming film Baby Driver. But out came the film, and there was no sign of hair loss. Jon’s hair was slick as ever and looked fairly thick as well.

Jon Hamms hair in 2016

But he was again spotted with an even larger bald spot in 2017. But again, in his 2018 film Tag, his hair looked thicker than ever, suggesting the use of a wig.

He probably didn’t have a hair transplant in 2018 because the 2020 NHL All-Star game again saw him sporting a significantly large bald spot. The way his hair comes and goes isn’t something that would happen if he had a hair transplant.

With a hair transplant, the results of the procedure are permanent because the hair grafts that are taken out from the back and transplanted into the bald spots are not sensitive to the hormone (dihydrotestosterone) that causes hair loss.

While finasteride is another possibility. It’s the kind of drug you have to keep using to maintain the results. Surely Jon would know that, and he wouldn’t be just going on and off the medicine, losing it and gaining it. It seems unlikely, which is why a wig again seems more probable.

Does Jon Hamm Use Hair Fibres or Wear A Wig?

Jon Hamm might quite possibly be using hair fibres to hide his bald spots. Some people might prefer using fibres like Toppik for coverage because they can appear more natural, and with them, you also don’t have to worry about them falling off like a wig (unless you rub your head against a wall, cloth, etc.).

Jon Hamm's hair in 2023
Jon Hamm’s hair in 2023

However, seeing how long Jon’s hair sometimes grows in his previously bald spots, it’s more likely that he’s wearing a toupee or another hair system. He might be supplementing his hair grooming with fibres, but wigs seem to be the more likely scenario.

Jon Hamm Before And After

It’s more likely that Jon’s been wearing a wig and hasn’t (yet) had a hair transplant because his before and after keeps changing quite a bit.

Jon Hamm hair before and after
Jon Hamm’s hair in 2011 vs 2022


Jon Hamm hair transplant doesn’t seem to have happened yet. The actor might decide to have his hair done in the future, but considering how he might’ve using wigs for a while now, he might just continue to do that.

Jon hasn’t said anything about it himself, nor has he addressed any wigs/hair fibre rumours. But on the other hand, he’s also not been too discrete about his hair loss either.

He does wear a cap in many of his photos, and in others, his hair is styled in a way that would provide somewhat flimsy coverage. Even so, the thinning is an open secret.

If you’re also losing hair, it’s a good idea to consult with your doctor to understand the underlying cause of your alopecia (there can be many!). They’ll prepare a suitable treatment plan accordingly. For transplantation, you can also choose a Turkey hair transplant, since it can be much cheaper than in the US or UK.

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