Did Hugh Laurie Get A Hair Transplant?

If you had to make a list of all the greatest TV actors of all time, it would not be complete without Hugh Laurie in it. Not only is he one of those perfect English gentlemen, in every sense of the word, he’s simply a remarkable actor and a man of many talents – not least his ability to really pull off an American accent. Over the years, Laurie has only gotten attention for all the right reasons, but the same can’t be said for his hair.

To those who’ve seen Laurie’s hair on and off-screen, it might come off as a bit of an enigma because of how different it looks. While that can easily be pinned down to a wig or hair fibres, there have also been rumours of Hugh Laurie’s hair transplant. But is there any truth to them? Let’s find out!

Who Is Hugh Laurie?

James Hugh Calum Laurie is a British actor, born on June 11, 1959 (he’s 64 at the time of writing), who’s best known for playing the titular character Dr, Gregory House on “House M.D.” Surprisingly, in an interview with Britain’s Daily Express, as reported by the Showbiz CheatSheet, Laurie even expressed his desire to become a real doctor, considering his own father was one and he wanted his son to become one as well. Unfortunately (or fortunately for his fans), that didn’t come to be.

Hugh Laurie

To the outsider, Laurie’s career could not have been going better since he was the highest paid actor on TV in 2011 – reportedly earning $400,000 per episode – and Guinness World Records named him the most watched leading man. But the actor wasn’t always too entirely happy about it. The show ran for 8 seasons from 2004 to 2012, and Laurie said that the repetitiveness of his routine had become sort of a nightmare, as per Daily Mail’s report.

After 2012, Laurie was a part of other projects, including Shrek’s Thrilling Tales, Veep, Tomorrowland, but his second major role was as Richard “Dickie” Onslow Rope in the TV adaptation of the Night Manager, which won the actor his 3rd Golden Globe award. Besides acting, Laurie is quite talented as a musician too having released multiple albums. In 1996, he also wrote a novel called “The Gun Seller.”

How Has Hugh Laurie’s Hairline Changed?

While Hugh Laurie has a naturally high hairline, it has become more “M-shaped” over the years, especially as his temple peaks have receded. It’s usually considered a sign of androgenetic alopecia or male pattern baldness.

Hugh Laurie hairline recession
Hugh Laurie’s hairline in 2006 vs 2009

While androgenetic alopecia usually results in the recession of the hairline to the point where the top of the scalp is entirely bald, it hasn’t exactly been like this in Laurie’s case. In fact, Hugh’s hairline has remained more or less intact while he’s experienced extensive baldness on the top and crown areas of his scalp – about stage 6 on the Norwood Scale.

Hugh Laurie's bald spot
Hugh Laurie’s bald spot on the crown in 2016

Pattern baldness is one of the most common causes of hair loss in men. Its risk increases with age, and it tends to develop gradually over the years, so it tends to worsen with time. Unfortunately, this type of hair loss is also permanent, since the hormone dihydrotestosterone results in the permanent miniaturisation of hair follicles. Eventually, it leaves the top of the scalp bald.

In Laurie’s case, even as his bald spot had become quite noticeable in 2011, things would look different within the show itself. Daily Mail also noted the disparity in 2011 and reasoned that the actor might be getting some hair fibres for his bald spot or having had it all fixed in post-production. It might as well be the case because off-camera, Hugh hasn’t ever really tried hiding his real hair.

Hugh Laurie's hair loss in 2011
Hugh Laurie’s hair in 2011

Did Hugh Laurie Have A Hair Transplant?

It’s unlikely that Hugh Laurie has had a hair transplant. While sometimes his hair does seem denser, it’s probably because of how he changes his hairstyles.

With shorter hair, his bald spots are much more noticeable than when he has longer hair. Additionally, when he grows his hair out, he’s also able to hide his receded temple peaks with it, which makes it look like his hair has become denser.

Hugh Laurie long hair
Hugh Laurie with longer hair in 2016

But the overall shape of his hairline has remained the same, and the extent of his hair loss has only worsened. Had he gotten a hair transplant, either of those things would’ve looked different on Laurie’s head.

Hugh Laurie’s Hair Before And After

Here’s a closer look at Laurie’s hair during his early career compared to his recent appearances:

Hugh Laurie's hair before and after
Hugh Laurie’s hair in 2009 (while still on House) vs 2016 (Night Manager days)
Hugh Laurie's old vs new hair
Hugh Laurie’s hair in 2004 (early House) vs 2020 (Avenue 5 premiere)


Hugh Laurie’s hair transplant might’ve never happened, but it’s quite possible that the star dabbled with “fake hair” for his different roles. In any case, what’s important to keep in mind is that getting or not getting a hair transplant is a very personal choice.

While Laurie might not have had the procedure, there are others who’ve been quite open about it, like James Nesbitt and Jimmy Carr. There’s certainly nothing wrong with either of those scenarios.

But if you’re considering a hair transplant in Istanbul or anywhere else, make sure you get a diagnosis of the underlying cause of your hair loss – since there can be quite a lot. Your doctor will prepare your treatment plan accordingly.

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