Not the One to Keep a Secret: Jimmy Carr Hair Transplant Details

When celebrities choose not to disclose a cosmetic surgery they underwent, that’s fine. It’s their life, their choice. However, there are some celebrities who go to great lengths to deny any causation between their dramatic transformation and cosmetic surgery. That’s irksome.

Why? Because it’s misleading and simply disinformation. If a star claims to “naturally” have started growing their hair after suffering from permanent hair loss, that’s a lie. There’s no miracle cure for androgenetic alopecia. Fortunately, Jimmy Carr isn’t one of them. In fact, he is very open about his hair transplant journey. His honesty about it is something that we can all appreciate. In this guide, we will explore the details of Jimmy Carr hair transplant. 

Consider a celebrity who goes about telling his/her fans that their youthful, glowing wrinkle-free skin (which was once not like this) has “naturally” gotten better over time. It’s not how ageing works. But anyway, what happens, as a result, is that some people end up believing those celebrities.

They even try out the magic “treatment” publicised by the celebrity. And when things don’t work out, they end up feeling disappointed, sometimes even with themselves. The thing is that there’s nothing shameful about getting plastic surgery, dental treatment or hair transplant. Sometimes, there are some parts of our body that make us feel unhappy and uncomfortable. To deal with such concerns, cosmetic surgeries can help. 

Did Jimmy Carr Hair Transplant Really Happen? 

100% yes. He has admitted to it himself. And not just once, but on numerous occasions. Even before he had gotten the surgery, Jimmy Carr discussed how he was considering getting a hair transplant. In March 2019, the comedian while speaking on The Jonathan Ross Show said, “We were talking about hair transplants. I want a proper Elvis quiff. I want to go big. Go big or go home. It’s show business baby, let’s enjoy ourselves”. 

So, Jimmy Carr had revealed his intention to get a hair transplant surgery quite some time ago. This is rare. Mostly, celebs reveal that they’ve had a hair transplant after it has taken place. But with Jimmy Carr, things were a bit different. He announced his intention to the world when he was only just considering the surgery. 

Now, it was on Peter Crouch’s: Save Our Summer game show that he told everyone that he had had a hair transplant. When the presenter Maya Jama remarked, “It’s a very different look for you”, the 48-year-old said, “I tell you what I did, I went and had a hair transplant.” He even said that he looked like a snooker-playing vampire. He went on to say, “So what happened was my hair was socially distancing from my forehead and I’d had enough of it.” 

He then told the world how he’d gotten his head shaved so that the hair transplant could take place. Hair is taken from the back of the head and put to the bald region, in his case, the front. Pointing toward the strength of his donor region, he said, “Basically I had enough hair, it was just in the wrong place. It was a bit of redistribution.” 

What Was the Baldness Pattern of Jimmy Carr? 

For that, all you need to do is take a look at his old pictures. You’ll find that his hairline was clearly receding in a V-shape. This happens in androgenetic alopecia or male pattern baldness, where the hairline starts to recede first. This keeps on going until the crown also starts shedding hair permanently. Usually, hair is left on the back and sides of the head. 

In Jimmy’s case, we can see that although his hairline was receding, the rest of his hair was in good condition. From that, we can assess the strength of his donor area. As it was in good shape, his hair transplant results are likely to be successful. Remember the success of surgery depends on many factors, most of all, a good surgeon. According to Longevita’s hair transplant surgeons, his condition required only 1500- 2000 grafts in total.

Moreover, his hair transplant surgery would have taken place in one session only, since his balding area wasn’t that large. As his hair is already thick and strong, it’s no surprise that his results look natural. This is despite the fact that he hasn’t even completed his recovery yet.

With a hair transplant surgery, it can take a year, sometimes a few months more, for the results to see the final results. However, since the comedian’s balding area was small and his donor area was quite strong, he looks great just a few months after the “Jimmy Carr hair transplant.”  

When Did Jimmy Carr Hair Transplant Take Place? 

The stand-up comedian states that he had his hair transplant during the lockdown, saying it was the best thing to do while you’re locked in the house. We found his hairline to have dramatically changed around July 2020. Our surgeons agree that he must have had his hair transplant around March 2020. 

It can easily take three months for the transplanted hair to start growing. Initially, you might experience temporary hair loss. This condition is called shock loss. The roots of the transplanted hair follicles remain intact in this case. So, your hair will start growing healthily after some time. It is normal, and you have nothing to worry about. However, only after three months, you’ll start seeing a change in your hair density.

You’ll notice the growth of the hair in the transplanted area slowly, over time. They’ll continue to grow, and the hair density will go on increasing. We’ve seen in his recent pictures some redness in the transplanted area. This means that he is still in the early stages of his hair transplant journey. 

That’s not all. Did you know that Jimmy Carr has also experimented with some other cosmetic surgeries? His interest in hair transplant could have its origins in a tooth replacement procedure where he got his veneers! We’ll discuss this more later on. 

Which Hair Transplant Technique Did He Go For? 

Since its introduction, FUE hair transplant has gradually become one of the most popular hairs transplant surgery techniques. The lack of any scars in this technique has given it a huge edge over the FUT hair transplant technique, where a strip of skin is taken from the donor area instead of individual hair follicles. 

Longevita’s hair transplant surgeons closely examined the case of Jimmy Carr hair transplant. According to them, he possibly underwent an FUE hair transplant surgery to restore his hairline. The size of the scars in FUE hair transplants is very small. The scars are barely visible after some time. Moreover, as the wound size is quite small, recovery is faster in the case of FUE. There are more than a few reasons why it’s so popular and widely preferred. 

When Will You See the Full Results of Jimmy Carr Hair Transplant? 

As mentioned above, hair transplant recovery can take a whole year or sometimes one and a half years to show complete results. The total recovery period can vary for different patients. It can depend on the area where the hair is transplanted, the immune system, genetics, age, medical history, etc. of the patient. 

Greater blood circulation occurs around the frontal area, so the speed with which transplanted hairs start growing is fast. Here, the blood flow feeds and nourishes the roots of the hair follicles even better than in other areas of the scalp. So, you’ll likely see faster results there. On the other hand, blood circulation is not as good around the crown area. The hair will start growing the slowest there. It may take more than a year to show full results. The blood circulation in the transplanted area also has a lot to do with hair growth. 

What Other Procedures Did Jimmy Carr Have? 

Other than Jimmy Carr hair transplant and veneers, he also got some extra work done for a more youthful appearance. We’re talking about none other than Botox here. Isn’t it refreshing to hear someone admit it that they had some work done to themselves? For celebrities, things are a bit rough, they are in the constant limelight. There are people out there constantly criticising them. The treatments that Jimmy Carr has gotten have taken years off of him. He certainly looks good. And he’s certainly following in Simon Cowell’s lead in that! 

Last But Not Least 

Celebrities like Jimmy Carr hair transplant inspire other hair loss sufferers to seek a permanent hair loss solution i.e., a hair transplant. Your hair will be natural and last for a lifetime. You don’t need to hesitate about getting this surgery just because you’re afraid of what others will say. Hair loss can make anyone feel sad and depressed. You can change the way you look with hair transplant surgery.

Reviewed and Approved by Dr. Hassan Soueid.

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