How to Get a Smaller Forehead with Hair Transplant?

How to Get a Smaller Forehead with Hair Transplant?

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Many people desire a smaller forehead. Just google “how to get a smaller forehead”, and you’ll find countless blogs and videos on it. Some may recommend you to try new hairstyles, grow your hair out or use makeup. These tips only work temporarily. If you’re looking for a more permanent solution, then you should consider surgery. While people may think that they can get a smaller forehead through a forehead reduction surgery, there’s another way. You can have a hair transplant procedure for this purpose.

If the space between your eyebrows and hairline is more than 5-6.5 centimetres, you may feel that your forehead is too big. It might not seem proportionate to the rest of your facial features. You might feel uncomfortable with the lengthiness of your forehead and even try to hide it. If you feel this way, you don’t need to hide it. Many people are simply born with a large forehead. You can make your large or high forehead smaller by undergoing a hair transplant procedure.

How Hair Transplant Makes the Forehead Smaller?

People who have a thinning or uneven hairline usually undergo a hairline transplant procedure. Other than that, people with large foreheads can also benefit from this procedure. The addition of hair to the front of the head results in a smaller forehead.

In this, the hair follicles extracted from the back of the head are transplanted to the aesthetically crafted, new hairline. You do not have to worry about the results looking unnatural. Once you complete the recovery process, you can enjoy greater hair volume at the hairline and have a smaller forehead. Therefore, you can freely and comfortably flaunt your new look to the world.

How Low Can the Hairline Go? 

Your different facial features come together in harmony to create a wholesome look. The shape of your eyes and eyebrows can impact the way your forehead looks. It can look longer or smaller, depending on the rest of your facial features. If you request the surgeon to make the hairline too low, it wouldn’t look natural. If you want to find out how low your hairline would go, stand in front of your mirror and raise your brows. Your forehead will form wrinkles. The area above the wrinkles is the lowest your hairline can be.

Are There Some Other Surgical Procedures for Reducing the Size of the Forehead? 

Two cosmetic surgeries can achieve this result. The first one being forehead reduction surgery. This surgery specifically intends to reduce the size of the forehead. The other is the brow lift surgery. In this surgery, the size of the forehead is reduced as a consequence of the brow lift. The kind of procedure you get depends on your preferences and needs.

What is Forehead Reduction Surgery? 

To perform a forehead reduction surgery, the surgeon makes an incision along the hairline of the patient from one ear to the other. Once that’s done, a portion of the skin of the forehead gets removed by the surgeon. Then the scalp is pulled forward to reduce its size. The thing about this procedure is that it can leave a scar along the hairline. It might be visible if you decide to keep your hair short, which is certainly not desired by many males.

There’s another problem that you can incur before even having the surgery. So, for you to be considered a suitable candidate the surgeon will pinch your forehead to find out if it has good elasticity. If your skin isn’t elastic enough, the surgeon cannot pull it to meet the skin of your forehead.

What is Brow Lift Surgery? 

Your eyebrows may sag and droop as a result of ageing. Many women undergo brow lift surgery to raise the eyebrows for a more youthful appearance. The drooping eyebrows can even obstruct the vision of the person. They might also look sad or angry all the time.

Visible scarring is a problem with this procedure. You might also end up losing your hair along with the site of the incision. Apart from that, brow lift surgery doesn’t primarily intend to reduce the size of the forehead. Therefore, it is not recommended if you are aiming to only reduce the size of your forehead.

How Hairline Transplant Procedure Differs from Forehead Reduction Surgery?

If you’re thinking of how to get a smaller forehead, a hairline transplant might be the way to go. Hairline transplant procedure can take place under local anaesthesia. Because of anaesthesia, the recovery time period is shorter as compared to forehead reduction surgery. Moreover, you wouldn’t have to worry about scarring as the procedure doesn’t require any stitches. The aftercare is also not that difficult. However, the hairline transplant recovery can take up to 8-12 months on average. Therefore, you’ll have to wait for at least a year before enjoying the results of your surgery but you can rest assured that it will give a natural appearance.

The surgeons mostly apply general anaesthesia for forehead reduction surgery. The aftercare process becomes more difficult in this case. You need to keep in mind that scarring is a major problem with this surgery. The stitches can also make the aftercare process more painful but the results are much quicker as compared to the hair transplant procedure. You can see the change after the surgery takes place.

With a hairline transplant procedure, you can reduce the size of your forehead and take care of your receding hairline.  If you’re experiencing hair loss, the receding hairline can increase the height of your forehead. In this case, a hairline transplant procedure is recommended. Because even if you undergo other cosmetic surgeries, you will continue to lose hair. Thus, your hairline will keep pushing back, and the size of your forehead will increase again.

Is Hair Transplant Procedure A Better Option? 

There are a few reasons why you may prefer having a hair transplant procedure over forehead reduction surgery. So, let’s take a look at them:

You Get to Decide Your New Hairline with Hairline Transplant 

If you’re getting a hairline transplant procedure, you have more control over the final results of the surgery. This is because you get to decide the shape of your new hairline. Of course, before the surgery takes place, the surgeon will discuss your preferences and desires. He/she will then make recommendations to you depending on your facial structure. Therefore, if you have special preferences regarding the pattern and shape of their hairline, you should get this procedure.

Poor Skin Elasticity 

Before the forehead reduction surgery takes place, the surgeon will check the elasticity of your skin. If your skin is too tight, you might not undergo this surgery. Because the surgeon can’t stitch it back up the skin to your forehead. But you can have a hairline transplant to achieve the same results.

In Conclusion 

Many people feel uncomfortable with their appearance if they believe their forehead to be disproportionately large. It can even lower your self-esteem. There are different reasons for a large forehead. Many people experience a receding hairline and an increase in the size of their forehead as a result. In this case, a hairline transplant procedure is especially recommended to you. The procedure will not only make sure that the transplanted follicles grow into new hair, but it will also reduce the size of your forehead. However, that’s not the only reason for getting this surgery.

Your genes play an important role in determining your overall facial features. You might just be born with a large forehead, which can make you feel unattractive and lack confidence in the way you look. So, if you’re wondering about the solution, the surgeon might recommend a hairline transplant procedure. This procedure can also help you in achieving the size that you desire. So, you shouldn’t hesitate to come to Turkey for your surgery. Our expert team will make sure to cater to all your needs so that you can have a smooth hairline transplant journey with us.

You can also undergo brow lift surgery and forehead reduction surgery to achieve the same results. However, these two can leave visible scarring, which is of quite some concern to the patients. Still, it’s not necessary that you might end up getting a hairline transplant procedure. You can discuss your preferences with the surgeon. We will then recommend you a bespoke treatment plan accordingly. You can request a free phone call with us right now. Whatsapp