Choosing The Right City To Have Hair Transplant

Choosing The Right City To Have Hair Transplant

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How To Choose A Hair Transplant Location

Longevita is proud to provide hair transplant in Turkey at multiple locations. Hair loss is becoming an increasingly apparent or upsetting problem for both men and women. Longevita facilitates long-term solutions by choosing two locations that are accessible, both financially and easy to get to, for all patients to receive quality hair transplants.

Longevita has its first clinic in Istanbul, Turkey’s largest and most cosmopolitan city. Hair transplant in Istanbul is perfect for those who are looking for a larger experience. A hair transplant in Istanbul can be bookended by activities within the city, which is perfect for those who are looking to go through the process as discreetly as possible, as patients are still able to enjoy a ‘holiday’ experience. Known as the city of two continents, Istanbul sits on the Bosporus, which is a narrow stretch of water that separates Greece (and Europe) from Turkey (Asia). Travellers visit to shop in the small alleys and fantastic stools of the Grand Bazar and to witness the astounding landmarks such as the Blue Mosque, the Topkapı Palace and so much more! If exploring after hair transplant in Istanbul, remember to follow our aftercare guide to ensure no damage is done to the implantation sites.

Longevita also has world-class facilities in Izmir. Hair transplant in Izmir is every bit as good as those in Istanbul at Longevita facilities; transplants are performed by leading surgeons, clinics and advanced technologies are to the same impeccable standards and accommodation is comfortable and relaxing. Hair transplant in Izmir just provides a different experience. The city is still rich with a fantastic history and colourful, Turkish culture, but Izmir just runs at a slower pace; many choose to visit the Clock Tower, Asansö and Kordon, which is best enjoyed from the deck of a ferry. Izmir also offers more regional, traditional cuisine; patients and visitors can sample a “bomba tatlısı”, which is a special, sweet dessert.

Both cities have so much to offer, both for hair transplant in Turkey and for those who wish to sightsee or explore. The hardest question is ‘Which city suits me best?’ Our guide is here to help you answer that.


Where Should I Go For Hair Transplant?

Compare The Cost Of Hair Transplant in Turkey

Hair transplant in Izmir is usually an overall, cheaper option. This is because Izmir is a smaller, lesser-known city and the accommodation and extras are available at much lower costs. Think of Izmir as Manchester and Istanbul as London, prices are set according to the status of the area. In addition, although the medical facilities are all world-class in Izmir, as with all amenities, hospitals and clinics are usually more affordable.



Flights are not included in the packages for hair transplant in Turkey. This is because many of our patients want to bookend their trip and choose to spend their two-week recovery period in the plush, comfortable accommodation that’s available in world-class cities. This means it’s another important consideration for the hair transplant experience, but also the cost.

As an extremely popular tourist destination, flights to Istanbul are available at very reasonable prices with both budget, standard and luxury airlines. This will help to keep the cost of hair transplant in Istanbul down. As an added benefit, they also run frequently for even better convenience.

Typical flight prices for hair transplant Istanbul:

Budget Airline: £70

Luxury Airline: £400+

The cost of flights will depend on the time of year, as peak season inflates the price of airline seats.

In contrast, those flying to Izmir often have to stop off in Istanbul first. It is hard, and sometimes expensive to get direct flights into the smaller city. Flights with a stop off in Istanbul are less convenient and more time consuming. It can suit those who want to combine their hair transplant in Izmir with an extended cultural experience, but it is important to remember the limitations after a hair transplant.

Indirect flights can also boost the overall cost of hair transplant in Izmir, but more flights run during peak seasons. These become more frequent from March through until September.

Typically, flights to Izmir cost upwards of £100.



The standards of facilities and accommodations chosen by Longevita are the same in both cities. Choosing a hair transplant in Turkey will come down to personal preference and time constraints versus cost. All Longevita clinics are well equipped with both industry-leading technology and experienced, highly educated surgeons.

Patients who are happy for a longer trip or who are on a tighter budget would be better suited for hair transplant in Izmir.

Patients who are under strict time restraints or just prefer a simpler journey would be better suited for hair transplant in Istanbul.

At Longevita, our team of experienced medical staff and coordinators will be able to help you choose the package that suits your circumstances best. Whatsapp