Bumped Head After Hair Transplant: Did You Harm The Grafts?

bumped head after hair transplant

Unfortunately, patients often report a bumped head after hair transplant. Since the transplanted grafts don’t firmly anchor to the scalp for some time after surgery, it is worrisome. You can end up displacing the grafts in such a way that they aren’t able to get sufficient oxygen and nutrients needed for growth. Their complete extrusion is another scenario. 

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Hair Transplant Side Effects

hair transplant side effects

According to the NHS, the hair transplant is “generally a safe procedure.” However, still, it has certain risks that come with almost every surgery. Your surgeon should discuss all the hair transplant side effects with you before the surgery takes place.

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Scalp Necrosis After Hair Transplant

scalp necrosis after hair transplant

Every surgery comes with its risks and complications. Scalp necrosis after hair transplant is a rare but dangerous complication of the surgery. By knowing its signs and symptoms, you can limit the impact area and ensure a quick intervention. It can also help in preventing further damage to the surgical outcome.

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Does Scalp Massage Help Hair Growth?

does scalp massage help hair growth

Good massages are exquisite. They almost make you forget about everything else that’s going on in your surroundings. Massages are a wonderful way to de-stress yourself. And the wonderful thing about them is that they have health benefits too. 

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What is Longevita’s Hair Transplant Warranty?

hair transplanr warranty

Warranties ensure that people have peace of mind and are completely satisfied when they’re making a purchase. Of course, warranties stand for a lot if you’re paying a large sum of money to buy something. 

When you’re getting surgery performed that’ll change the way you look, a warranty can make you feel more confident about your choice of clinic. This is one reason why Longevita offers a lifetime hair transplant warranty. 

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Hair Transplant Pictures: Why You Need To Send Them & Best Way To Take Them

hair transplant pictures 1

The hard part is over. You’ve had hair transplant surgery. But what many people forget about the hair transplant journey is its aftercare process. It plays a very crucial role in determining the overall success of your surgery

Once you’ve had the surgery, you can’t expect things to quickly go back to normal. It’ll take some time and patience. And to make sure that everything’s going smoothly, you need to send us your hair transplant pictures. 

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Should You Use Derma Roller for Hair Growth?

derma roller for hair growth

Originally used for treating acne scars, the way derma rollers or micro-needling works, its application has extended to treating hair loss. Derma roller for hair growth might seem like a fairly new treatment, but it has been around for quite many years.

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