12 Effective Natural Hair Growth Tips

Truth be told, the average person’s hair only grows about a quarter of an inch a month, and if your hair is damaged by over-styling or health issues, chances are it won’t even grow that much. While there aren’t any real miracle cures for faster-growing hair, there are some natural hair growth tips that can help speed up the process.

Have a Healthy Diet 

“You are what you eat” applies to the health of your hair, and because your hair is made of protein, it just makes sense that you should make sure you get a healthy amount in your diet. People on extreme weight loss programs experience hair loss because of nutritional deficiencies. Those with an eating disorder might also have stunted hair growth because of this very reason. 

A well-balanced diet rich in protein and high fibre, calcium loaded foods will encourage healthy hair growth. Focus on following a diet rich in whole grains, calcium and cysteine, an amino acid that promotes hair growth. Cysteine can be found in foods that include eggs, poultry, red peppers, onion, garlic, Brussel sprouts, broccoli, oatmeal, and yoghurt. 

You should also get your fill of biotin from foods like soybeans, fish, peanuts and almonds. You’ll also want to consume the right kinds of fat – Omega 3s found in plant and marine oils. B complex supplements that contain fish oils can help speed up hair follicle growth.

Avoid Excessive Hair-Styling 

Excessive heat from flat ironing or blow drying can also damage your hair, so allow it to air dry as often as possible. Also, avoid repeatedly curling, bleaching, straightening, colouring and perming your hair if you want it to grow because they can all cause heat damage. 

It’s a myth that brushing your hair 100 times a day will make it grow. In actuality, frequently brushing your hair will pull it out. Also, when you do comb, do it when your hair’s dry because it’s particularly vulnerable when it’s wet. When you do comb your hair use a wide-toothed comb. 

Other than that, tight hairstyles are also not a good idea because they can result in permanent hair loss, a condition known as traction alopecia. According to Hopkins Medicine, it is more common in African women because of hairstyles like dreadlocks, weaves, and extensions.

Treat Yourself to a Scalp Massage

One of the most popular natural hair growth tips is a scalp massage. It will not only feel great but will encourage blood flow to your scalp, helping nutrients get to your hair follicles. Massages are also helpful in dislodging gunk from the scalp. The anti-stress effect of massages can also help keep telogen effluvium at bay. You could give yourself a quick and easy scalp massage in the shower while you shampoo/rinse out your hair every time you wash. 

Another great option would be to use olive, coconut or jojoba oil and give yourself a weekly scalp massage, putting just a few drops of the oil on your fingertips and massaging it into your roots. If you have oily to normal hair, you can rinse it out or if your hair is dry or damaged, leave it in overnight. As hair growth tips go, giving yourself a scalp massage is one of the most enjoyable ones. 

Manage Stress 

One of the main triggers of hair loss and receding hairlines is stress and anxiety. Stress can speed up hair loss if you’re already prone to it, or it can simply trigger it too in a variety of different ways. 

One trigger for alopecia areata is extreme stress, and it’s a condition that can cause every single hair on a person’s head to fall off in some extreme cases. 

If you find yourself feeling especially stressed, if possible, sit back and relax. Remind yourself that things aren’t necessarily as bad as you think and that you can always find a solution to your problems. Have a warm bath, listen to some calming music or read a book, and get an early night.

One of the best ways to fight against stress is through exercise. Going to the gym, jogging or at least walking for a few days a week will definitely help you to reduce stress. 

Get Your Hair Trimmed

It’s definitely a good idea to get your hair trimmed regularly. Those split ends can travel up the length of your hair shaft, weakening it. That doesn’t mean that you should always keep your hair short. One way to know that you need a haircut is that the end of your hair will feel tangly, dry and brittle. A closer look at your hair will also show those split ends. This is one of the oft-overlooked natural hair growth tips. 

Moisturize Your Hair 

Conventionally, your face is thought of as something that needs moisturization. However, your hair also needs it. Otherwise, it’ll get dry and brittle, making it prone to breakage. The use of coconut milk, banana, avocado, honey and shea butter will also leave your hair soft and shiny. Either you can make these masks at home or buy shampoos and conditioners with these ingredients. 

Sleep Well 

That means at least 7 to 8 hours. Some might try to pull all-nighters watching movies or trying to catch up with their work. It is definitely not the best idea, and you should refrain from it. The reason for it is that there is a link between stress and sleeplessness. And stress can cause telogen effluvium, a temporary condition but distressing nonetheless. 

Get Platelet-Rich Plasma Therapy 

Platelet-rich plasma is an unconventional natural hair growth tip, but it is something that uses a person’s own blood. The plasma concentrate not only promotes healing, but the proteins in it also help with hair growth. 

Apply At-Home Hair Masks 

Among natural hair growth tips are at-home masks making use of ingredients that you can find in your kitchen cupboards:

Coconut Oil 

Natural coconut oil is one of the healthiest and most beneficial ingredients out there. It is popularly used in many different natural hair growth tips. The oil is anti-fungal, is anti-microbial, is packed full of beneficial nutrients, and it is all-natural as well. 

According to a study published in the Journal of Cosmetic Science, coconut oil is better than sunflower oil or mineral oil. Because of its lower molecular weight and affinity for proteins, it can go deep into the shaft of damaged hair. The oil strengthens natural proteins in the hair, helping to make each strand stronger and healthier.

Onion Juice 

A key root vegetable that anyone should eat or make a juice of for applying to their hair is an onion. Although it might leave you with bad breath or tears in your eyes, the sulfur in its juice is actually perfect for hair growth and preventing hair loss. 

Moreover, for those who have dry hair and keep losing them at the slightest touch, onion can greatly help you. Increasing blood circulation in the scalp, onion helps with hair growth. It can also help fight off infections, potentially protecting the scalp against conditions like seborrheic dermatitis


The use of eggs has been popular among natural hair growth tips. Egg yolk or whites both are used depending on the type of your hair. Yolks for those who have dry hair and egg whites for those who have oily hair. 

Together the egg is rich in fats, proteins, and vitamins, which can help moisturise your hair, nourish and give them a shinier look, prevent hair loss, and even promote its growth. However, egg masks are usually conventional wisdom, as research on their benefits has not been conducted. 

Apple Cider Vinegar 

A natural hair care tip for those who’re suffering from an itchy scalp is the application of apple cider vinegar. However, be very careful about diluting it with water; otherwise, it can burn your skin. It can help make your hair shinier, tangle-free, and leave them strengthened.

You can also add some other items for your hair, such as tea tree oil (good for dandruff), coconut milk, honey and banana combo as a conditioner, and fenugreek seeds in combination with yoghurt or lemon juice. While you’re going to use any hair mask, you should know exactly what your hair type is. Otherwise, some masks work better for dry hair than others. Some might over-dry your hair, which is why you’d need to find out what ingredients will best suit you. Many have been popularly used in different natural hair growth tips.

Concluding Remarks 

There are many people who struggle with hair loss for one reason or another. Sometimes it’s temporary, while at other times, it is permanent. If you’re struggling with dull, dry hair, it’s possible that these natural hair growth tips might just be enough for you. However, if the shedding is excessive, either gradual or sudden, you need to consult your dermatologist. 

Sometimes hair loss is avoidable like to nutritional deficiencies, but if genetic, hormonal or illnesses are behind it, it becomes much more difficult to control or deal with. Those who’re suffering from androgenetic alopecia or traction alopecia cannot find their cure in the above measures. You might be recommended treatment options like minoxidil, finasteride or hair transplant

Reviewed and Approved by Trichologist Yaprak Yazan

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