The Most Iconic TV Hair, According to Pinterest

From the iconic Rachel haircut to Carrie Bradshaws’ wild waves, TV hairstyles have undoubtedly paved the way for some of the most memorable hair trends in pop culture today.

When it comes to looking for inspiration for haircuts and styles, TV is where we draw from, and when looking for this hair inspo, many of us turn to Pinterest. 

This intrigued the haircare experts at to discover which TV show is inspiring hair trends the most. They collated a list of the most iconic TV hairstyles and scraped Pinterest data to see which show has the most dedicated pins and boards.

The Most Iconic TV Hair can reveal the TV show inspiring us the most with their #HairGoals is Game of Thrones. The show boasts a total of 30,604 combined pins and boards on Pinterest. 

The home to dragons and all things magical has 30,263 hair-related pins and 341 boards alone, with Queen Daenerys’s iconic braids giving us the ultimate hair envy. 

In second place is Gossip Girl. Blair Waldorf’s chunky headbands and Serena Van Der Woodsen’s luscious golden locks helped the show bring in 12,657 boards and pins combined. 

Placing third is Sex and the City, with the dynamic foursome comprising of Carrie, Miranda, Samantha and Charlotte navigating their way through love, sex and New York. They clearly inspired us with their hair as the show boasts a total of 4,522 pins and boards. 

In fourth is the police academy-trained private detectives Charlie’s Angels. Their classic 70s blowout rallied up 3,817 total pins and boards. 

Taking the fifth spot is the British period crime drama Peaky Blinders. The classic Thomas Shelby cut saw 304 Pinterest boards alone, and a total of 2,476 with pins combined. 

In sixth is Bewitched with a total of 1,022 pins and boards, in seventh is Bridgerton with 468 and in eighth is The Last Kingdom with 343.

Placing ninth is The Queen’s Gambit with 252, and rounding off the top 10 is Vikings, with a total of 216 hair related pins and boards. 

Other Shows That Looked Into 

  • Friends (147 combined boards and pins)
  • The Fresh Prince of Bel Air (36 combined boards and pins)
  • Saved by the Bell (29 combined boards and pins) 
  • Desperate Housewives (7 combined boards and pins)


Longevita Hair Transplant put together a list of TV shows known for their iconic hairstyles based on a variety of articles recognising the show for their hair.

Search quarries structured as ‘[TV Show] hairstyle’ were then used to scrape Pinterest data to find the number of boards and pins associated, to determine which TV hair was the most popular.

A third-party Pinterest API called py3-pinterest was used acquire the data. The number of boards returned for each query was capped at a maximum of 999.

It is to be noted, with this web scraping approach, these figures are an estimation as some pins and boards including photos of the TV hair did not have a description or title, so so had to be filtered manually at discretion.

Boards that were not relevant to the search term were removed at discretion. Shows that did not have conclusive results were dropped altogether and other search terms were also used in an attempt to retrieve relevant results.

All data was collected on 22/04/2021.

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