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Piercing blue eyes, a chiselled jawline, and a British accent, what’s not to like about Jude Law? From his early days, he was dubbed the Hollywood boy, fancied for his looks. Of course, no one could ignore his tousled, bed hair with that striking v-hairline. His performances aside, it’s that hairline of his that has gotten more attention than anything. Many suspect that the rumours of Jude Law’s hair transplant are true. 

However, the problem is that when you have a hair transplant, your hairline doesn’t really go back and forth like that. That’s the point of a hair transplant. But since that’s exactly what’s been happening with Jude Law’s hair for the past decade or so, many people are left scratching their heads. So, what is actually going on with his hairline? But first, some introductions are in order. 

Who Is Jude Law?

If nothing else, you’d probably have seen Jude Law as Dickie in Talented Mr Ripley. The psychological thriller that came out in 1999 gave the actor his big break. In fact, Dickie Greenleaf is one of the most iconic roles of the British actor. However, that wasn’t his first gig. Jude Law had started acting 7 years before that but as a stage actor. 

Jude Law 2016 2

He was praised for his work there, even getting a Tony nomination, but he first made it to the big screen alongside Ethan Hawke in Gattaca, which came out in 1997. However, it was for his role in Talented Mr Ripley that he got his first Academy nomination.

He even ended up winning a BAFTA for that. Thereon, it was only going uphill for the actor. He was a part of many other successful ventures like Cold Mountain (for which he got his second Academy nomination), Road To Perdition, AI, Contagion, and Spy, among others.  

More recently, he gained popularity for playing young Dumbledore in The Fantastic Beasts franchise. Safe to say that the actor has been in the limelight for a long time. And many have noticed the changes that he has gone through over the years. However, it’s his hair (since the beginning) that has been a subject of much debate and discussion, but why exactly? 

What’s Going On With Jude Law’s Hair? 

Jude Law’s hair seems to have a life of its own. It comes and goes, but there may be a pattern there. So, let’s take a look at it: 

Messy, Tousled Long Hair 

That’s how it started. A few years before Talented Mr Ripley came out, Jude Law had a long, blonde mane that would slightly curl at the top. Even back then, you could see the v-shape of his hairline, but it was very subtle.

Fast forward to him playing Dickie, and everyone wanted to have his hair. His hair had good density (although the v had become more prominent), and it was parted at the side, still a bit messy (but in a very charming way!).

Jude Law's spiky hair
Jude Law’s spiky hair

It is true that no one liked Dickie, but the same cannot be said about his hair, even though he had started losing it. For many years, he continued to have this kind of hairstyle, where his hair would be messy but gelled at the front so that the bald spots on the sides of the v would remain hidden. 

Hats & Buzzcut 

Wearing hats is one of the most common things people do when they lose their hair. Understandably, Jude Law took the same course. He wore fedoras for a long time before he donned one as young Albus. Now, it could be just a fashion statement, but the actor wasn’t really much of a fashionista in his early days. So, it’s likely that hair loss prompted him to wear a hat. 

But soon enough, the hat was gone because the hair had been razed to the ground. Another thing that people who are losing their hair do is shave their heads entirely. But Jude Law didn’t end up with a shiny bald done; he just had a buzzcut.

Jude Law Buzzcut

You could see the dark follicles on the head. But once the long locks were gone, you could clearly see how little of his fringe was left. Obviously, everyone thought it would be downhill from there, but that wasn’t the case.


In 2015 and 2016, Jude Law had 2 notable releases, and in both of them, his hair took the spotlight. The movie Spy came out in 2015, and in that movie, the actor’s hair looks better than ever.

His hairline moved forward (instead of going backwards), and the overall density also seemed to be quite good. So, it was rumoured that maybe Jude Law had finally bit the bullet and gotten a hair transplant. 

However, come the premiere of the TV series The Young Pope, Jude Law’s hair had reversed back. Although in the drama itself, his hair is, again, quite full, owing to a hairpiece. And it was most likely a hairpiece in the Spy movie too. 

Jude Laws hair loss in 2015

Secret Hair Treatment (Maybe?) 

There’s never knowing what will happen next with Jude Law’s hair. And so, he surprised everyone yet again in Fantastic Beasts. The previously dwindling front fringe had regained some strength, so it didn’t look as sparse anymore. It’s possible that he wore a toupee, but you couldn’t tell from his photos. Another explanation may be that he had started using minoxidil and finasteride

There are hair loss drugs that can help hair regrow as long as you use them. The problem is it can cause very serious side effects, so he may have discontinued these medicines before the results became apparent.

He may also have had platelet-rich plasma therapy, in which growth factors help stimulate growth. But that would only give temporary results if the hair loss is permanent. In any case, Jude Law didn’t seem to have had a hair transplant. 

scalp injection
PRP treatment for hair loss can be done alone or in combination with hair transplants.

What Kind Of Hair Loss Is Jude Law Experiencing? 

Jude Law most definitely has what’s known as androgenetic alopecia or male pattern baldness. It occurs due to a combination of genes and hormones, and there’s nothing that you can do to stop it. However, the pattern of Jude Law’s hair loss is quite unique. And it may be because of the shape of his natural hairline. 

Jude Law's hairline recession
Jude Law’s hair in 2019

Usually, if someone has pattern baldness, they start losing hair along the hairline. Meanwhile, their crown region also starts to thin. It eventually leads to the complete loss of hair on top of the head. But from Jude’s photos, you can see it’s only the front area that’s affected. The v became u, and even that too will disappear soon enough. This type of hair loss pattern falls under Norwood A-classification. In this case, too, the top of the head will go bald.    

Did Jude Law Ever Admit To Getting A Hair Transplant? 

Jude Law’s hair transplant may just be a myth. The actor himself has never admitted to getting a hair transplant. And if he did have a hair transplant, the results wouldn’t be like this. The hairline doesn’t shift forward or backwards after the surgery; it stays in place. That’s because the results are permanent.  

When the situation demands it (like his role in Spy), the actor makes do with a hairpiece. But other than that, he seems to have embraced his hairline. Maybe, he’ll decide to have a hair transplant in the future. Regardless, he’s undeniably handsome, even in his late 40s. 

Jude Law's hairline in 2016
Jude Law’s hairline in 2016


Jude Law’s hair transplant is nothing but a rumour. While the actor started losing his hair early in his career, it didn’t stop him from landing big roles. That’s because he’s a great actor and hair or no hair, he’s pretty darn handsome! Keep in mind that the kind of hair loss that Jude Law is suffering from is irreversible. It’s genetic. However, not all the hair on the scalp is affected. 

The hair on the back and sides of the scalp is usually spared. In a hair transplant, that hair is then relocated to the balding regions so that there’s coverage and the bald area grows hair again. But remember that androgenetic alopecia is just one type of hair loss. You can lose your hair due to other reasons. And it’s important to understand the cause of hair loss before you start any treatment. For that, make sure to get in touch with a medical professional. 

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