10 Common Hair Loss Questions

10 Common Hair Loss Questions

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10 common hair loss questions

Losing your hair can be a difficult and worrying time. For some, it can have a major impact on their self-confidence. We’ve taken the time to answer some of the most common hair loss questions to help put your mind at ease. If you are at all concerned about your health, you should always consult your doctor for advice.

What causes hair loss in men?

Men are generally more susceptible to hair loss than women. This is because they are prone to suffering from male pattern baldness, a condition which is genetic. Other causes of hair loss include alopecia, a medical condition which causes hair loss, thyroid disease, medication and a stressful lifestyle although these causes are not exclusive to men.

What causes hair loss in women?

While women don’t experience male pattern baldness, some women do experience hair loss caused by hormonal fluctuations, particularly around the time of the menopause or if they are pregnant. Women can also lose their hair due to alopecia, nutritional deficiencies and illnesses just as men can.

Can home remedies cure baldness?

There are a number of home remedies being circulated online which claim to cure baldness. Unfortunately, there is no scientific evidence to back up the effectiveness of these treatments. However, for mild hair loss a healthy diet rich in a variety of vitamins and minerals can help. It’s a good idea to ensure that you are leading a healthy lifestyle regardless.

Can I make my thin hair thicker?

In some cases, individuals can benefit from hair thickening treatments such as over the counter and home remedies. However, this will depend on the cause of their hair loss. If your lifestyle is having a detrimental effect on your health then you might benefit from a hair thickening treatment but if your hair loss is genetic these are less likely to have an impact.

How can I regrow my hair?

Again, this will depend on the cause of your hair loss. For people with stress-induced hair loss or mild alopecia, hair will usually grow back within a few months. A healthy lifestyle and nutritious diet can help with this and supplements or medication may be advised, but it is best to consult your doctor before taking medication for hair regrowth. In severe cases, laser therapy might be required to stimulate hair regrowth.

Are hair transplants expensive?

If you are considering a hair transplant to remedy your hair loss, you might be concerned about the cost. The cost of your hair transplant will depend on your choice of practitioner. On average, a UK hair transplant can cost anywhere between £1,000 and £30,000 depending on the extent of your hair loss. The cost for these procedures can be considerably lower abroad.

Will people be able to tell I’ve had a hair transplant?

Many people are concerned that their friends and colleagues will be able to tell they have had a hair transplant. If you want to keep your surgery a secret, you might need to keep out of sight or wear a hat for a few weeks after the surgery as the area may be noticeably red.

Does a hair transplant hurt?

Most patients describe the experience as uncomfortable rather than painful, although of course this can vary from person to person. You should only need mild painkillers to treat your post-surgery pain for a few days.

How do I choose a surgeon?

Choosing a surgeon can be a daunting prospect, particularly if you are looking to take advantage of cheaper prices abroad. This is a matter of personal preference but in general you want to look for qualified surgeons and quality clinics. You should always choose a surgeon who can provide you with previous clients contact details so you can learn about their experiences instead of trusting potentially unreliable online reviews. At Longevita, we have a database with all our previous clients who have told us they don’t mind being contacted by prospective patients.

How long does it take to recover after a hair transplant?

Most people are able to return to their everyday activities after a couple of days of rest. You should give your body time to recover before returning to more strenuous activity, such as exercise and heavy lifting.

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