Gareth Bale’s Hair Transplant

Hailed as a Wales, Tottenham, and Real Madrid legend, Gareth Bale has cemented his place in football history by scoring some of the most iconic goals. While he was arguably a very polarising figure in the sport, his sheer talent cannot be denied even though the forward is now retired.

But one of the many things for which Gareth Bale has caught the attention of the media is actually his hair. The social media, in particular, went into a frenzy on noticing a very large bald spot near his sleek man bun.

While he seems to have gotten his locks back, what happened to Gareth Bale’s hair because the alopecia did seem a bit out of place? And what might have he done to get his hair back? Let’s find out if there’s any truth to Gareth Bale’s hair transplant rumours.

Who Is Gareth Bale?

Born on July 16, 1989 in Cardiff, Gareth Bale is a retired footballer who not only captained Wales’ national football team but also played for one of the biggest football clubs, Real Madrid for which he scored 41 and 106 goals, respectively. Starting his career with Southampton in 2006, he was only 9 when he first caught the attention of the club.

Gareth Bale

However, after one season with the club, he joined the Hotspurs for a reportedly £10 million deal. During his time there, he helped the club qualify for the Champions League for the first time in history.

With him by their side, Tottenham also got the taste of their first Premier League win, and that too against Manchester United. In 2013, Bale eventually landed in Real Madrid for what was considered a world-record-breaking deal of £86 million.

Although his time with the club ended on a low, Bale had many extraordinary moments with Real – his Euro 2016 heroics and the Champions League final against Liverpool forever etched into the minds of his fans. “Wales. Golf. Madrid. In that order,” it was for Bale, and he’s been playing golf, among other activities, since his retirement from football.

What Was Going On With Gareth Bale’s Hair?

While Bale’s top knot had a following of its own, it seems like that was actually what led to the downfall of his hair. That’s because tight hairstyles can cause a type of hair loss known as traction alopecia. When the hair is tightly bound, it can put pressure on the hair, force it out of its roots and even damage the follicles.

When such hairstyles are worn for a long time, they can even cause permanent hair loss. And it should also be noted that traction alopecia can affect different parts of the scalp. It could be your hairline, temples or even the crown area (where Bale’s bun was tied).

Hairline loss

While some also speculated that Gareth Bale’s hair loss was due to pattern baldness, it seems less likely. The bald patch photographed in Euro 2016 was limited to one area of his scalp. Pattern baldness, on the other hand, is progressive and usually engulfs the entire front and top of the head all the way to the crown. So, it’s possible that Gareth Bale’s hairstyle is what was “going on” with his hair.

Does Bale Have A Bald Patch?

Gale’s recent pictures with his long, flowy locks don’t seem to hint at a bald patch anymore. However, in 2017, The Sun reported a source on Gareth Bale’s bald patch, and he was also photographed with one in both 2016 and 2017.

According to the source, Gareth was apparently using his “man bun” to “cover his bald patch” and even considering of getting a transplantation surgery (after finishing the season in May) to fix it. It was also reported that Gareth had consulted a fellow player, Joe Ledley, who’d recommended a clinic where the surgery was done for £10,000.

Did Gareth Bale Use His Famous Man Bun To Hide His Bald Spot?

According to the source at The Sun, Gareth Bale was using his man bun to hide his bald spot. However, the footballer himself hasn’t said anything about it. If his hair loss was caused by the tight knot, using it to try and hide his hair loss would’ve only worsened it further.

Gareth Bale's hair in 2017
Gareth Bale’s Hair Bun in 2017

Has Gareth Bale Had A Hair Transplant?

It’s been speculated that Gareth Bale had a hair transplant to cover his bald spot. However, whether or not he would’ve needed the surgery would’ve depended on the permanence and reversibility of his hair loss.

Hair follicles

Traction alopecia isn’t always permanent, but if the hairstyles are worn for a long time (as seemed to be in Gareth’s case), it can become permanent. So, it’s possible that he had a hair transplant to restore hair in that area.

Gareth Bale’s Hair Transplant Before And After

You’ll notice how Gareth Bale’s hairline is the same because if he had the surgery it probably didn’t need any grafts. The problem was the bald spot in the crown.

Gareth Bale’s before hair transplantation (all alleged):

Gareth Bale's hair in 2014
Gareth Bale’s Hair in 2014

Gareth Bale’s hair in 2018 (after the reports of the hair transplant):

Gareth Bales hair in 2018
Gareth Bale’s Hair in 2018

Gareth Bale’s hair in 2022:

Gareth Bale's hair after alleged transplant in 2022
Gareth Bale’s Hair in 2022


The hair transplantation of Gareth Bale’s bald spot doesn’t seem too far-fetched, especially seeing how his hair made a recovery.

However, as far as the reported cost of his hair transplant goes, it’s definitely on the pricier side. About the overall price, you also need to keep in mind the balder you are, the more grafts you’ll need and the more it will cost you.

So, if you’re looking to undergo a quality hair transplant at an affordable price, you can consider a hair transplant in Turkey. Make sure to do your research, and you can find a good clinic/surgeon.

But if you’re experiencing hair loss, you should first and foremost consult a medical professional for a proper diagnosis. Your doctor will also recommend a suitable treatment plan to you.

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