Deciding to Have Hair Transplant Before Your Wedding Day

Deciding to Have Hair Transplant Before Your Wedding Day

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A wedding day brings so much love, joy and excitement, but on the build-up to the big day, there is so much stress and organisation – things to plan and things to consider. One of the biggest concerns, for both men and women, is their personal appearance on their wedding day. The knowledge that there are going to be photographs and all eyes on them can fuel many people with dread, particularly if they are not confident in their appearance or it has started to change over time. Wedding diets are extremely commonplace but other concerns with appearance are also considered during this time, including a hair transplant before the wedding.

A hair transplant can help those who are experiencing an accelerated rate of hair loss. We know that hair loss affects individuals psychologically as well as physically, because it is intrinsically connected with how we recognise and identify ourselves. Thus, this concern becomes more and more apparent as we reach milestones in our lives, which obviously includes an upcoming wedding. It is important to feel your best on your wedding day, which is why many turn to hair transplants as a way to boost their self-confidence.

Choosing The Best Method for Hair Transplant Before A Wedding

Hair transplant before a wedding depends on the available time frame. This is because the full re-growth period for the most common, and the most popular, methods of hair transplant in 12 months. However, those researching hair transplants before a wedding should also note that individuals heal differently. This means that the anticipated recovery time will differ from case to case. It will also depend on the method of hair transplant used.

The chosen method of hair transplant before wedding used will depend on the bride or groom’s hair type and rate of hair loss. For example, some hair types are more suited to FUT hair transplant simply because of their natural hair follicles (coarse and curly). Oftentimes, FUT hair transplant before weddings will need to be performed with a bigger buffer for the healing period. This is to ensure that the scar in the donor area can be covered. FUE hair transplant is the most common method of hair transplant. This is because it is scar free, less invasive and delivers impressive, successful results.

Female Hair Transplant Before Weddings

Hair loss can be an emotional time for anyone, but women experience a lot of external pressure from beauty standards to have long, thick hair because it appears feminine. For this reason, many women consider and undergo hair transplant before their weddings. Women are still subject to the same criteria for hair transplant and the options available to them will depend on the degree of hair loss, as well as their hair type and health.

For example, those who have experienced hormonal hair loss and are thinning in their parting or at their crown may be best suited to simple, out-patient PRP injections. This super-affordable treatment can naturally stimulate regrowth in the desired areas. For women who require a more thorough or robust treatment, unshaven hair transplant procedures do not require the patient to shave their head, which makes it particularly popular with those who wish to keep their treatment as discreet and as undetectable as possible. An unshaven hair transplant (U-FUE) follows the same principles as the FUE technique but surgeons will negotiate around the existing, healthy hairs. The results will appear natural and although the re-growth period is the same as other treatments, the results can blend in with the rest of the hair, which makes it popular for brides seeking hair transplants before weddings.

After Care for Wedding Day Hair Transplants

Post operative care is just as important for the results of a hair transplant before weddings. It is important to follow the aftercare instructions provided by the medical team, as these are designed to ensure the transplanted follicles are not dislodged or agitated.

Here at Longevita, we provide comprehensive aftercare packages to ensure that the transplant will be a success. 80% of patients see their full results after 6 months, however, we recommend that patients allow a year of regrowth for hair transplant before a wedding, just for a comfortable cushion of healing and to ensure the hair is healthy and can be styled as desired.

For more information about hair transplant before weddings or to book an initial consultation for any procedures you believe is going to boost your confidence and make you feel as good as possible on your special day, enquire with the team at Longevita. We will be able to arrange an initial consultation with you to discuss your options for a hair transplant before a wedding and to ensure you will see the results you want for your big day! Whatsapp