Unshaven Hair Transplant Turkey

Hair loss continues to be a sensitive issue for both men and women around the world and it is apparent that the experience is embarrassing for those involved. No matter where the loss of hair is on the body, it can have a huge impact on self-esteem and confidence. Here at Longevita, we provide the unshaven hair transplant Turkey which is focused on improving the growth and the overall appearance of our patients’ hair in order to ensure every patient is left happy from start to finish.

There are a large number of patients who simply do not want to undergo a hair transplant due to the fact they do not want others around them to know that they underwent the surgery, which can result in patients putting off the surgery or simply not undertaking it at all. However, there is a solution to these worries – the unshaven hair transplant Turkey technique.

At Longevita, we offer an unshaven hair transplant in Turkey at clinics in Istanbul, to provide you with a hair transplant solution without any surgical procedure being obvious to onlookers.

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Unshaven Hair Transplant

This advanced technique is an excellent option for those who wish to keep all of their hair during the procedure as opposed to having some of the hair shaved off. As a result of the opportunity to retain the hair they already have on their head, this treatment is often popular with women, celebrities and those in the public eye. Otherwise known as U-FUE, unshaven hair transplants in Turkey are complicated procedures and must be completed with the utmost precision and accuracy.

The experienced surgeons offered by Longevita have ample skill, knowledge and practice in this technique, allowing you to rest assured that this intricate method will be carried out correctly and with the utmost care. Unshaven hair transplant Turkey procedures performed by the team can be suitable for the majority of patients; however the best results come from those who only require a small number of grafts.

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What Does An Unshaven Hair Transplant Turkey Involve?

In order for an unshaven hair transplant Turkey to be successful, the healthy hairs must be identified, harvested and then grafted as these are the strongest follicles and in turn will produce the best results for the patient. Each hair from the donor area on your scalp will be taken out one by one. From these hairs, in order to make sure that only the grafts are embedded, small strands are cut off of the hair that has been extracted.

U-FUE will follow the standard FUE hair transplant procedure process, although the entire procedure is far more intricate due to the need to work around the existing, healthy hair.

If you decide that you wish to undergo an unshaven hair transplant Turkey performed by an expert team, we ask you to fill out our enquiry form online. Once this initial contact has been completed, a member of our team will arrange a consultation with you, which will allow you the chance to ask any additional questions you may have in regards to unshaven hair transplants in Turkey. We offer free audio or video consultations and aftercare appointments five days a week by our expert patient consultants or aftercare specialists online at the comfort of your home.

Following from your meeting with us, a bespoke treatment plan and quotation will be put together for you individually, which will reflect what you discussed in your consultation in regards to what you want to achieve from your unshaven hair transplant in Turkey. At this point, you will be asked to pay a deposit; this accumulates to 10% of your package.

What Does The U-FUE Package Include?

The unshaven hair transplant Turkey cost comes at an excellent price and the procedure is included within the disclosed package. This package includes accommodation, a dedicated host who will be on-hand 24 hours a day where required, airport transfers, a translator and even the price of the unshaven hair transplant. With the deposit paid, our travel coordinator will put together an itinerary, so all you have to organise yourself is return flights to Turkey. Once you have landed from your flight, you will be met by your driver who will take you to your accommodation to meet your host. Your dedicated host will also act as a translator for you throughout the duration of your trip, where required.

The care we provide for our patients doesn’t stop there, included in your unshaven FUE hair transplant Turkey cost is follow up aftercare provided by your host when you are back in the UK for up to one year. What’s more, if any issues from the transplant do become present when you are home, our nurses and surgeons based here will be able to assist with fixing these.

To find out more about our unshaven hair transplant Turkey procedures or to book in a consultation with one of our patient consultations, call us today on 0845 5198 948.

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