Hair Transplant Turkey

Hair loss in men and women can occur as a result of numerous factors, including a thinning scalp, hormones, genetics, disease, stress, overdyeing, extensions and an adverse reaction to some forms of medication. Many patients seeking a hair transplant Turkey procedure often suffer with poor scalp quality, and with up to 50% of men experiencing some form of hair loss by the age of 50, it’s unsurprising that hair transplants are becoming an increasingly popular form of cosmetic surgery. At Longevita, we offer an affordable solution, performed by some of the world’s most sought-after specialists at our hair transplant Turkey clinics.

Our follicular unit extraction (FUE) technique is one of the most innovative techniques in the country and is the preferred transplant method offered by our surgeons. While in the UK, Longevita can provide non-invasive PRP injections to help patients achieve their desired results over the long-term, our hair transplant Istanbul procedures offer an affordable solution with permanent results. Our hair transplant Izmir procedures are also available dependent on your requirements and availability. Alongside our FUE technique, we can also offer other transplant techniques including Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT), depending on each patient’s individual requirements.

At Longevita, our procedures are carried out by some of the world’s most reputable, handpicked hair transplant surgeons, who can provide high quality results, at an affordable price. All of our hair transplant procedures are carried out in JCI accredited, A+ rated facilities in Izmir and Istanbul. With a strict selection process for our surgeons, you can ensure you will receive the best quality results from your hair transplant Turkey procedure, at some of the most affordable prices on the market.

Tailored Approach

We understand that each of our patients will have different requirements, and as such, we provide an individualised approach to each and every procedure we conduct at our hair transplant Turkey clinics. Our surgeons have years of experience performing hair transplant procedures on patients from across the globe, with all hair types. We tailor your treatment to your individual needs in order to achieve the best possible results.

Free Consultation

With numerous locations across the UK and Ireland, we offer free face-to-face consultations with a patient consultant, prior to your hair transplant Istanbul procedure. Each patient will have different requirements, and we will discuss these with you in person to ensure that we obtain the best understanding of your scalp quality, number of grafts required and your desired results.

Aftercare Support

In order to help you achieve the best possible results, we will provide dedicated aftercare after your hair transplant Istanbul or Izmir procedure, while you are in the country and after you return back home. With 3-monthly reviews, our specialists will keep up-to-date with the healing process to ensure your procedure was as effective as possible, and provide aftercare recommendations where relevant.

One of the main reasons why our patients choose Longevita is due to the high-quality results that we can achieve, at a price that suits their budget across our hair transplant Izmir and Istanbul clinics. Not only will we provide you with your hair transplant procedure, we also incorporate accommodation, private airport transfers and translator/interpreter services as part of the package, ensuring you’re getting the best possible service for the price that you pay. For an affordable hair transplant solution, book a free consultation at one of our many locations across the UK and Ireland today.

Book A Free Face-To-Face Consultation

We offer free face-to-face consultations in multiple locations across the UK & Ireland, so you can discuss your individual requirements with our specialists. Book your consultation today.


Longevita offer private, yet affordable medical procedures in A+ rated, JCI accredited facilities based in Turkey. As a medical travel group who are registered in both Turkey and the UK, Longevita’s rates are subsidised by the Turkish government, meaning best prices are guaranteed.

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