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For many, the cost of a hair transplant procedure can be difficult to justify, particularly when it comes to having the procedure in the UK where prices remain high. At Longevita, we pride ourselves on delivering a more affordable option as Turkey continues to develop into a leading medical tourism destination. The cost of a hair transplant in Turkey is considerably cheaper than in many other countries around the world and due to our rates being subsided by the Turkish government, not only can we provide you with more affordable prices for the procedure itself, but we are also able to offer you some of the highest quality facilities in the world.

All of our procedures in Turkey are carried out at top rated,  accredited hospitals and are performed by some of the world’s leading surgeons. We pride ourselves on delivering a FUE hair transplant at a price that is within an affordable package to ensure that our patients get the most out of the procedure that they undergo and leave with outstanding results even a year on.



  • Max Grafts Single Session in Istanbul
  • Blood Tests, Medication, Shampoo, Lotion
  • 2 Nights @ 5 Star Hotel
  • Private Airport Transfers (Roundtrip)
  • Translator/Interpreter Services
  • 12 Month Aftercare Programme
  • Lifetime Warranty Certificate



  • Max Grafts Single Session in Istanbul
  • Blood Tests, Medication, Shampoo, Lotion
  • 2 Nights @ 5 Star Hotel
  • Private Airport Transfers (Roundtrip)
  • Translator/Interpreter Services
  • 12 Month Aftercare Programme
  • Lifetime Warranty Certificate


The Cost Of A Hair Transplant In Turkey

The cost of a hair transplant in Turkey is entirely dependent on the number of grafts which are required in order to ensure you achieve the desired results. At Longevita, we typically favour the FUE procedure as standard, due to its less invasive nature, in comparison to the traditional FUT procedure.

The FUE procedure will extract grafts typically from the back of the head or behind the ear, depending on the quality of the patient’s scalp. This is then implanted into the area that has experienced the hair loss. During the healing process, the follicle then takes to the skin and begins to grow. The cost of an FUE hair transplant procedure is typically one of the most affordable options due to the speed and accuracy in which the grafts can be re-implanted, when compared to procedures such as direct hair implantation with the Choi Implanter Pen.

Here at Longevita, we hand pick the surgeons to ensure that each procedure is performed to the highest possible standard. This is key as this allows the patient to feel as comfortable as possible throughout the process and be in capable hands when undergoing the procedure. Our hair transplant costs at the clinics in Istanbul are affordable, while providing you with an extensive package to ensure you enjoy maximum comfort throughout your procedure.

Hair Transplant Turkey Procedure Package Cost

The cost of a hair transplant package for the maximum number of grafts in Istanbul is a fixed fee. Within the package organised by our consultants the price will include:

  • Medication and necessities
  • Accommodation
  • Airport transfers
  • Translator
  • Aftercare program
  • Warranty certificate

This is all included within the set price to ensure that you enjoy the best possible experience with us throughout your procedure. All of this is organised in advance with your designated host aware of all components to ensure the success of your trip.


As part of the package with us, you also receive 4 or 5-star accommodation as standard, depending on availability. This is both before and after the procedure to ensure that you have the care that you need during the process. We offer aftercare as standard within our packages to ensure that you are taken care of by the very best medical staff during your time here at no additional cost.

Aftercare Services

Our aftercare services not only provide you with any medical assistance required post-procedure while you are in Turkey, but are also available for you to utilise for up to one year once you return home. We pride ourselves on ensuring that each and every one of our patients are fully satisfied with the results of the procedure and your dedicated host will be sure to continually check in to ensure the healing process is as effective as possible. If any complications were to occur during this period, your dedicated host can provide you with any assistance required.

Finance Options

When discussing the price of the procedure, we also offer a number of financial options to help spread the cost and make our procedures more accessible to all. Due to the booming medical tourism industry in Turkey, our rates are subsidised by the Turkish government allowing us to provide medical procedures that are high quality at an affordable price. Quite simply, opting for a hair transplant procedure at one of our providers in Turkey is far more cost-effective than a procedure in the UK, while still providing you with your desired results at some of the finest facilities in the world.

Although the package organised by us does not include the price of flights, there are a number of companies that can help you to obtain cheap tickets to Istanbul and the rest will be taken care of. Your dedicated host will be there when you arrive with our organised transfers to ensure that you are accounted for and cared for throughout the duration of your hair transplant journey.

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Longevita offer private, yet affordable medical procedures in top rated accredited facilities based in Turkey. As a medical travel group who are registered in both Turkey and the UK, Longevita’s rates are subsidised by the Turkish government, meaning best prices are guaranteed.

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