Does Blue Water Hair Serum Really Work?

The problem of hair loss has led to the creation of some of the most bizarre and miraculous solutions at the same time. Whenever trouble arises, two things can happen: people start looking for a cure to help, or they may take advantage of your situation. The personal care industry is full of products that promise a luscious thick mane to the buyers. This is not to say that a Turkey hair transplant is what you should always seek. Hair loss can have many causes and not all require surgery. Inventions like blue water hair serum, on the other hand, claim to solve every hair-related problem. This is simply not true.

Hair Serums or Hair Transplant Turkey?

Hair serums have been quite popular as of late. You might’ve watched many celebrities on social media use it to look beautiful. That’s an inspiration enough for many. The blue water hair serum capitalizes on this. It has been marketed extensively as the ultimate solution to hair fall or revitalization of thin frail hair. But that’s just “marketing” jargon. It is not a permanent solution. The most you can expect are temporary results. You’ll have to keep paying for the product. As soon as you stop using it, the ghost of hair loss will start haunting you again.

How Do Serums Work for Hair Loss? 

The sufferers of hair loss experience a deterioration in the quality of their lives. Although the process is affecting you physically, it is closely knitted to your psychological health as well. Hair is an important asset of the face. We use it to exude our individual essence. We style it according to our moods and occasions. It is essentially a means of communication. Losing hair can make you feel sad and anxious. Your social, professional and personal life will feel its impact. Therefore, understandably, many look for things that can alleviate their hair loss. That’s where serums come into play.  

Hair serums are silicon-based products. They will coat the external layer of your hair. This makes your hair give off a shiny look. Furthermore, as there is a layer of serum on top, your hair will be protected against dust particles, chemicals, and heat damage. You can also untangle your hair using them. It’s possible because of the liquid-based solution.

As far as claims of their healing capabilities go, you should know that it does not penetrate the hair to nourish internally. The benefits of serums go away with one wash. Another thing to be careful about is that some serums claim that they can stimulate hair growth in dead zones. In cases of pattern baldness, in both males and females, it is highly unlikely that it’ll be helpful in any way. It may help the existing hair in some way but cannot regrow hair in balding areas. For this, a hair transplant in Turkey offers the best possible answer.

Possible Side Effects of Blue Water Hair Serum 

The blue water hair serum is purely herbal. Two of its main ingredients are keratin and horsetail plant extract. Other than that, some root extracts and organic white pods can also be found in it. It can help increase blood circulation in the scalp. This will allow the hair follicles to receive more nutrients and hence, grow. Another function performed by them is the decrease in sebum production.

Excessive sebum production can lead to hair loss. When sebaceous glands produce oil in greater than normal quantity, it can attract dust and dirt particles from the air. Your hair can get matted, and the pores of hair roots can get blocked. So, serums can also help with decreasing sebum’s production.

However, one troublesome component present in blue water hair serum is the horsetail plant extract. It contains silica. This chemical compound tends to accumulate. Prolonged use of this serum can lead to just that. What’ll happen as a result is: excessive hair fall and breakage. So, rather than dreaming of a full set of hair, you might struggle with keeping things together on your head. The companies usually recommend using it twice a day in the morning and evening.

Direct application of serum to the head can also cause allergic reactions. That is why it should be applied to the tips. Certain people can also experience excessive dryness of hair as a result. But it depends on the type of hair you have. As far as other ingredients are concerned, they all claim to nourish the hair and help in its growth or even accelerate it.

So Should You Use it?

We clearly don’t recommend it. There’s greater familiarity with the benefits of keratin only present in blue water hair serum. Keratin is a protein that is naturally found in our hair, but many serums contain it as it can make the hair smooth and shiny. All in all, there’s greater uncertainty over whether it’ll be safe for the scalp or not. And you should be better safe than sorry.

How do we Compare Blue Water Serum with Hair Transplant in Turkey? 

You might’ve heard of FUE hair transplant in Turkey. In this technique, a single unit of the follicle is extracted from the back or side of the head and then harvested. Insertion of grafts takes place through small incisions in the recipient area. This is one of the most popular and effective techniques for dealing with hair loss. Other than the success rate of the treatment, there are many advantages that hair transplant in Turkey have over blue water hair serum.

  • It’s About the Cost

At most, a hair transplant in the city of Istanbul will cost you £1500-2000. The overall medical travel plan will be inclusive of a lifetime warranty, aftercare program, post-op medications and shampoos/lotions, interpreter, hotel accommodation and private transfer services. It will be a one-time procedure for most people, so you won’t be spending money again and again. A bottle of blue water hair serum can cost you up to £75-100. Considering the tiny size of the bottle, you’ll be needing a lot. Within two years, your serum expenses will exceed that of single transplant surgery. And it’s not certain whether you’ll see any results with the serum or not. So, it could be money down the drain.

  • Health Effects of Serum 

Bluewater serum is herbal. The compounds it uses can affect your scalp health negatively. You might feel itchy, experience tenderness or redness. As mentioned above, long-term exposure to silica is also associated with loss of hair rather than growth.

  • The permanence of FUE Hair Transplant in Turkey 

Even if the serum does end up working for you, it’ll mean that you have to buy the product for forever. As soon as you stop using it, you’ll be back to square one. Thus, using it will yield only temporary and rather costly results. On the other hand, if you opt for an FUE hair transplant in Turkey, you will get permanent and cheaper results.

  • Serums can be Uncomfortable and Wasteful of your Time

As far as causes for hair loss are concerned, there could be many. For starters, there’s genetics. Other than that, physical trauma, burn injury, hormone imbalance, nutritional deficiency, stress, radio or chemotherapy can all cause your hair to fall. Serums disregard all the causes and clump them together under one umbrella. If you’re experiencing hair loss, first and foremost, you should consult a doctor. Once you’re sure of what’s the cause and the recommended treatments for it, then proceed onwards.

Their usage can get uncomfortable as time passes by. Extensive damage can make you inapplicable for any hair treatment. You’ll only delay the route that you should’ve taken since you began experiencing hair loss, which is consultation. This is why blue water hair serum can be wasteful of your time. Hair transplant will take two days at most, and you won’t have to worry about a thing anymore.

There’ll always be Endless Hair Growth Products 

Every year markets are filled with products that are no less than magic bottles filled with nothing but benefits for our heads. These are just temporary fads that pass away with time. It’s because people start realising that these “solutions” are not working. These are vigorously promoted through the use of various marketing strategies to target a large group of people. They act as all-in-one solutions, which they’re clearly not. The thing to remember is that they’re all temporary.

Early whispers of hair transplant surgery were heard in the 1800s. If you consider that, then the procedure has been around for more than a century. This certainly speaks for its effectiveness. There are more or less no long-term side effects of getting an FUE hair transplant in Turkey. You might experience bruising, bleeding, swelling, itchiness, numbness and infection right after the surgery. But these are all temporary.

Reviewed and Approved by Dr. Cagla Yuksel.

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