The Effect Of Sports And Healthy Hair

The Effect Of Sports And Healthy Hair

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Sports and Hair Loss

Exercise and a healthy diet have a fantastic effect on the body’s overall health, including hair health. It is important to have a balanced diet to fuel your body sustainably, without the need for binges or relying on alternative supplements. Remember, a healthy, balanced diet can promote healthy hair and reduce the risk of hair loss, especially if you ensure you are consuming the proper amount of vitamin B and iron-rich foods.

Taking part in regular activities (varied to strengthen all parts of the body) can help you live longer and enjoy a better quality of life, also. Exercise and sports reduce joint pain, boost your mood, boost your energy, promotes better sleep and improves heart health. The same positive relationship exists between sports and healthy hair.

How Exercising And Sports Affect Hair Health

Regular exercise is proven to improve your mental health. Exercise releases the happiness hormone called serotonin, which is also the stress-relieving hormone. Not only does this mean you feel better, but you can also look better, as reduced stress can reduce or slow down hair loss.

Exercise also improves blood circulation in the body. Good blood circulation will mean that hair follicles receive more oxygen and the minerals they need to grow. Thus, sports and healthy hair go hand in hand! The body naturally produces stress-relieving, happiness-inducing chemicals during sports and encourages healthy hair.

Does Excessive Sport Cause Hair Loss?

As with everything, too much of a good thing can ruin it! Over-exercising has negative effects on the whole body, particularly muscle and joint health. Thus, there is also a relationship between hair loss and sports, as exercise naturally releases testosterone, the hormone that causes hair loss.

Testosterone is naturally released in small quantities. During exercise, particularly heavy exercise, testosterone peaks and can cause hair loss. Testosterone will need to be released in vast quantities for excessive or noticeable hair loss to accelerate. It is more likely that there is another factor causing your hair loss.

In fact, the more damaging effect or relationship between exercise and hair loss is when individuals take supplements to improve their strength or performance. Whilst this might have a positive effect on exercise and physical performance and even increase fitness levels, it may have negative side effects for your hair.

If you are trying to improve your fitness level, start with your diet! This is the healthiest way to promote exercise and hair loss prevention. Focus on protein and iron-rich foods for both sports and healthy hair! However, if you still feel you need something to boost your physical performance, you should pay careful attention to the supplements you take, as they can have a negative effect on your hair.

Natural supplements such as omega 3 can improve your skin, hair and nails. They have also been proven to benefit the heart and lungs and fighting inflammation and muscle fatigue caused by exercise. This means you can push harder at the gym and enjoy both sports and healthy hair!

Folic acid helps exercise and hair loss reduction as it fuels healthy cells and tissues which results in healthy and happy hair growth. Folic acid deficiency can also reduce the number of red blood cells and impair the delivery of oxygen to your muscles, causing the body to tire easily and, in chronic cases, cause anaemia. It’s a catch 22, as folic acid is naturally released in the body after exercise, but you do require it to even begin!

What’s The Conclusion On Hair Loss and Sports?

Sports and exercise have a positive impact on the whole body from your major internal organs to your hair follicles. It is extremely rare to experience hair loss because of exercise and there is likely to be another factor contributing to your shedding. In fact, adopting a healthy lifestyle with adequate exercise and a well-balanced, nutritional diet can vastly improve the quality of your hair as well as prevent hair loss by reducing stress. Whatsapp