Did Logan Paul Have a Hair Transplant?

Logan Paul and controversy go hand in hand. More often than not, he finds a way to land in hot water, almost as if that is his entire brand. But now that we’ve addressed the elephant in the room, let’s talk about something that’s been rumoured for quite a while: Logan Paul’s hair transplant

It’s not really a secret that Logan might well be on his way to becoming bald. He’s admitted to it himself and has quite often referred to himself as looking like a “thumb” because of the sheer size of his forehead. 

It’s possible that he was just born with a large forehead (which, we think, he’s tried to hide with his swoops, messy fringes, and surfer cuts). But if he is balding, the size of that forehead is only going to keep getting bigger. 

However, to deal with that, Logan has expressed his interest in getting a hair transplant. Only thing is, people aren’t sure if he’s already had one, and the reason behind it is that the density of his hair keeps changing. Also, in some places, the shape of his hairline looks a bit different. So, has the Youtuber been under the knife? Let’s find out! 

Who Is Logan Paul?

If you’ve been on YouTube, you’d know who Logan Paul is. While he started off on Vine, after the app shut down, he started posting videos on YouTube, where being “funny” and “relatable” (to his teenage followers, really) again took the cake and rose him through the ranks of the YouTube algorithm. 

Logan Paul

Soon enough, his channel became one of the fastest growing on the platform, and he hit the 10-million mark quite quickly. However, in 2017, he faced global backlash for posting one of the most insensitive videos for the sake of “views” and “thrill.” 

To restore his image, he started with a classic YouTube apology video and even promised to donate to charities. And then, weeks later, he tasered dead rats in another one of his vlogs. Of course, there have been many other instances (it is his brand). 

Just 2 months ago, US Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer called on the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to investigate his energy drink (which he, by the way, co-founded with his ex-rival KSI) because of health concerns. Needless to say, we’ll be hearing more about Logan in the news.

Apart from doing (and saying) “questionable things” – to put it lightly – he’s also a professional wrestler and an actor who has, very ironically, starred in films like “The Thinning” (which also has a part 2!), among others. Currently, he’s still posting on YouTube, doing his podcast Impaulsive, and is also in a contract with the WWE. 

Did Logan Paul Undergo a Hair Transplant Procedure?

It’s hard to say if Logan Paul actually had a hair transplant, mainly because of how he styles his hair. However, from his recent videos, it does look like he hasn’t had a hair transplant (yet). 

Logan Paul's hair in 2016
Logan Paul’s hair in 2016

While his (seemingly intentional) front swoop hides his hairline most of the time, bits and pieces of it are actually visible especially when he’s doing his boxer training. When his hair’s all sweaty and clumps together, we can estimate the size of his forehead, which looks unchanged. 

While he might have naturally thin and wispy hair (which can also make the hair look less dense), keep in mind that male pattern baldness can also make the hair strands thinner due to what’s known as follicular miniaturisation. 

It’s when the size of the hair follicles shrinks, and so the hair coming out of it also has a thinner diameter. This can further make you look balder and is a part of the process as well. 

Why Does Logan Paul’s Hair Look Different? 

In some places, Logan Paul’s hair and hairline do look different and even denser. This could be due to how he’s styling his hair again (blow-drying can add a lot of volume to your hair). It’s also possible that he’s trying out some non-surgical hair loss solutions like: 

Of course, there are many other treatments out there, although not all are good. But it’s possible that Logan tried something, and it improved things a little for him. 

However, not all drugs work for everyone. And even when they do, their effectiveness can decline. For instance, a 2022 study published in the Journal of Dermatological Treatment reported that hair growth with minoxidil peaked “at year 1” and then declined. 

Moreover, it comes down to how severe your hair loss is. Those who’re on a Norwood scale stage 5 to 7 might not see dramatic improvements with non surgical solutions. Although this doesn’t seem like the case with Logan, we can’t really say because of how he uses his back hair to cover his front hair. 

Logan Paul Addresses Hair Transplant Speculations

To our knowledge, Logan Paul hasn’t said anything about getting a hair transplant (we’ll probably get a Vlog of it if he does). But he has been candid about getting the surgery, although he hasn’t said exactly when. 

Logan Paul's hair in 2017
Logan Paul’s hair in 2017

According to Paul himself, he’s going to be bald in 5 years (he said that in 2022), so we can expect him to get a hair transplant in about that time. He’s even floated the idea of getting the surgery in Turkey, where Logan’s friend got his hair transplant as well.

How Many Hair Grafts Will Logan Paul Need?

It’s possible that Logan Paul might need around 1,500 to 2,000 grafts for his hairline. It’s also possible to just get this surgery to lower the hairline for a smaller forehead. Since Logan thinks his forehead is too big, he may consider getting some extra grafts for that. 

However, since we don’t know the true extent of his hair loss, we can’t really say how many grafts he will need. A graft calculator can be a helpful tool here, but only a surgeon can provide exact estimates. 

Why Is Logan Paul Losing His Hair?

Logan Paul’s hair loss can be pinned down to genetics and hormones. He has mentioned his father’s bald, so he expects to have the same experiences.

However, hair loss genetics are not so simple. Both parents can be responsible for passing the gene for male pattern baldness or androgenetic alopecia

Other than this though, some have also speculated that Logan’s losing his hair due to the abuse of anabolic steroids. There’s a culture of steroid use in the world of wrestling, but Logan has denied being on them. 

Hair loss due to steroids can occur because anabolic steroids are similar to testosterone, which can increase DHT and accelerate hair loss. 

Before and After: Logan Paul’s Hair Transformation

The density of Logan’s hair seems different, but without sounding like a broken record, it may be due to his hairstyle. Now, it’s become messier and longer as well, probably so he can hide his receding hairline better. 

Logan Paul's hair in 2018
Logan Paul’s hair in 2018


Logan Paul’s hair restoration might not have happened yet, but we can expect him to get this surgery sooner rather than later (as soon as the fringe doesn’t hold any longer). There are many other celebrity hair transformations that have happened, but we can surely expect Logan to add his own twist to it. 

For now, Logan Paul’s hair transplant rumours are nothing but rumours. It’s even possible that he might decide to get this surgery in Turkey. Istanbul, in particular, is famous around the globe for its hair transplants. 

There are very experienced surgeons here (just think about the volume of medical tourists), and Turkey hair transplants are also very affordable. Do your research, and you can also have a good experience.

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