Are Floyd Mayweather Beard Transplant Rumours True?

What’s the face that comes to your mind when you think of Floyd Mayweather? We can’t imagine him without his trademark shaved head and goatee. But that’s not what he really looks like these days with his thick, full beard and a short buzz cut.

That’s because there are rumours of Floyd Mayweather’s beard transplant and a scalp transplant. But is there any truth to them? Let’s find out, but first, let’s start with some introductions.

Who Is Floyd Mayweather? 

You don’t have to be a boxing fan to know who Floyd Mayweather is. He’s pretty much a household name at this point, especially considering that he’s regarded as one of the best (defensive) fighters of all time. 

Floyd Mayweather

Born Floyd Joy Mayweather Jr., Mayweather comes from a family of boxers, which includes his father and uncles. Having started boxing at the age of 7, he won a Golden Gloves championship in 1993, when he was just 16. In fact, he was declared the Golden Gloves champion for 3 consecutive years. 

In 1996, Mayweather also participated in the Atlanta Olympics, where he lost against Serafim Todorov (the decision was highly contested). He went home with a bronze medal, but that was also the last time that he lost a fight.

The American boxer now boasts an unbeaten record of 50-0 (he retired with an undefeated record). Additionally, he has 15 world championships under his belt that he won in 5 different weight classes. 

However, following his retirement, he has been doing exhibition bouts. His most famous one was with the YouTuber Logan Paul (which is also when his transplant rumours started). 

At the time of this writing, Mayweather is preparing for his fight against reality TV star Aaron Chalmers.  

Did Floyd Mayweather Get A Beard Transplant? 

Floyd Mayweather most definitely had a beard transplant towards the end of 2020. In the first week of January 2021, he posted a picture of himself on Instagram with clear transplant scabs in the beard area.

Floyd Mayweather's beard in 2015
Floyd Mayweather’s beard in 2015

Scabbing is a part of the beard transplant recovery process. And these scabs usually take 2 weeks to fall off. They might not be visible from a distance but Mayweather’s selfie gives an up-close view of the dried blood crusts.

With his goatee still intact, Floyd Mayweather had new hair grafts inserted in his chin and cheeks. If you look really closely, you can see tiny hairs sprouting from these grafts. 

Of course, this was not the final result of his surgery. It can take a year or so for the beard transplant results to show. In the meantime, it’s also expected to lose hair during the first 3 months after the surgery because of shock loss

Regardless, his followers picked up almost instantly on his beard transplant. But that wasn’t the only thing that looked different about him. 

Floyd Mayweathers beard in 2022
Floyd Mayweather’s beard in 2022/Image credit: DeonwillsghNana Kwame Bediako and Floyd MayweatherCC BY-SA 4.0

Did Floyd Mayweather Get A Hair Transplant? 

Mayweather also had a hair transplant to fix his receding hairline. He was most likely losing his hair due to androgenetic alopecia, also known as pattern baldness. 

This kind of hair loss runs in the family and can affect the hairline and the hair on the top of the scalp (all the way to the crown area). 

In Mayweather’s case, we can’t say how extensive his baldness was. That’s because he always had his entire head clean shaved. Still, there were times when you could trace the barest hints of his hairline. 

Floyd Mayweather's shaven head

It used to be farther back than it is now. And that only happens if you’re on some hair loss medication or if you have surgery. It’s quite likely the latter.

Was Floyd Mayweather’s Beard & Hair Transplant A Success? 

Both surgeries seem to have been quite successful based on their final results (which take 12-18 months to show).

Mayweather sure had a very prominent goatee, but it was somewhat flimsy.

It’s likely he did not grow a full beard before the surgery because the growth was very patchy and sparse.

That’s definitely not the case anymore, seeing how both his scalp and face have good hair coverage and density. 

One important thing to note here is that Floyd Mayweather must have had a pretty strong donor area to be able to achieve such results. 

The donor area is the area at the back and sides of the scalp from where hair grafts are taken and moved to the balding areas. Even for a beard transplant, the donor area is the back of the head. 

Safe Donor Area

As such, you must have sufficient hair there so that extraction won’t leave the back or side of the head bald. This is something that some patients struggle with. 

In this case, the patient has to choose between a beard or scalp transplant to get the best results. 

Has Floyd Mayweather Admitted To Getting Any Transplant Surgery? 

Mayweather himself hasn’t said anything about getting a beard or scalp transplant. He has, however, changed his hairstyle after his alleged surgery. 

And since that’s quite a departure from his shaved head and goatee, many take it as a sign of transplant surgery. 

While Mayweather didn’t say anything about his surgery, his “arch nemesis” 50 Cent sure had something to say about it. 

Making fun of the boxer’s surgery, the rapper said, “He took hair from his a** and put it on his face…” However, he later deleted that post.

Apparently, Joe Rogan also believes that Mayweather had a beard transplant. But that’s not all. According to the podcaster, it’s possible that the boxer had surgery in none other than Turkey because that’s where a lot of people are getting it these days

Who knows, perhaps he did.

How Much Did Floyd Mayweather’s Beard Transplant Cost? 

On average, a beard transplant can cost anywhere from $4000 to $5000 in the US. However, in the more high-end celebrity clinics, a beard transplant can cost you more than $10,000. 

With Floyd Mayweather’s history of lavish spending (reportedly, Floyd spends around $10,000 on haircuts alone every month), it’s quite likely that his beard transplant cost was quite high. It’s possible that he paid around $10,000 to $15,000 for it, or maybe even more.  


Floyd Mayweather’s beard transplant is not exactly a secret. All the trademark transplant scabs were clearly visible in a picture he posted on Instagram. And while he hasn’t actually said anything about it, the way his beard has grown over the years is indication enough for many. 

Other than growing a full beard, Mayweather also took care of receding hairline in a scalp transplant surgery. However, not everyone may be suitable for both these surgeries together. 

If you’ve been thinking of getting these surgeries together, but are unsure about your suitability, make sure to get in touch with a registered and qualified medical professional. 

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