Would A Hair Transplant Help You To Get Promoted At Work And Get A New Date?

Would A Hair Transplant Help You To Get Promoted At Work And Get A New Date?

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The impression you make at work or when seeking a potential new partner can play a considerable part in the rest of the relationship. Despite the fact that the world is actively encouraging us to look past appearance and focus on what’s important, many of us still take looks into consideration as a natural response. This is especially true when it comes to dating, or when we’re at work. A scruffy, unkempt appearance can turn people away before they get to know you, but how true is this when it comes to our hair?

For those of us with hair loss, it can be easy to wonder whether this could be affecting our chances of a promotion or a date. Here, we’re exploring whether this is the case.

The Power Of Appearance At Work

When it comes to your appearance at work, it’s likely that your workplace has a dress code dependant on the career that you do. Whether it’s a uniform to create uniformity amongst the staff, career-specific clothing like high-visibility jackets if you work on a building site or the age-old business wear for an office job, the clothing we wear at work will have been designed with appropriateness in mind. But dressing correctly isn’t the only thing that employers can look at when it comes to picking the most ‘capable’ looking workers.

While our appearance should never play a part in the perception of how capable we are, good grooming can help to create a better first impression. Clean hands, nails, teeth and general hygiene are important, but our hair can also come into this. Ensuring you have clean hair that’s in a style appropriate to your workplace is important. Hair loss, unfortunately, can influence this, especially when working within business or face-to-face with clients.

Does Physical Attraction Really Matter?

Step out of the workplace and into day to day life, and physical appearance still plays a part in our lives. Physical attraction and what we find appealing can differ from person to person, and for this reason, hair loss might not always be a cause for concern when looking for a date. However, it can lead to confidence concerns, which could be what effects a person’s overall ability to date.

In a world in which our appearance often plays a vital role in dating, especially in terms of online dating apps such as Tinder and Bumble, having the confidence to put ourselves out there is often a leading factor in our success. However, hair loss can have a devastating effect on our confidence. So, while there is likely to be someone out there who finds us attractive regardless of how we look, being comfortable with ourselves remains important. This is where hair transplants may help.

How Might A Hair Transplant Help?

While hair transplants aren’t designed to solve mental health concerns relating to self-image, they can provide a solution for those that need an uplift. Hair transplants have come a long way, offering natural results with very little downtime and minimal, if any, scarring. While some patients may benefit from more traditional methods such as Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT), which sees a strip of skin taken from the back of the scalp and used to harvest the follicles, treatments like Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) and Direct Hair Implantation (DHI) have improved upon this considerably.

FUE sees the extraction of single follicles at a time, which are then transplanted back into the scalp using small incisions that are only about a millimetre wide. This ensures that not only is scarring kept to a minimum, but the results appear natural, following the same pattern of growth as the follicles that are already at the site.

While our success at work and within relationships doesn’t rely solely on how we look, confidence can play a leading role. For this reason, hair transplants for those that are experiencing thinning hair or hair loss could help to bring about a boost in overall confidence, ultimately helping to improve their motivation and, as a result, their performance at work and in dating.

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